Steve Sailer’s Comments Section On The Buffalo Shooting

On Steve Sailer’s site:

* The kid is from a rural township on the Pennsylvania border, home to a disturbing number of trailer parks and “distribution centers”, one of which is Amazon’s. Why would anybody expect him to be sane? He grew up in a microcosm of modern America, JD Vance-land.

* The worst thing you can do now is to pick fight on behalf of your team. This guy will likely make it easier to disarm his own people, like the mosque shooter in New Zealand. I can sympathize to some extent with his mental situation, but it’s awfully selfish to be the guy who tries to set it off.

I tend to distrust people who claim to feel no hate, I think hate is a normal human emotion. It’s a human thing to feel homicidal rage. What is abnormal is to have no impulse control, or to actually plan on wiping out people. If you are going to get into arguments with blacks, you’ve got to have good autopilot, it’s no use getting into trouble with HR. I’ve had plenty of situations with blacks at work, but I’ve never been accused of saying anything racist, even though I am pretty damn racist. You can verbally escalate or de-escalate a situation without using slurs, and there are ways to avoid crossing the line that gets you fired or jailed. Spend some time getting to know your opponent, you’ll figure out their soft spots.

* Not only that, but he probably grew up dirt poor being told that he had “privilege” – by groups like the Ford Foundation and people like Mackenzie Bezos – because he is white, and he has been hearing that pretty much non-stop since George Floyd’s overdose death.

The news immediately played up the race angle (which at least appears to be accurate) but they did no such thing with the similar shooting in Boulder where a Syrian Muslim immigrant murdered 10 people, all of them white.

* There’s a 180-page manifesto roughly similar to the New Zealand guy’s manifesto.


1. Great replacement and fertility stuff.

2. An FAQ that reads like a Reddit “Ask me anything.”

3. Black/white IQ, complete with Bell Curve NLSY distribution graph and genome SNIPs table.

4. Michael Levin-like relentless list of black criminality statistics.

5. Black privilege.

6. Jewish elites, including Torah quotes and that remix of the NYT “whites control everything, few blacks in power” photo feature that shows that most of the whites are also Jewish.

7. Buy crypto, sell fiat.

8. Detailed outline with diagrams and photos of his plan (sounds like he cased the place somehow and knew the habits of employees, the location of the guard, all exits, etc.), guns and ammo, helmet and vest, comprising more than half of the document, a real how-to, reads like a file he kept adding to while planning and just pasted it in to his document.

9. A manifesto touching on politics, immigrant rapists, diversity as a scam, radicalization of white men, overt assassination calls for various prominent globalists, immigration birth rates, white Europe, and signing off with “As for me, my time has come … Goodbye, God bless you all and I hope to see you in Valhalla.”

The kid writes quite well, and seems really smart. Or perhaps he uses Grammarly and a good spell checker? But his text is generally clear, concise, and well organized, something that Grammarly couldn’t accomplish. An other than the fact that he ended up a mass murderer, I see no clues that he is particularly mentally ill (I am not a psychiatrist). So in that sense, scary.

* Jeffrey Dahmer: I don’t murder and consume boys of color because I hate them. I murder and consume boys of color because I love them.

* To which Democrat megadonor Ed Buck might add, people just don’t realize how easy it is to kill the homeless black men you love, especially when it is your fetish to murder them.

* Did anyone notice that it was Lloyd Austin who made the phone call to the Russian Minister of Defense to talk about a ceasefire? That means both Biden and Blinkin, who should have made the call, are worse than useless at their jobs.

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