My Position On Abortion

Friend: “There needs to be a Luke Ford position on abortion, or you cannot be the moral leader of this generation.”
Luke: “My position is what is best for Western civilization. High IQ whites — who created and sustained Western civilization — should not get abortions. Out-groups in the West should get lots of abortions. Low IQ folks — below 100 — whatever their race, should all get abortions.”
Friend: “So you cannot be a good Republican.
As the Radix article comes close to saying, I don’t think there are all that many abortions among high IQ whites for any save sound medical reasons.
All these anti-abortion white conservatives who protest abortion clinics in bad neighborhoods…..there is more than a bit of Angela Merkel in them. When you get right down to it, the Republican Establishment is and has long been anti-white. And the Religious Right long espoused positions that were lethal to white interests, beginning with a fanatical stance against all abortion, adopting dusky babies from violent, third world lands, and its ignorant embrace of the free market uber alles.”
Planned Parenthood does great work in the inner city.

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