ROK: I Attended The 2015 White Nationalist AmRen Conference

ROK writes: I went to the American Renaissance white nationalist conference last weekend. I thought it would be interesting, since I have expressed Southern nationalist sentiments before. Personally I wasn’t particularly inspired at the event, and I doubt I’ll attend again, but all things considered they are doing a wonderful work. I’m a firm believer that every person has a right to take pride in his own ethnic heritage, and I’m grateful that someone is breaking the echo chamber.

Talking points at this year’s conference included immigration, white self-hatred, and rat utopia experiments, among others. RamZPaul was especially entertaining. The over-arching theme of AmRen is that the white race has the same obligation to self-preservation as every other race, whereas our society and government today does everything it can to sell out the country we have built to outsiders and degenerates. Often there are neoreactionary and anti-feminist sentiments expressed, but they were minimal this year and appear to not be essential beliefs of AmRen.

There was this one moron in my circle very much fitting Billy Joel’s “Angry Young Man.” At one point he basically called me a traitor to the race since I watch college football and black people make up half the players. I argued how college football—unlike the NFL—is about a community uniting together to prove that their masculinity is greater than the next region over and that statehood is just as important as nationhood.

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