Davis Aurini Interview – A Path Forward For The Dissident Right

Davis M. J. Aurini writes:

The past year has been rough for the Dissident Right. The election of Donald Trump caught us all by surprise. As soon as his election numbers were in, we collectively realized that we didn’t have a plan for moving forward. We were so used to laboring under a hostile, Democrat establishment, whose official opposition was the RINO Washington insiders, that the victory of our favoured, maverick candidate left us without any clear direction.

On the one hand, we had our man in Washington. On the other, we still had the Civil Service, the Alphabet Agencies, the corruption of the swamp, and Silicon Valley to contend with, and they were now doubling-down on censorship, labeling as ‘conspiracy theory’ anything that didn’t go along with their suicidal prescription for Western civilization.

The excitement of election night left us feeling exhausted, and unsatisfied. We’d been watching from the sidelines, discussing and reporting what was happening, but few of us were invited to the after-parties. This is still an online movement, after all, and that warmth of human company is something that the Internet can’t provide. Into this vacuum came the opportunists. Those who would make calls for action – however pointless or self-destructive that action might be. Those who would court media attention through ill-advised stunts, attracting followers because “Hey – we’ve been the biggest advocates for Trump from day one!” Those of us who were in the old-guard of Dissident Right politics – who’d been calling out feminism before doing so was a cottage industry, who’d been decrying Social Justice before it was even labelled as such – watched all these antics with a feeling of despair. Out of a desperate need for a sense of relevancy, all standards were dropped – for both individuals and leaders – as the poorly-groomed armies of the AltRight marched themselves into the jaws of destruction.

Many of us went quiet; retreating to the back benches, waiting for this foolishness to pass. We predicted every costly defeat, but were summarily ignored by those who wanted action now, and shunned any discussion of strategy. Thankfully this foolishness seems to be coming to an end.

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