He Opened Up To His Mom With His Views On Race

Young man near Dallas: “For me, I couldn’t avoid it, Michelle attacked me in private and ended what I thought we had was a friendship. She excommunicated me because I didn’t share the same views on vaccines as her. Also for not deleting Nathan off my friends list on As well as not believing the group NYF, which I was in was a scam. So she went ballistic and got nasty, then she ragequit and never talked to me again.”

Published on Feb 22, 2016: “My take on some of the drama that happened recently with the online WN [white nationalist] community.”

Young Texas man: “People will tear each other apart over the dumbest things over topics that are not that important… You want to fight over a flat earth? Chem trails…”

“Not everything in the world is a Jewish conspiracy.”

Published on Mar 12, 2016: “Go to AmRen, meet real people, get ideas, learn from them. As strategy, any ideas worth implementing, use them in the Dallas, North Texas area. Encourage others to get out more and do the same. Try to win local elections by having pro-white candidates as “Trump Republicans” and the “Ron Paul type of Republican” to shock the system. While doing street activism as well.”

Published on Mar 20, 2016: “A brief overview of why I may not make it to American Renaissance this year and a story of how I got kicked out of the house for my views.”

Young man in the Dallas area: “…Some drama at home with family. It’s a big secret about my views. I shouldn’t have said I was going to Amren, they could do their own research and they could find out that I have some far way-out views and they might kick me out and I have been kicked out before.”

“When I first woke up about white genocide and about our demographic displacement throughout America and Europe, it was during the time I was watching The Greatest Story Never Told, I shared my views, I told my mother that history was skewed…and she found out about my views on race and how important it is and she freaked out. Some people can’t handle the truth. She even got violent at me.”

“She started screaming. I pushed her and I left and I didn’t come back for a week. I threw everything in my gym bag and took some cash with me and I lived in my car for a week.”

“If you live in a household with not all the same views on race and history as you, you may want to stay quiet until you move out.”

“I can’t risk getting kicked out again. The second time might be for good. If I don’t go out, I’ll still be doing ground work activism. I can still meet people and attend town meetings.”

“For some of you young awakened people out there on race and history and you know who’s behind everything, you know who controls the banks, it may be a good idea to keep quiet until you leave the house and then you can open up. That’s probably what I need to do.

“I’m almost done with community college. I’m almost got with my Associates degree. I may be off to trade school school soon. I am going to try to get my A&P license, that’s aircraft mechanics. That’ll take a year and a half and I’ll be out in the workforce as an aircraft mechanic making the big bucks so I can fund this movement even more.”

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