If Whites In America Developed A Sense Of Ethnic Kinship Akin To What Jews Have, Who Would Lose?

If whites developed a group consciousness akin to what other groups have (such as Jews, blacks, asians, latinos, etc), who would lose? It would undoubtedly be good for whites in that they have the numbers, money, power, and organizational ability to end affirmative action, set-asides, welfare, food stamps, and other programs that primarily help non-whites at the expense of whites. If whites organize, they could restore freedom of association so that whites would no longer be forced to hire, rent to, or live with non-whites if they chose not to.

So who would lose out in such an America? All other groups, I suspect, would be worse off in such a scenario. Whites might indeed find that they so prefer other whites that other people are no longer needed.

Kevin MacDonald wrote:

Harold Cruse, a black intellectual, presents a particularly trenchant analysis of the role of Jewish self-interest in their role in Jewish-black coalition: “Jews know exactly what they want in America.” Jews want cultural pluralism because of their long-term policy of nonassmilation and group solidarity. Cruse notes, however, that the Jewish experience in Europe has shown them that “two can play this game” (i.e., develop highly nationalistic ethnocentric groups), and “when that happens, woe be to the side that is short on numbers.”93 Cruse observes that Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their greatest potential threat and they have tended to support pro-black integration (i.e., assimilationist, individualist) policies for blacks in America, presumably because such policies dilute white power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist anti-Jewish white majority. At the same time, Jewish organizations have opposed a black nationalist position while pursuing an anti-assimilationist, nationalist group strategy for their own group.

Thomas Parker writes: Shelby Steele has written very perceptively about how cynically both blacks and whites play the racial preferences game, but he is no friend. In 2003, when he was running for president, Howard Dean said the Democratic Party needed to appeal to guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks. Mr. Steele lashed out at the idea of appealing to whites. He acknowledged there was a “double standard on race,” but said it was necessary because:

“No group in recent history has more aggressively seized power in the name of its racial superiority than Western whites. This race illustrated for all time — through colonialism, slavery, white racism, Nazism — the extraordinary human evil that follows when great power is joined to an atavistic sense of superiority and destiny. This is why today’s whites, the world over, cannot openly have a racial identity.”

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