Jews & Free Speech, Muslims & Dogs

Professor Kevin MacDonald: “There’s been a big change in the attitudes of the Jewish community and leftist activist organizations. back in the 1950s, they were all for free speech and academic freedom because at that time they were trying to protect communists in the university. But now that they are in control, they don’t believe in free speech. The problem they have is that in the United States, you have the First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing free speech. They are gradually whittling that away. If they get one more appointee to the Supreme Court, they’ll curtail free speech.”

Host: “I’m a dog lover. A lot of Brits love their dogs. There are a bunch of parks in London where Brits have been walking their dogs for centuries. Recently, there have been signs put up saying don’t bring your dog in here, Islam does not approve of dogs. There’s no mainstream media covering this that they are blocking English people from bringing their dogs into the park.”

It’s funny watching Kevin MacDonald slice up this Arab TV commentator Hesham Tillawi.

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