Unmentionable Nations

Ryan Landry writes: South Africa was discarded by the Left because the mission of destroying a vestige of white colonial rule was complete. No one needs to see the consequences. The Left won. Forget how the substitution of white administrators and politicians for African bureaucrats has resulted in the decline of a functioning nation. As in The Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the color of the man behind the curtain. South Africa and the refutation of the idea that all humans are fungible must not be mentioned.

South Africa is a particularly interesting case because we have another unmentionable nation as a guide for it: Zimbabwe. As Moldbug once wrote, Zimbabwe was Rhodesia, a country that used to exist. South Africa has better natural resources and a higher starting point, but its descent tracks along Zimbabwe’s, albeit with a twenty year delay. Zimbabwe gets press for hyperinflation and Mugabe being a dictator, but no one examines why it is a mess when it was formerly a food exporter. No one questions why the West sacrificed Rhodesia to the Gods of decolonization, democracy, and diversity. Zimbabwe sans apartheid is the exact change in governance that South Africa is experiencing.

There are others on this list of unmentionable countries. They all share the common trait of revealing reality and refuting progressive lies. Netflix may have thirty Holocaust documentaries for you to watch, but search hard anywhere for a documentary on Pol Pot’s Cambodian killing fields that Harvard endorsed. How much does anyone hear about Haiti in the years between coups or the natural disasters that kill hundreds of thousands? These nations must all be memory holed for the narrative. These nations must only be recalled or pulled out of the tool-shed when politically useful at the moment for feeding a domestic narrative. Read on.

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