Struggling With Kevin MacDonald

Chaim Amalek: “The best hope for White Nationalism in America is to outsource itself to a Jew for definition and deployment.”

Every form of nationalism is hostile to Jews.

Sometimes I fear I just don’t know how a goy could be serious about his nationalism and not be hostile to Jews.

Different groups have different interests, so I don’t regard the alt-right as insane for their hatred of Jews.

I can’t conceive of a Jew-friendly gentile nationalism just as I can’t conceive of a Jewish nationalism without some fear of non-Jews.

It’s invigorating being in the middle and seeing both sides. I’m glad I am primarily someone who just wants to understand, rather than someone who primarily want to do things.

Dennis Dale: “It is, until you get crushed in the vise.”

I would love to write a book on The Jew in Western Civilization, the role he currently plays and the role he should play in consonance with Torah and to the blessing of his gentile state.

The author of The Age of Treason blog struggled with these questions (particularly in his early days on blogspot). His wife is half-Jewish (on her dad’s side) and he essentially seemed to go bat crazy over it. He didn’t want to accept that organized Jewry was ruining the West. In his early days, go to the archives, he’s basically Jew-friendly Neocon except for immigration. Read his work in 2007. He starts moving in and getting more infuriated on the Jew thing. In 2010, he disclosed his wife’s father was Jewish. Now the hands together in his avatar is his acceptance that it’s The Jews. His blog description reads: “A pro-White perspective on jewish influence and the tendency toward treason it inspires. Stop immigration. Eject the invaders. Hang the traitors.”

Goy Philosopher: “I often think that if a ‘critical mass’ of Jews — maybe religious ones? — were to just take a more forthright and friendly attitude towards white gentile nations and nationalists, we really could get along. Most of what bugs me about Jewish attitudes and activities against the west, at least, is just that it always seems so two-faced and nasty. If the rich and powerful Jews and organizations just said ‘We’re Jews, we care primarily about Jews and Jewish interests; we understand that others have the same feelings about their own groups’ — what you’re proposing — then a lot of anti-Jewish feeling would dissipate. But the rest of us don’t like feeling that we’re being conned and lied to, especially when it’s under the guise of universal morality. But this may be a very unrealistic hope.”


I think you should write him back and explain that you have proved your bona fides as a Jew to the powers that be and that you know how to contact the International Jewish Conspiracy. If he doesn’t understand that the role of the goy in America is to be that of Winston Smith in 1984 and that just as at the end of the novel Smith loved Big Brother, it is his obligation to become a philo semite of the first order or you will have to report him for appropriate reeducation.

Luke, would you side with your biological family against the Jews or the Jews against your biological family?

I used to love it when Dennis Prager would avoid answering the question by saying that George Washington and the United States was his secular father and Moses and Judaism were his religious father.

A goy blogs: It’s a little humbling to realize you’re 15 years behind the curve in thinking about a very provocative and controversial thesis, especially when you’re a professor of literature who basically got into it because he wanted to get as near to the flame of the present as he could… buuuuuut, so it goes. It was at the recommendation of my good long-time virtual friend and moral mentor, Luke Ford, that I pulled up a .pdf of Kevin MacDonald’s very (listen, I’m not gonna say that again–you’ve been warned) controversial book, Culture of Critique. Now that I’ve read it, well, frankly, I’m looking for someone to please dislodge it from my brain, because if it is nothing else, it is persuasive on a first read, at least if you’re a wobbly-kneed goy with big innocent eyes who didn’t realize that there was a global and maybe cosmic game of chess going on with different competing groups of people participating… when MacDonald tosses you this hot potato and yells, “Run!”

It’s worth reading what Zizek has to say about MacDonald, but my favorite piece on CoC, and a shorter piece, is by a Jewish writer at the website In the article, “Is Kevin MacDonald Right?” — which turns into an interview with pariah John Derbyshire. Joey Kurtzman, the author, tells a short and true story that establishes the central controversy in MacDonald’s work:

True story: a Jewess of my acquaintance, who happens to be a veteran of several mainstream Jewish organizations, tells of stumbling upon MacDonald’s essay “Understanding Jewish Influence.” As she read about the gobsmacking ability of Jews to obtain power and influence in Western societies, about our eminence in academia and law, about how our high intelligence and organizational skill are key to our ability to achieve such prominence, my friend’s chest swelled with ethno-religious pride and she forwarded the essay on to a former colleague of hers, also a functionary in a Jewish organization. The friend replied: “The article was written by a non-Jew! And an antisemite no less! Don’t forward it to anyone else!”

So, with all this introduced, what can I say about it? The truth is, it’s hard for me to comment. If MacDonald is right, and Jews are quick to think about group survival and group strategy, even if they do it at a subconscious level, then I can only admit that “as a white person,” if “white” is even a real category, I had never thought about being a member of a long-lasting tribe in my life separate from “America.” I never gave any thought to who was Nordic and who was Anglo, for instance. But I have to say, in thinking about group dynamics, I suppose I would be more inclined to advocate for open-borders multiculturalism if I were a part of a small minority “out-group” in an otherwise ethnically homogeneous nation or society. In other words, if I were Jewish in America in 1958, I might get into the Anti-Defamation League and commission a book by Senator John F. Kennedy called “A Nation of Immigrants,” and sell it to a nation that, at the time, was 89% white, 9% black, and 2% other. And if I were Jewish, I might be sympathetic to Theodor Adorno’s Authoritarian Personality, which pathologized any strong degree of participation in any gentile culture. If I were Jewish, I might advocate strongly for gay and transgender rights because I might think that I’m only safe in a culture where there is widespread tolerance of dissenting attitudes and behaviors. Of course, privately, I’d be very clear in letting my own Jewish children know that sodomy is a sin. Well, I could go on. But you know what, just check out MacDonald’s work for yourself.

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