California’s Crime Wave

From Radix Journal: When you enter the Hall of Justice in San Francisco and pass through the metal detectors, you’ll notice a small black and White photo of Dirty Harry on the wall behind the security guards. It serves as a subtle reminder to those who enter that the law is only enforceable insofar as there is a man willing to use force.

Increasingly, however, people of cities like San Francisco are no longer willing to support men like Officer Callahan, opting instead for placing restrictions on their ability to process criminals such as Proposition 47, and supporting politicians who state the need to tolerate the misbehavior of criminals all the while living behind gated communities or high-rise condos with 24/7 security.

The result – at least for those of us who cannot afford to live in such exclusive enclaves – has been a marked increase in petty and otherwise malicious crime. Major cities such as Washington, Chicago, and New York have all seen increases in the murder rate between 2014 and 2015, and San Francisco now has the highest per-capita property crime rate of the country’s top 50 cities.

Yelling into a Hurricane

In my neighborhood, I have witnessed a drug bust, heard gunshots, found hypodermic needles in parks where children play, served on a jury on a case where an illegal immigrant repeatedly stabbed his girlfriend with a screwdriver while she slept, and seen the glass of shattered car windows, including that of my own, on more than one occasion.

Both The Atlantic and The New York Times have published articles in 2016 highlighting the perniciousness of the “smash and grab” thefts on tourists and residents alike.

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