The Tribal Addiction

Third-generation Holocaust survivors have suffered terribly. You’ll notice them up in arms on Facebook today demanding that America take in more Muslim refugees. They will not rest until they’ve turned America into a hellhole like Paris and as a result, they’re put in camps and shoveled into ovens. They have a deathwish. They suffer from a tribal addiction to try to destroy the goy’s racial, national and religious identity by overwhelming him with non-white and Muslim immigrants.

These radical Jews, who are never traditional Orthodox Jews, will not rest until America is destroyed by Islamic and non-white immigration. They are full-bore pro-refugee, even more so after the recent terror in Paris.

Some of these Jews are neo-cons, some are Republicans, but most of them are on the left. They desperately want attention, they want to provoke the goyim, and at heart, they don’t realize this, they’re yearning to be thrown into the ovens.

These destructive pro-Islamic refugee Jews have to be stopped by their fellow Jews or all Jews in the West are going to be thrown into a pit of death.

This is a very different approach from that of the Torah Corral Jew such as myself who just wants to live peacefully with the goyim and follow God’s commandments.


If Hitler had known what we know now — that all major American Jewish organizations and media would push for ever more non-white and Islamic immigration until national Gentile identities are drowned — he would have insured there were more survivors (because they are so destructive and seemingly prove he was right). Just look at the harm these few thousand pro-non-white immigration Jewish elites have done to America, Australia, Canada and Europe. Jews who push for more Syrian refugees into the US and Europe are unconsciously seeking for all Jews to be thrown into concentration camps. If these pro-Islamic immigrant Jews are not stopped, America and the West are sunk and Jews are headed for another pit of death.

Jews who advocate for Syrian refugees to come to the West show that whites were not entirely wrong in their perception of their self-interest in resisting Jews who wanted to escape Hitler and take up residence in their lands (USA, Canada, England, Australia, etc).

The Catholic Advocate in Australia in 1938 did not want to take in Jewish refugees: “If the present policy of admitting large numbers of Jewish immigrants is continued, we are likely to be confronted by a rapid increase in anti-Semitism. … The Jews are not simply an international religious body like the Catholics: they are a nation with well-marked characteristics, both mental and physical, with their own virtues, vices and talents, and with their peculiar loyalties. … It is the sense of this difference which has caused friction between the Jew and his hosts throughout the ages, and which has constantly brought tragedy to the Jews.”

Australian nationalist P.R. Stephensen wrote in 1940:

The answer to Semitism is anti-Semitism; and when Jews gain too many advantages for themselves, by their practice of self-segregation, they invariably find (and surely should expect to find!) that the majority of non-Jews will resent, and eventually will curb, the privileges which the Jews have won for themselves by concerted sectional action. That is what will inevitably occur in Australia sooner or later, if a large colony of self-segregating Jews is allowed now to establish itself in our community…

It is well known that there are many Jews who are good citizens, honest and cultured, despite the reputation of the generality of their kind of being financially “tricky”, unscrupulous, and parasitical. That there are intellectual and sensitive Jews is also as well-known as that there are many “Flash Yids” who degrade and debase public culture. No case can be made against Jews generally, except … that their insistence on racial self-segregation is anti-social, considered from the point of view of the community as a whole. We cannot concede to them in Australia a right which, if conceded in perpetuity to other types of immigrant … would lead to the sectionalizing of the community and its disunification. … The remedy is that the Jewish Race should abolish itself, by becoming absorbed in the common stream of mankind. [Otherwise] we others, who are so strictly excluded from the Jewish community, have at least a reciprocal right to exclude them from ours.

Maybe he wasn’t entirely wrong.





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