I Wanted To Keep The 12-Steppers At Arm’s Length

Before I ever went to a 12-step meeting, I was around a lot of 12-Step meetings. In 1995-1996, I lived by the park on Roxbury and Olympic and you’d see the 12-Steppers coming out of their meetings, drinking coffee and chain-smoking cigarettes.

I never had the slightest apprehension that they had something I wanted.

What kind of person chain-smokes in 21st Century America? A working-class person, not exactly my role model.

When you debauch yourself, whether it is whether substances such as alcohol or drugs or food, or with processes such as sex, porn and gambling, the degeneracy shows on your face quickly and permanently.

As I’d go through life, I’d run into stragglers from 12-Step meetings and they never impressed me. They dressed slovenly. They twitched. They slopped over with emotion. They were pulled down and defeated in their bodies. They looked like wrecks. I wanted to keep them at arm’s length.

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