Brother Luke’s Traveling Salvation Show Hits Youtube

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton I do now understand how fragile (in a good way) men can be because of my husband. I adore men so much because of him. He’s never kept himself cloistered emotionally,

Zed Dez​mentally or intellectually.

Jack Jones​Luke when is your next ..break ????

James Edward​Zed you want an alpha male.

Thomas From Norway​wow this took a dark turn…..

Culture Bearer​Luke sounds like a victim of Judeo-Christianity. Sad

Dysfunction Junction​It’s a good way to find a dealer I hear

Zed Dez​Why didn’t Luke just piss in one of those many bottles he hoards on the floor?

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — It’s probably typical for new converts (Christianly speaking) but I recall those days in early ’88. I don’t want to make it seem like it was hell. In a sense it wasn’t. However, I…

skipcharlie​what program?

Church of Entropy​im addicted to being the dictator

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford – …remember to this day that at least once or twice a week after waking I would feel the urge to do my thing before I hit the shower. Finally one day, three months into…

Zed Dez​@James Edward No, I don’t. What I am is an Alpha Female.

Lau​A YouTube addict

Fiji Water​luke is SLAA i think

Thomas From Norway​religion is just your latest compulsion, luke

James Edward​Zed you need a submissive

Church of Entropy​compulsion is a quality of the soul, later modulated by particular ideologies –

Dysfunction Junction​I’m addicted to this ethnostate thing. Nothing will sate it, but an ethnostate for white people.

James Edward​Thomas is right

Culture Bearer​Nice one dysfunction👍🏼

Cory Burton​yup

James Edward​Dysfunctional hahah

Thomas From Norway​I’m just here to watch the trainwreck

Zed Dez​@James Edward Nope, I don’t need a submissive. I need followers. JK I like to bring people around to my way of thinking by taking care of them.

Happy Merchant​Luke ford was sent by elite Jews to make Jews seem down to earth so the goyim won’t Shoah them. Another Shoah is still happening though.

Mephistopheles Lux​lol merchant

James Edward​Wow

Church of Entropy​ride that karmic wheel bro!

Autistic RAGE​Luke, what is the best non-combative way for a gentile to unmask a Jew when he suspects that he’s talking to someone with ulterior motives? Is there some subtle social cue that could help us?

ben​This makes you sound totally perverse.

Matthew McDaniel​Have you forgiven your father?

Church of Entropy​the best way @Autistic RAGE is satirical mimicry

resurrectionjose​(((Seventh-Day Adventism)))

Cory Burton​that’s what i do

Church of Entropy​damn this whole wanting to get nail to the stick fetish thing is sick.

Lau​Luke Ford is Jesus, confirmed

Jack Jones​Luke, it’s Friday 4.15pm here in Sydney, just came back from the Court & drinkin a bottle of Chardonay ….& watching you I am winding DOWN ….love it.

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton We’re both Sigma’s.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — She’s a beautiful soul, but a Christian woman I befriended several years ago like me but I didn’t want to bother. Why? She was a Seventh-Day Adventist. No thanks!

James Edward​Yes I have this problem with my dyslexia I always felt stupid. I think of bad things when I was young that made me feel stupid. Sucks.

Cory Burton​@Zed Dez what does that mean?

resurrectionjose​”…years ago *that liked* me…”

Cory Burton​same

Church of Entropy​it’s called being human. we fear ostracism. which has been weaponised against us.

Happy Merchant​I cut women off before they can cut me off.

Thomas From Norway​this is surreal

James Edward​Happy me too. Haha

Dysfunction Junction​twisted

Fiji Water​jeez i can relate to this more than im comfortable with

Happy Merchant​James Edwards feels muh pain

Cory Burton​i isolate because i know i’ll make shit decisions.

resurrectionjose​Luke, use the Force!

James Edward​Cory interesting.

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton You mentioned Alpha? Correct? Well, within that spectrum there is not only Alpha and Beta, there’s other personality types, such as Sigma’s. Though, we are leaders, but we don’t impose.

Cory Burton​@resurrectionjose not a real jew. he doesn’t have it.

Church of Entropy​& people still don’t understand why I started a religion 🙄🙃🙃🙃

BrosefVStalin​INTP isolation master race

James Edward​My biggest fear is (Rejection!)

Zyklon B Peterson​”we learned to keep our feelings down”? — ‘feelings’? what are these “Feelings” you are speaking of?

Cory Burton​@Zed Dez i don’t remember mentioning that, but i have heard of the concept.

Zed Dez​I wish my husband could counsel you Luke. LOL

Church of Entropy​in ancient times rejection meant death, so it is the scariest thing

Lau​BrosefVStalin 👌

James Edward​Church. True.

