I F-cked Jane Doe

I can’t believe I had a tawdry fling in May 2006 with a woman at the center of Anthony Pellicano‘s trial — Cheryl Shuman.

I know it was wrong. I know it was against the Torah. I know it was motivated by lust and not by HaShem, but I couldn’t help it. I’m a star f—er and Cheryl’s a star. I watched all these TV highlights of her career and I wanted her and I wanted her bad and I wanted to have her in the hovel in the worst non-Torahdic way.

I was a different man then. I’ve since learned to overcome my sinful propensities with vast amounts of Torah and cold showers and social exclusion.

Here’s my video tribute to Cheryl Shuman and our night of bliss in the hovel.

I’m a fool for love and I’m not ashamed of my big heart.

Here’s a pdf of the Pellicano trial memo from the prosecuting attorneys.

Here’s a txt file of Shuman’s day one testimony.


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