The Wandering Jew


* Are you a cult leader?

* These types of videos are among your best. Go guerilla and just walk around in your neighborhood like a rambling madman.

* IMO the movement was at its best before the election. Before Trumps win, I didn’t think Daily Stormer had much to do with the AltRight. I saw us as a very big umbrella of men, women, boys, girls, gay, straight, conservative, moderates, basically everyone that was pro-white, white advocacy, hard-right, race aware, race realist, but not racist. Not hating on other races, but rather a respect for other races, so much that we thought each deserved their own homelands. That the racial make-up of the country, is the culture, it is the politics. The day after the election, Daily Stormer immediately began to purity spiral, by first attacking Milo. They claimed that our movement should cleanse “degenerates” from the movement, now that we’re going to be a Nationally recognized movement. I went into the DS chat room to ask them why they’d want to kick anyone out, especially Milo, one of the most notable, just about the face of the AltRight! DS said that was the problem, that we can’t have a degenerate as the face of the AltRight. I asked if I being a Christian Conservative, half Polish half Spanish (identify as white), would fit in, if we’re gonna begin to clean out the movement. I told them that I knew many DS were pagans, that they were Nazis, supremacists, that i can’t fit in if the movement is gonna purity spiral. They said I’d be fine. That day the AltRight died IMHO. DS had infiltrated our big tent movement. Before they took control, we had white identifying Jews too. What say you about this?

* 38:00 not a huge reaction, Duvid sees a Superchat
55:48 Luke’s eyes LIGHT UP

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