James Edward​Luke has done well for him self. But man he has a lot of issues to overcome

Jack Jones​Saw… Right & Left hands ???? LOL

resurrectionjose​@Cory Burton — I know (re: a Jew does not have the Holy Spirit upon regeneration in the Christian sense). But I presume the spirit of God – which has antecedents in the O.T. — aids a person.

Zed Dez​@Church of Entropy No, kidding.

Blitz Blitz​James. Hey Fam

James Edward​Blitz what’s up man.

Zed Dez​Oh, you should have fallen in love with my middle sister then.

Happy Merchant​I think everyone is tryna jew me

Zed Dez​I know, Ford.

Blitz Blitz​is this good tonight

Cory Burton​she’s such a thot

Lau​wow he’s behind in the chat?

James Edward​Blitz yes We are getting psychological on addiction and sex stuff

Zed Dez​It”s entirely honest. I appreciate your honesty, and the hopeful freedom this will provide to other men.

Cory Burton​right

Thomas From Norway​hehe yeah I think he’s 10 minutes behind the curve

skipcharlie​don’t fap. that’s my advice

Blitz Blitz​Holy Fuck…not good

Cory Burton​kook ford

Zyklon B Peterson​@Luke Ford, do you think ethnic Jews would be offended if I were to say to them: “hello my fellow Jewish people”?

BrosefVStalin​Fake personas pretty much what fucked up Bowie for a good bit of his life

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — My kryptonite is the following: 1) Long-haired brunettes; 2) Irish women (e.g., Norah O’Donnell, Jennifer Connelly, et al.); and 3) Hershey’s kisses. 😛

Zed Dez​@BrosefVStalin What do you think about his last wife choice?

Cory Burton​good point

Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose Thank G_d I’m out of your pool. I’m a blonde Irish.

Jack Jones​Luke… a convert, to Judaism are you really accepted by ALL Jews into the Jewish Tribe ?????

Zyklon B Peterson​”Sexuality is part and parcel of living in a human body.”

BrosefVStalin​I guess later age increases jungle fever, which would explain all the boomers that go and marry younger chicks in the Philippines

J. Smith​Luke, where is the Science behind all this anti-masturbation talk?

Dysfunction Junction​You’re sounding like a feminist here, friend

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Sorry mate, but it is indeed a lustful, salacious bastard within marriage. If I have to point that out then … damn!

Zed Dez​Yes, all those things that capture our attention and steal our souls from what is breaking open, always what does make us think more and deeper. That’s always best.

Church of Entropy​masturbation drains ojas, which prevents spiritual progression. but attempting huge changes ie no fap is not recommended

Church of Entropy​im not fragile, idgaf

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Correction: “…it is indeed *possible to be*…”

Cory Burton​haha

Zed Dez​A man becomes fragile the moment he adores and reproduces.

Thomas From Norway​how about addiction to religion?

Church of Entropy​everyone has things you can say to them that will make them crumble. but i dont think that means they are all super sensitive crying every time someone calls them a bad name

Zyklon B Peterson​the question is: Gott Mit Uns, or Addiktion Mit Uns?

Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose Are you stoned? I’m serious.

Blitz Blitz​THIS IS SAD….

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Call it Sheoul, Gehenna, or whatever. In this life or the next, these “addictions” go with us as per a body of literature I’ve read within parapsychological studies.

Church of Entropy​God is just the ideal man. You have no Ubermensch you have no German idealism without the supreme ideal archetype: God. that argument is dead.

Dysfunction Junction​Left field is right

resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez — ??? Serious about what?

Dysfunction Junction​It’s all metaphysical attacks on the left

Lau​At this rate Luke will never catch up with the comments

Mephistopheles Lux​Kabbalah was ripped off from the Greeks

Church of Entropy​pretty much everyone needs religion

Dysfunction Junction​… and that got nothing left to hit us with. Society is in purgatory, officially


Cory Burton​haha. i had a roommate in college who pissed in bottles because he didn’t want to walk to the bathroom in the morning.

Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose You’re a funny person. But, I really like you. Glad to have the opportunity to know you.

Dysfunction Junction​My transcendent barrio

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I hear ya mate, but don’t STOP and read the two other segments! Sheesh!!!!

Tail of Spence​Powerful statement.

James Edward​@Cory. Where did you go to college?

Thomas From Norway​It’s almost poetic, how Luke is out of sync like this

Dysfunction Junction​Inspired by the linear, brutalist architecture of the commies

Lau​Pray or masturbate, no other choice? How about kitesurfing?

