The Culture Of Critique

Psychologist Kevin MacDonald tells Ryan Landry about his Culture of Critique series: “I had a very good editor at Praeger. He was Jewish.”

Kevin: “Since the 1960s, there have been almost no control on the movies.”

Ryan Landry: “Why is it that when they do get control and they do feel unrestrained, why is it that it seems like there is a repetition of themes that are pushed — whether it is unbridled sex, homosexuality, gender-bending, pornography? Why do they always return to those themes if they are the tastemakers in Weimar and today?”

Kevin: “They wanted to subvert the sexual mores bound up in high-investment parenting. In the 1950s, divorce was very unusual. All the markers of dysfunction such as divorce and out-of-wedlock birth skyrocketed with the sexual revolution in the 1960s.”

“There’s a fear that with Trump, things could explode. That Trump could become a dictator. A Hitler. If things keep going well for Trump, there will be a frenzy.”

“It is only common sense to not admit more Muslims to this country.”

Ryan: “The Jewish community found an easy mark in the cooperative, common-law Anglo community. Thinking beyond the tribe was an Anglo staple.”

Kevin: “They think Muslim immigration is manageable, that Muslims are a lower-class group, that they are never going to own the media… They also welcome that Muslim immigration produces more controls, controls on free speech and a surveillance state.”

Ryan: “White evangelicals love Jews. Non-Asian minorities don’t like Jews. They don’t care about Israel.”

“If you bring in enough folks who don’t know English that well, there’s the greater fool theory on finance, and the idea that there is a sucker born every minute. Think of all these mortgages. They can trick somebody who’s three standard deviations below them in IQ into signing away their life.”

Kevin: “There are all these Jewish companies taking advantage of immigrants.”

“They don’t see Trump as controllable.”

Ryan: “If you look at Bernie and Hillary rallies and then at a Trump rally, you can see the physical difference… It’s a healthier looking people. It’s not your chubby evangelical. Not a lot of soft looking people. It’s bros. It’s more rednecky. These are people who have a strong appearance. White liberals are usually anorexic. Their coalition is of obese minorities and white who do not have children. They’re not a healthy looking crew.”

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