Jews Lead The Fight To Expand Speech And To Criminalize Speech

Jews led the fight to decriminalize pornography around the world. They have also led the fight to criminalize hate speech.

Is there any way to reconcile these apparently contradictory campaigns? The one commonality I see is that the activists in these fights believe that what they are doing is good for the Jews. In their view, sexual expression will reduce anti-Semitism and hate speech laws will reduce anti-Semitism. It’s win-win.

From The Occidental Observer:

Which Twitter message sounds more objectionable — a Jewish Member of Parliament threatening to punch an elderly Muslim woman in the throat, or a tweet to a female Jewish MP that read “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”?

Prosecutors in England have no doubt. In the first case no action was taken against the Jewish MP in question. He issued a full apology and that was the end of the matter.

But in the second case Garron Helm, a 21-year-old working class pro-White activist, has just been sent to prison for four weeks, for sending an “offensive, indecent or obscene message” to a Shadow Labour minister called Luciana Berger. In addition he was fined and expelled from college. An equally fulsome apology and payment of ab £80 “victim surcharge” to Ms. Berger did not help him.

An undeniable example of a double standard then, and one which highlights some growing trends. One is the use of social media by mainly leftist women and minority groups to create a platform for bogus victimisation claims — effectively a market for “hate crime hoaxes”.

But another is the way that Jewish political establishment have shrewdly integrated this into their strategy of ramping up scares that their community is under attack. With the UK Israel lobby somewhat at bay over the atrocities in Gaza, they have been working relentlessly to paint the picture of a Britain infested with rabid, psychotic anti-Semitism…

Although not exactly a thought-leader or opinion former, Garron Helm is in fact the second scalp she has claimed from her constituents. In 2012 she reported Liverpool music promoter Philip Hayes to the police after an argument over Gaza at a music awards festival got out of hand and he said he hated Jewish people. He was subsequently fined £70 and apologised.

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