‘Can I identify as a Jew, and not be a Jew, and hate Jews?’

Comment thread:

* Luke Ford does.

* Assuming he’s a real person and his claims of having converted to and practicing Orthodox Judaism are true, he had to undergo a very painful and humiliating surgery in adulthood to become a Jew, and many commentators here questioned his Judaism. For example I think one of the half-Jewish commentators (who admittedly is a member of a Christian denomination) micro-aggressed by telling him that he wasn’t a Jew. I remember in Hungary some Hungarian gentiles questioning the Hungarian-ness of Jews, and the uproar that followed. I’m sure micro-aggressions against Luke Ford would be just as ferociously denounced, were they known to the public. Or not.

* Actually, you could undergo the full conversion process and then go full Kevin MacDonald. You would then be technically Jewish though.

* I would say “transracial” is much less ridiculous than in transgender, since cases where people don’t fall clearly into one race are much more common than for those between the sexes. In fact, it’s quite common for people to “change ethnicity”.

There’s been research showing a lot of people do change their ethnic group between censuses. The typical example is a Hispanic person who starts calling themselves a white person, and that’s often associated with a change in wealth. Race is a lot harder to pin down objectively than biological sex.

Moreover, America’s definition of race is itself racist and arbitrary. Obama’s no blacker than he is white, and a 1/4 or 1/8 black person often still claims to be “black”.

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