Blitz Blitz​Chose Wisely White Man….Says the Jew!…..🤣……Bye Felicia

Fiji Water​a friend of mine pisses in jugs so he doesnt have to walk down the hall. hes a bachor, naturally

Cory Burton​@James Edward christian school in KY

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I like keeping it short and to the point, but these ‘Live Chats’ and their 200 character cut-off can be annoying at times.

James Edward​Cool

Happy Merchant​Never again is a Jewish pipe dream lol

Zed Dez​I disagree, in the background I’m being told that masterbation is an enlightening experience, lifts you out of staleness and invigorates you. I know better. But, do speak to my peanut gallery.

Church of Entropy​the written word is not as pure as the sound, the immortal sound

Cory Burton​this is good stuff, @Luke Ford. need more of it.

resurrectionjose​@Lau — I comprehend where Luke is coming from, but this ‘Either/Or’ is quite ridiculous. Sublimation of sexual urges can be done by numerous other means. You pointed out one.

Dysfunction Junction​Oh hear we go. Dual morality again

Church of Entropy​masturbation is enlightening? don’t quit ur day job.

Zed Dez​Higher Vibration? But, you weren’t willing to speak to the subject of literal vibration. ??

Mephistopheles Lux​when the jews lips are moving he is lying.

Cory Burton​fuck, i’m the same.

Mephistopheles Lux​not luke

James Edward​Cory. Get therapy

Dysfunction Junction​What does Tantra have to say about it?

Zed Dez​We’re challenging a way of thinking and whether its results are worth the pursuit.

Culture Bearer​Goy confirmed

BrosefVStalin​Don’t worry Luke this chat will take real good care of you. Along with the rest of your Tribe.

Cory Burton​@James Edward too analytical. i always deconstruct the therapist.

James Edward​Cory. Hahaha

Richard Morgan​haha now I know how to manipulate Luke into giving me his secret porn empire

Richard Morgan​this is great

skipcharlie​Luke my mother left me and my dad when I was 4. I feel like I’m watching myself on youtube right now.

Lau​So basically Luke you are right now engaging in your kryptonite

Richard Morgan​Luke is all of us just to a more extreme extent, he is literally “super”human

Dysfunction Junction​Australians are lucky. They have prostitution to get on

Church of Entropy​just embrace the zero point energy, you wont be hurt by the words of others anymore

Thomas From Norway​oh it’s bubbling right under the surface, Luke

Zed Dez​Masterbation leads to Jihad! don’t cha know

Culture Bearer​Weak, should be 20 hours a day

Zed Dez​@Dysfunction Junction That’s someone’s daughter.

Dysfunction Junction​The Muslims won the masturbation debate

Church of Entropy​obsessing over sex is not religious. but thinking you have to be abstinent to be religion is also really immature

Dysfunction Junction​I jest Zed

Cory Burton​@Zed Dez that’s true, but doesn’t she bear responsibility?

Zed Dez​@Dysfunction Junction xD

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton No. But, that’d take an essay.

Cory Burton​@Zed Dez she doesn’t have moral agency?

Cory Burton​can’t choose?

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — What I said to Matthew Heimbach earlier in the day. In two parts so read BOTH and don’t cut off mid-sentence like you did earlier with my 3-part post about masturbation in my early 20’s.

Zed Dez​No, children don’t have agency. @Cory Burton

Cory Burton​@Zed Dez i thought he said prostitute.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Pt. 1 “It’s probably apples & oranges but here goes. As one who normally wears black most of the time since the early/mid-90’s (re: my profile pic.) but in a clean, classic, and…”

Dysfunction Junction​Almond milk? Boss

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton If we start with the concept that women are children, they cannot have agency.

Thomas From Norway​Glass the juice

Church of Entropy​lol this is my version of Jerry Springer

James Edward​Cory doesn’t want recovery. He is too Analytical

Cory Burton​@Zed Dez women are children?


Cory Burton​@James Edward i do, dipshit. just not that easy.

Church of Entropy​what it comes down to is free will: some have more than others. those with a limited amount are useless mouth breathers and thats about it

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton That’s the argument posed by those of the A/R. Women are adult children.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford – Pt. 3 “…have a little talk” if I had said yes.” THE END. 😃

Dysfunction Junction​Be a pliable worker bee, so that 40% helps us fund your racial destruction

Lau​Adopt the bonobo mindset

Cory Burton​@Zed Dez i agree deep down, but i don’t like the idea.

Sgt Smitty​Is it possible to have transcendence as an atheist?

Zed Dez​@Lau The bonobo stuff is not represented factually

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton Well, there you go.

