Ryan Faulk (Alt Hyp) Responds To Richard Spencer & JF Gariepy

Ryan Faulk posts to Youtube:

JF supports Richard Spencer on being opposed to free speech, on being for “white imperium”, and even supports Richard on talking to the media and doing live events. Before this debate, he did a video attacking me and said that this was going to be an “intervention” on me.

This debate was actually set up by Richard contacting JF. When I tried to get Richard’s contact from JF so I could talk to Richard directly and set something else up, JF just went silent. He would not give me Richard’s contact.

Don’t forget that Richard backed out of two debates prior to this that were going to be on this channel.

JF’s line that I just want the shekels is ridiculous for a few reasons:

1. My main channel isn’t monetized, and I have no paypal so streamlabs would be out of the question. I have no way to monetize this.
2. I offered to do the debate on some other neutral platform, such as the Ralph Retort and Metocast.

In addition, why does JF feel entitled to the money from this? I personally find the idea of him making money off of this disgusting. People shouldn’t go on these channels anymore. JF can’t produce compelling content on his own, and so he’s figured out a way to make money off others. It’s gross and it needs to be recognized as a kind of exploitation.

It’s a way of making “content” without the work of research and video editing, a kind of faux-content sausage-making.

And for people who say “bad look Ryan”, fair enough, but this is a way less bad than another skepticalheretic-like debacle, only on a stage 20 times larger. Which is what would have happened if I walked into this setup.

Obviously if I had figured this out sooner than 3 hours before the debate, and tried to set something else up with Richard sooner, that would have been better. But I didn’t so this is what happened.

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