Election Meltdown 2020 V (11-11-20)

00:00 Trump’s Party Cannot Survive in a Multiracial Democracy
02:00 What Is Trump Playing At?
07:30 Paul Gottfried: What the hell is going on with this election?
10:00 Trump is the best conservative president of the past 60 years
23:00 The only Right that makes sense now
27:00 WP: How we can be confident that Trump’s voter fraud claims are baloney
34:00 Trump Needs Three Consecutive Hail Mary Passes
39:00 Biden’s covid strategy
41:50 American regionalism
44:00 Jeffrey Toobin fired by The New Yorker
52:00 Trump suffers embarrassing losses in court
53:20 John Heilemann really really like Nicole Wallace
57:00 Inappropriate Applications of Benford’s Law Regularities to Some Data from the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States
1:05:00 Dooovid joins
1:06:00 Marc B. Shapiro on the passing of two famous rabbis
1:07:00 R. Dovid Feinstein dies
1:11:00 R. Jonathan Sacks dies
1:15:30 When R. Sacks asked Marc Shapiro to become a public intellectual
1:23:00 From the Haredi perspective, Jews are subjects of gentile governments
1:24:00 From the Modern Orthodox perspective, Jews are citizens with equal rights in the USA
1:37:00 The ethical cost of Jewish communal support for Donald Trump
1:42:00 Are Jews Waiting For The Messiah?
2:00:00 Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government: Voter Fraud: A Red Herring
2:10:00 From Steve Bannon To Millennial Millie: Facebook, YouTube Struggle With Live Video
2:15:30 How to dress like its 1896

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