Between Two Lampshades: Richard Spencer

Have you heard the Daily Shoah podcasts? Between Two Lampshades. White nationalist Richard Spencer was on there.

The upshot is that the moderate White Nationalists (WNs) are losing to the vanguardists. Even the moderates want a state without Jews, and they are willing to work with the radicals for that eventual reality.

The biggest difference between me and organized Jewry is our difference in opinion once whites are a beleagured minority. They think, “We won!” I think, “Now our problems begin.”

It seems like 99% of White Nationalists don’t want any Jews around. They don’t want Jews because Jews have proven so toxic and harmful to white power.

If Israel is destroyed, where will Jews go? Who wants them? I guess they will go where other Middle Eastern tribes who aren’t Muslim have gone in the past 15 years — to nowhere.

One of the things I have begun to accept is that we aren’t everything, and it isn’t the end of the world if we don’t exist as a sovereign country and as a sovereign people. Is it any harder than accepting our own death?

The Torah demands we choose life but we keep choosing death.

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