What’s Wrong With American Nationalism?


* If you think the Daily Stormer is at the center of the alt-right or that even the alt-right is at the center of the alt-right, then you haven’t understood anything, Luke. You’re focusing on an expression of a bigger reactionary internet culture that has its roots in infocracy and technocracy and the people you’re dealing with are merely the agents or pawns of this culture, either willfully or otherwise.

* Can’t believe you knew nothing about Q. One of their discussion groups live streams on youtube 24/7 and is among top few youtube live streamers. Have been watching it for months, many examples of convincing evidence that the 4-chan and 8-chan drops of intelligence is coming from Trump’s and the Army’s inner intelligence circles. Here are the drops. Gorka’s tweet yesterday was huge confirmation. Exact replica format of earlier Q post. https://qanonposts.com/ Most followers are near to alt-right mindsets, some a bit boomerish.

* STRIKE, MIKE and RICK Episode 12: My Optics Career — it’s behind the TRS paywall.

* I am a Daily Stormer reader, and I’m the type of person you’d want to be your neighbor, dentist, doctor, etc. I am presentable, sociable (albeit, a little awkward), well-dressed, etc. For the most part, the Daily Stormer is meant to appeal to a younger demographic, aged 18 and under, while their minds are still pliable and receptive to race realism, white nationalism, etc.

* WN 3.0 is here. Even Anglin is sorta on board with it.

* The tactic of recruiting the elite from the inside has been tried time and time again since William Pierce started and it has failed everytime single time! TWP is the only group that are actually making progress because they have taking a different approach and are appealing to the working class ! Just like the Golden dawn and the nordic resistence movement and the n.s.d.a.p ! The reason why they are beeing attacked is as usual in the USA: because of jealousy!

* Matthew Heimbach needs to lose the black combat fatigues and lose the weight. No one’s going to take someone seriously who’s unwilling to seriously look after their own health. And tattoos might’ve become socially acceptable in public, but if you’re vying for political power, you have to look the part. Do you see any politicians in America and/or the West that are covered in tattoos?

Brad Griffin writes:

It has been quiet around here this weekend.

This is because a massive debate has been going on between the self-described American Nationalists and the Hard Right over at the TRS Forums. It is safe to say the two sides have irreconcilable differences. The rift that has been growing since Shelbyville is now a complete schism.

Here is the definitive guide to what is wrong with American Nationalism:


1.) American Nationalism is civic nationalism – The debate which has been raging all weekend isn’t really about “American Nationalism” as it is understood by 99.999% of the American people. It is an internal debate within pro-White circles over American identity.

In one corner, there are the self-described American Nationalists who insist in spite of all the evidence to the contrary that Americans are White people and the United States is a White country. In the opposite corner, the Hard Right argues that American Nationalism in the 21st century is understood to mean civic nationalism except to one website on the internet and a few e-celebs.

It’s true that American identity was historically based on whiteness. It is also true that ended several generations ago. The shift from the historic American identity began in the 1930s with the New York Intellectuals and ended in the 1960s with our present deracinated American identity in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. For the last 50 years, Racially Conscious White Americans have been reduced to the American equivalent of India’s Untouchable Caste.

American identity is now based on the triumph of civic nationalism over White identity. Martin Luther King, Jr. has become the most important figure in the pantheon of American Nationalism. The Hard Right believes it is ludicrous to embrace American patriotism because the pageantry of American Nationalism is explicitly anti-White. American Nationalists believe they can “Take Back America.”

That’s the core disagreement.

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