Dysfunction Junction​Luke. Was the blocking of Prop 187 an act of war against the voters of the state of CA?

Church of Entropy​@Sgt Smitty yes but you need to have so much knowledge that youd be indistinguishable from a holy man in the eyes of the commoner

BrosefVStalin​Another good way of fighting being damaged, having high functioning autism to the point that you only think things operationaly and in spectrums.

Lau​That was most likely a joke..

Zed Dez​Being Afraid! Is the worst ever. Break from that my people!

Church of Entropy​@BrosefVStalin that’s all thinking is: hierarchical ontologies / archetype classifiers

Dysfunction Junction​Am I blocked?

Happy Merchant​I want to get help, but I’m a rather cynical individual. I think everyone is tryna jew me.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — You would be a great Christian missionary. Come on over to our side and you’ll get to use the ‘Force.’ 😃

Lau​Zed dez That was a play on Mike Cernovich

Church of Entropy​@Happy Merchant join my cult

Jack Jones​St. “City of God” written in the 3 century… on FREE WILL is the book everyone should read ????

James Edward​Resurrection hahaha

Cory Burton​say: sup, yids.

resurrectionjose​@James Edward – 😉 He just needs a couple of “attitude adjustments”, allow the Spirit to move in his life, and he’s on his way.

Zed Dez​@Cory Burton I don’t actually, but I’m happy to argue both sides. Why? Because I know the truth resides in between the forces that will always be influencing, changing and altering minds,, thoughts.

Happy Merchant​Church of entropy ok lol

Zed Dez​Recovery? It’s all about recovery.

Church of Entropy​lol Luke JFC this is gold

Zed Dez​That sucks as a world view.

resurrectionjose​To everyone in the ‘Live Chat’ — Let’s chill out for a moment while Luke catches up.

Culture Bearer​Imo half the problems of selfrape are caused by superstitious rejection of it, the same with drugs.

Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose No.

Voltron512​cool movie

Thomas From Norway​Luke, it sounds like you’re trying to scrub yourself clean of these bad “impure” human impulses…. Maybe you’re talking it too far?

resurrectionjose​I’m off to eat the rest of the pasta (re: 8 oz.) I made earlier in the day. 168 complex carbs into my system. Ooooh baby! BRB….

Voltron512​that white chick boned all 3 brothers

Zed Dez​@Thomas From Norway Yes.

Dysfunction Junction​I’m just messin’ with you Luke. You seem like a good dude

Zed Dez​You’re not selling a scheme are you?

Daniel Sturridge​is it not sabbath?

Church of Entropy​everyone is selling a scheme of egoic self-delusion, they just dont know it yet

BrosefVStalin​@Luke Ford Is everything Determined or is there such a thing as free will?

Colin Colenso​The desire for sex is what drove us out of Eden, away from God.

Cory Burton​agreed

Thomas From Norway​Yes, you are in the present moment with us now, Luke 😃

Dysfunction Junction​We’re all individuals, born to a vacuum. A merited man could make it, no matter the circumstance.

Church of Entropy​free will is a continuum between 0.0001 and 100

Daniel Sturridge​Is that quote in your bio you speaking?

BrosefVStalin​Soon enough Luke we’ll convert you into neo-paganism and you’ll be chanting Celtic hymns about Wodin

Zed Dez​I’m happy you find value in Alanon. But, it doesn’t work for all personality types Luke.

Lau​We are expanding our field of view

Rune Skyttsing​Be here now. Ram Dass

Thomas From Norway​Serenity now 😃

Church of Entropy​y’all need my religion cult. all the knowledge none of the larp

Zed Dez​Neil Diamond – Jew

Culture Bearer​Whats with Jews and time-dilation?

resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez — I just heard Luke mention the Genesis narrative, scrolled up but can’t find it, and wondering who said that we (Adam & Eve?) have separated ourselves from God because of sex?

Colin Colenso​What’s the orthodox Jewish position on reincarnation?

Lau​We are breaking the conditioning, aaaargh!


Cory Burton​what a weirdo

Thomas From Norway​what a way to end it

Church of Entropy​damn that was good

Zed Dez​Yep, I like it too.

Zed Dez​Good night, my fellow explorers.

resurrectionjose​Luke probably got tipped off from his fellow Orthodox boys, “SHUT IT DOWN — NOW!!!!” 😃

Zed Dez​@lau breaking bricks

Richard Morgan​Luke: How do you personally stay motivated in life to do what you know you should do/know you want to accomplish?

Thomas From Norway​I feel for the guy… just a lot of wishful thinking and “now I have all the answers”….

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