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Patrick Little interview transcript.

Joe* says: “In case you haven’t seen this deleted video by him, from around a month ago, in it he makes a series of damning claims about various characters including Enoch, Weev, Anglin, Ricky Vaughn and Pax Dickinson. It seems that both PL and those mentioned have each sought to memory-hole this entirely.”

Bud: “Patrick Little again tonight huh? Maybe you can figure out a way to ask him if what he’s pushing is basically consistent Civic Nationalism? I mean, he seems to want to incorporate Mexicans and Blacks and Asians and just put all the focus on counter-semitism… but that implies that his end-game is a world where we just make everyone submit their tribal-identities to these States. I mean, the double-standard seems all important to him… but it’s a real question what single standard we should all assimilate to, right?”

Pal: “If Jews are so powerful, Whites should coopt Jew magic to get what they want.”

Jeff* writes:

I am so blown away by all of this–these past couple years, the JQ, Patrick Little, your show. I am finally starting to see that this antisemitism thing picks up its own uncontrollable steam in a scary way… but the thing is, it seems almost “mechanical,” like it seems to happen automatically. It’s no one’s fault. It just is the way the world works. Like this is all supposed to be happening. Do you see some of that? The arguments have ceased to matter as much as this snowballing emotional energy… I mean, say we grant that Jews were over-represented in media and academia and banking and that they disproportionately advocated for immigration. Well, okay, that might deserve some push-back… but now with Patrick Little I can see how it will just become a meme and it will be this runaway train and the Jews really are fucked. But I can’t see anywhere along the way where things could’ve gone differently. It’s awe-ing to me, the spectacle of it. How will it end?

According to

California’s 2018 U.S. Senate election attracted nationwide attention in April 2018, not long after the publication of a poll showing that little-known Republican and committed neo-Nazi Patrick Little had 18 percent of support among likely primary election voters, second to incumbent Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein with 39 percent.

In the SurveyUSA poll, Little — who describes himself as a “white nationalist” — had greater support than four other candidates in the state’s open primary, which candidates of any party (or none) can enter. These included outgoing California Senate President Kevin de Léon, a Democrat, and businessman Rocky de la Fuente, a Republican.

If those poll numbers were to hold, Feinstein and Little would advance from the primary as the two top candidates and contest the general election in November. The Republican party would be represented in a national race by a candidate who advocates a future United States “free from Jews” and has repeatedly and unreservedly expressed anti-semitic and white nationalist views during his campaign.

On 28 April 2018, Newsweek reported on the California primary and included a quote from one of Little’s social media profiles in which he advocated removing and barring Jewish people from the United States.

We received several enquiries from readers about the authenticity of these statements. They are authentic quotations. On his account with the social network Gab, Little made the following statement:

I propose a government that makes counter-semitism central to all aims of the state. A government:

1) Of a People, for that people, free from jews

2) That cannot revoke the right to bear arms, such that this people can remain free from jews

3) that forbids all immigration except of biological kin, where no person of jewish origin may live, vacation, or traverse

He has also espoused anti-semitic conspiracy theories, called for racial segregation (white people migrating to all-white “continuity zones” in the United States), and even appeared to threaten the extermination of Jewish people who refuse to voluntarily vacate their government employment.

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