Eric Striker’s Message Of Love & Inclusion

Eric Striker writes for the Daily Stormer and is a regular on The Right Stuff radio network. He devotes his life to raising “awareness of rising anti-Semitism and bigotry in the Trump era.”

Striker made a brief statement at the beginning of Thursday night’s JQ debate.


* As someone who grew up around orthodox jews — Luke Ford is VERY VERY jewish. His soul was def at mount sinai — conversion was bound to happen.

* Great interview. Striker is often maligned, but rarely understood. I think the main argument that is overlooked is that Jews, despite being a small minority, are disproportionately represented among the most degenerate aspects of western society. This is not to say all Jews. One must look at this issue on a per-capita basis, just like crime rates among blacks and non-white Hispanics.

* I must say Luke, you’re a really good interviewer. You have a great ability of carrying the conversation on with concise questions that relate intuitively to the interviewee’s last statement. These Alt Righter interviews have been especially enjoyable, going really deep in personal history and ideological depth.

Striker comes across as a likable individual. I think the reason for his and Enoch’s popularity is that both of them represent a “regular blue/white collar” White guy, respectively. Ordinary down-to-earth Whites with legitimate grievances, driven by a fervent search for the truth, unadulterated love for their people and unmitigated hate for their enemies.

* An example of breaking an ethical injunction in a white gentile society would be thinking it’s ok to pretend to be white and use that to push for things that hurt and subvert the society using universalist language, when whites don’t expect you to do that. Whites would assume that you have the host society’s interest in their mind because this is how they themselves think. It would be something like extreme double standards in demonizing white racial consciousness while praising the racial identity of other groups (and especially of their own Jewish identity). Deception and double standards are things that are especially negatively viewed in white societies in general.

This is what Erik is referring to and he’s doing himself a disservice by using the term crime which immediately invites people to think of crime statistics and envision violent crime. This is not mainly about legality (though I’m not sure about white-collar crime rates). Sure it’s not illegal to be like “(((hey my fellow whites))), we’re racists and should embrace tolerance and diversity by opening our borders” but is it scummy and reprehensible? It sure is.

* This is I think literally the first honest jew I have ever seen in media. And what a shocker, he has zero jewish blood. Great channel though, great discussion.

* 1:48:00 You would have to pre-prepare a weighted scale of influence regarding the different roles & you would need a Huge amount of influential non-jewish involvement to counter balance to weight of legalisation & de-stigmatisation

* 1:17:30 ‘Movies & TV’ as an answer to the JQ is equivalent to ‘Restaurants & Food’ with Mass Immigration & MultiCulturalism

* Eric Striker did a truly fantastic job here. Particularly in the mid section. 58:00 – 1:10:00 is obligatory listening.

* Luke, this phrase is for you. On Jesus speaking to the Pharisees,
“You travel across the world to make a proselyte, who upon converting, becomes twice the son of hell as ye.”
Luke, you’re a Gentile convert to Judaism. You deliberately used various deception and obfuscation tactics in this podcast. I was not impressed with this behaviour. Although I did appreciate your stance on immigration (the poisonous snakes analogy).

* What obfuscation did he use?

I liked that he’s honest enough to concede a point immediately after being called out on it

* I agree. He did concede numerous counter points made by Striker. I believe there was a mellowing out towards the middle, when it then became a proper debate/ dialogue. Eric did a fantastic job rebutting the arguments, and both parties listened to each other. Overall, an excellent podcast.

* mr ford, , whom I do respect, talks about us like he isn’t one of us. “white people should…….” you are not a true-born Jew. you are a white Christian. christianity is not worse or less profound than judaism man. read Paul’s letter to the Galatians. We are the sons of Abraham too man. come back to white christendom my white brother. fight the good fight. the jews will never trust you fully brother. There are profound points of knowledge in the Jewish books and studies, but that is due to a strong history of critical analysis and manipulation on their part. it’s awesome to learn their incredible insight, but adopting their identity is just a bit off-color and traitorous. It’s not that Jews are bad. They are doing what’s best for themselves, unfortunately, it’s not what’s best for us, and no matter how you rationalize it, mr ford was born as one of us, and not one of them……

* I think with “ends justify the means” stuff is more common to Jews due to eternal sense of immediate threat. Goys need a declaration of war and then they activate, until then we’re all fast asleep and on autopilot.

* You’re great at interviewing. Perhaps you missed your calling as a journalist in your pursuit of orthodox Judaism.

* Luke, you’re not as Jewish as you think you are. ~~ Richard Striker.

* Ford may or not be a convert but his mind is full jew, trust him at your peril.

* “How can you blame Jews as a group for what Reich did?”

First of all it’s not one. This is a consistent pattern. Jews are massively overrepresented in pushing for these things as a foreign group, gentiles are not. #notall and #don’tgeneralize are not arguments. This is a low level of argumentation. It makes as little sense as saying “for every terrorist muslim you find I can find you hundreds of thousands that aren’t terrorists” or “for every woman with breast cancer, I can find you hundreds of thousands that are healthy. This has nothing to do with their sex.”

* “The Authoritarian Personality” was more about the destruction of the father figure and the family unit, and sexual liberation is but one tactic in the arsenal.

* Two big brains = one Great Stream.

* Best steam I’ve ever watched. Thank you Luke! You both behaved like gentleman and made some great points. Very interesting men.

* Regarding your 2% argument: “A meta-study of numerous IQ tests finds that one-fourth of white Americans with IQs above 145 are Ashkenazim.”

* Striker does a great job against a tough opponent in this stream. Great job, Striker, and great job being a tough debater, while being eminently fair, Luke. This stream easily rivals the best of what I’ve seen on Race Warski’s channel.

* In general, Jews don’t ask themselves if they are of benefit to the majority, because the eternal question for the Jews is,
“Is it good for the Jews?”
This is a particularist morality, not a universal morality.
In point of fact, a particularist morality is no morality at all.


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