After 9 Years, Kidnapped Children Found By FBI

According to Hillygram:

The tragic story began in late 2011 when Reb Shimon Lesserson of Los Angeles was going through a difficult divorce. Literally, the day before the judge granted him sole legal and physical custody, the ex-wife and mother of their 4 children, one of them a Dwarf, ran off to Mexico with the children with a convicted felon she married while he was in prison.

They ultimately ended up in a trailer park in Idaho where a few days ago they were located by Federal Marshals. The ex-wife was arrested and charged with child abduction. The children during these years were abused mentally and emotionally and trained to not talk to anyone and to hate their father and their grandparents They also tragically were baptized to be RL Christians.

These children haven’t been to any sort of school, store or had any access to medical care in the past 9 years on the run. They are about 6 years below the average for their age emotionally and mentally and are in desperate need of trauma therapy and many other services that won’t be covered by any Insurance. The family has and continues to do all they can but this is an extremely costly and time-consuming effort.

The family has suffered tremendously losing their children, missing a huge part of their life, and now left with scarred and traumatized children. Reb Shimon himself is just recuperating from being months in the ICU and rehab with Covid-19.

The costs are tremendous and we need to do all we can to help these kids come back to the home they need, will be loved in, and have a chance to be a real part of society and the community.
The following Rabbonim have been aware of the situation for many years and are begging everyone to do their part

Rabbi Gershon Bess
Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowits
Rabbi Asher Brander
Rabbi Yoel Burstyn
Rabbi Berish Goldenberg
Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman
Rabbi BY Gradon
Rabbi Dovid Revach
Rabbi Dovid Zargari

Here is a disturbing petition and a related blog post and a related Facebook post.

A reader says: “I stumbled on this story, which I find deeply troubling. I was wondering if you knew anything about this. [The above] Hillygram story came up when I was Googling something unrelated. What concerned me is I did more research and I found that the divorce was in part a product of an alleged sexual abuse situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a total he said, she said thing where no one besides the divorced couple knows the truth – but if there’s even an ounce of truth to the allegations, I’m deeply troubled that I possibly read a story about repulsive abuse of power, where a woman scared for her kids had Federal agents sent after her. Of course, if the first [Hillygram] link is accurate, then well, quite the opposite, it’s a story of accusations and neglect.”

A March 31, 2016 Facebook post read:

4 Children Vanish: A Father’s Anguish
A report from Mexico’s other kidnapping crisis
After an American court finds cause to deny an American woman custody of her four children, she and her ex-convict boyfriend abduct them and go into hiding in Mexico. The children’s father, a Rabbi in Los Angeles, searches desperately for his children, one of whom has a life-threatening medical condition.
Background: Every divorce is heartbreaking, especially when it affects the lives of young children. Then, there is the story of the Lesserson family. Rabbi Shimon Lesserson, of Los Angeles, got divorced from his wife, Sarah, in 2008 after eight years of marriage. A bitter, brutal custody battle ensued, with numerous hair-raising twists and foul accusations hurled in all directions. Ultimately, though, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Rabbi Lesserson should be granted complete and full custody of the children due to their mothers’ mental instability.
His ex-wife and her new husband, an ex-convict and convicted felon, soon fled to Mexico with the children, now ages 13, 12, 10 and 8. Rabbi Lesserson has not seen his children in over a year. Their whereabouts are unknown though he believes they are in the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta. These children are in grave danger. The parents are known to be (illegally) armed with handguns. They are suspected of exposing the children to drug dealing. The youngest child is a dwarf, a result of medical condition that can be life-threatening. If he is not able to receive specific types of medical care if his condition worsens, he may die.
The mother, Sarah Lesserson (Now know as Segalit McRoberts) and her husband, Nick McRoberts, are wanted for kidnapping in the United States of America. This is Mexico’s other kidnapping story – American children taken from loving parents by estranged former spouses and hidden in Mexico.

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