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How Do You Change Your IP Address?

guest4: Luke are you there?  It’s…  *waves*  Do you know how to change an IP? guest4: I’ve unplugged my computer for hours and still the same freaking IP.  I’m asking everyone and posting on tech forums but nothing yet that’s … Continue reading

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Tamar Fox Interview

She’s an elegant writer. Check out her her blog and her work on Jewcy.com and MyJewishLearning.com. We talk over the phone for an hour today. Listen here. From Chicago, Tamar, 24, lives in New York. She recently got her MFA … Continue reading

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When Is Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinijad Gonna Update His Blog?

It’s been almost two years since he last blogged. He’s not going to get a lot of traffic if he doesn’t get with the program. I’m also surprised he hasn’t signed up with Google Adsense to monetize his work. I … Continue reading

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I’m Having WordPress Trouble

I tried to upgrade my version of semiologic pro wordpress on http://refinancemortgagenow.net/blog/ but it didn’t work, so I backed up my database and then deleted everything from that /blog folder. I reinstalled wordpress and the latest version of semiologic pro (5.6), … Continue reading

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Don’t Take Revenge

I’m studying Sefer HaChinuch — a 14th Century working enumerating all the mitzvas in the Torah — with a rabbi. Today we studied the mitzva of not taking revenge. If someone does something bad to me, I want to hurt … Continue reading

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