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From the Chateau:

Megyn Kelly, a bimbo with a heart three times too masculine, has it in for The Trumpening. She’s too biased, and she can’t be trusted, so Trump was right to make her removal from the GOP debate moderator panel a condition of his attendance. (Trump has since called Roger Ailes’ bluff. It was beautiful. Trump is dismantling the legacy media right before our eyes.)

But did you know Megyno Kelly, the manjawed embodiment of gogrrl, riotgrrl, tankgrrl, de-feminized lawyercuntery, was rumored to have had an extramarital affair with a college student in 2008?

Megyn Kelly, fully-fledged narcissist and product of the post-America sexual market dystopia representing everything wrong with American women, looks awfully happy in that photo. I’d even say glowing. Did he slip her the D moments before that photo was taken?

I’m inclined to believe he did. Why? Because there’s a major alpha male tell in this snapshot. Can you see it? First commenter to get it right wins Bernie Sanders’ tree money.

PS I know some of you misanthropes are thinking “short manlet… there’s no way he was banging Megyn”. Have you learned nothing from your visits to the Chateau? Alpha maleness is more, much more, than physical stature. Short men may, on average, have it tougher than tall men, but if they have compensating personality attractiveness traits they can score a grimy giny giantess like Megynocracy.


Reader The Raven was the first to get it right. No hoverhand. This guy has got the Grip of Ownage on Megyn’s shoulder.

Other commenters pointed to additional evidence of alphatude. His forward-facing torso. The loose belt buckle which looks like he rushed to dress after their bathroom dalliance. And the impertinence with which he presses his body into hers (or hers into his). There is no daylight between them, thigh to shoulder.

Thumbs up, college bro! You may not always meet aggro Fox News “””reporters”””, but when you do you make it count.


* ANOTHER TELL: she’s subtly, perhaps subconsciously, flashing her wedding ring toward the camera as if she’s happily showing the world she’s a married woman, but not taken.

Additional lulz: she’s straight Modern Western Woman with that cell phone clenched firmly in her hand, the same hand with her wedding ring. It’s like a metaphor for the modern married woman under 45. It says “yeah, I’m married to a male, but I’m also married to whatever my dumbphone tells me I should be doing.”

* Part of the Fox News sorority shtick is how they love, love, love, the beta dweebs who make up their core audience. Meantime, they marry hedge funders or Navy SEALS.

* Touching the neck is a comforting gesture and releases calming hormones. Women do it to themselves when nervous. Putting your hand on a woman’s neck is a directing and calming manipulation of her psyche.

* Take a look at the “most viewed” tab on the front page right now. 3 out of 10 spots are owned by a Donald J. Trump. In fact, I’m surprised that they haven’t installed a large glittery Trump sign over the “most viewed” tab because he owns it for all practical purposes.

Say what you want about the Donald, but this is not a coincidence. There is something here that he gets, whether you want to admit it or not. This is you. You are the ones giving him these “most viewed” ratings. He knows how to read you. You can’t deny the fact. It’s your eyeballs that are pushing him to the top. This has been going on too long to blame on rubbernecking. Whats really going on? What’s his hold on you?

The answer is simple. Anyone who deals in a communication field, from teaching to the arts, will tell you that the most powerful communication medium known to humanity is storytelling. But what is storytelling? Drama, theatrics, spectacle, suspense, crises, climax, larger than life characters, and most importantly, constant conflict and resolution. Things that we may belittle as childish and socially unacceptable in contexts other than formal storytelling. But they are very powerful tools in many other contexts as well. Donald Trump is a phenomenal storyteller. We are watching one of the most naturally gifted storytellers we have seen in a very long time. And we just have to read the next page. It’s a very powerful weapon and it may take him much further than any of you will care to admit.

* The answer is very subtle… the left hand.

He is idly toying with her top and separating it from covering the black bra.
Given that this was 2008 and it’s a dark background. I would say that there was a prolonged delay between pose and flash.

More than enough time for an alpha to subtly tease his conquest.

* I’m not sure how long kelly has been a whatever, but I see a man who doesn’t give a shit about her celebrity. He looks like he’s fucked her, so he’s either faking well (alpha) or really did bang her (also alpha).
No hover hand, shit eating grin, zero fucks given.

* BUT you can see the skin in her armpit, on top of her shoulders and in her chest, she is at or beyond her sell-by date. so any number of things could have happened. look at that talon on the phone. that’s her desperate grip on her self-image as ‘youthful’

so if it happened, i chalk it up to the oncoming wall, but the kid has got joie d’vivre.

* I’d have to say his body language. He is at a right angle to her while she is facing him full frontal. That, and judging by his expression he ‘knows’ that photo is of him she is only arm candy. Nice work all around.


* I detest this woman. She leaks raw ambition from every pore. You can bet if she was bedding this tyke, it was to further her career. Same with ever constipated Hume.

Every move she’s ever made was to further her career and boost her resume.

* Hmm…in favor of his alpha-ness:
– left hand on bare shoulder
– left arm under hers, which brings her closer
– clenched fist (although his thumb is jutting out – possibly clenching first knuckle)
– she’s partially inside his jacket (the bottom on the left-side is behind her ass, it seems), meaning he’s definitely the lead in this shot
– She’s taking a picture with him despite the tie
– Her phone and hand hovering around pelvis/womb, despite somewhat awkward angle it puts on her arm
– Despite the lean and the fist, he seems fairly relaxed
– She’s displaying her ring in the shot (it looks almost deliberate)

She’s putting much more effort into this picture than he is, yet he’s definitely the focus. Her right foot is behind his body and she’s rotated into him, while he’s entirely facing outward.

I’m not ruling out the CH test (because he’s been known to troll and catch us unawares for an object lesson), but I can see plenty of reasons to support the claim.

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