Legal immigration is a bigger problem for America than illegal immigration. We let in over one million people a year legally!

In an interview earlier this month, Kevin MacDonald says: “The so-called conservative media, people like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, Fox News, these people, all their audiences are white. They’re people who are angry and concerned but when they tune in to these people, they never get the message [that whites are in peril]. Not once do they talk about legal immigration. Not once do they hear about wanting a traditional American white culture. So then they end up talking about the need for limited government or we have to stop illegal immigration. The real problem with immigration is legal immigration. We take in way more than a million people, legal immigrants, every year, and they’re almost all poor and uneducated, and then people wonder why do we have all this economic inequality. Why do we have all these people who are dropping out of high school and they’re just going to go on the welfare system? Why do we have all this crime?”

“A big problem is that voting for the Sweden Democrats is not legitimate. You should hide it. White people, especially people of north-western European origin, need a sense of moral legitimacy. We are very motivated by having a good reputation. We’re not as kinship oriented, we’re not as ethnocentric as other people but we have a sense to be a good member of our group, we have to have a good reputation and be morally upright. So much of the rhetoric of the right is that any sense of European identity is morally not legitimate.”

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