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Alex Linder posts on VNN March 10, 2015:

Ford is a smart guy; he certainly understands jews. He was trying to interview me but I refused. He’s on facebook and perhaps twitter. I guess he was an evangelical who converted to jewism. I dont know whether he’s pro or anti-jew, doesn’t really matter, but he writes clearly and persuasively about what jews are doing, no matter his motive.

I don’t speak to enemy media except for money or something that benefits the cause. Whatever words o’ wisdom I got are for VNN and WN only. Notice, I didn’t have that policy before being burned. Not that I would have altered what I said, but I would have prepared different remarks given the (Israeli rather than Canadian) audience. Just the pathetic amount of lying involved in that particular setup disgusts one, since I say the same thing no matter who I talk to. One grows tired of talking to people who are using one to prove they got both sides, but never ever allowing substantial discussion of points. Therefore, unless there’s tangible benefit to me/our cause, then go-a-fuck-a-youself, jewsmedia.

Ford strikes me as someone playing a game. I find him mildly amusing, but I don’t care enough to investigate what precisely that game is, nor am I giving away milk for free. Anyone genuinely interested in my/our view has literally millions of my words RIGHT HERE AT THEIR EASY DISPOSAL should they want my views on anything, and I certainly don’t begrudge their using them.

Nice and simple, eh?

Think about it. He converted to jew-ism. His writing indicates deep familiarity with jews. He lives in the heart of Jew-ville. Plus he has interviewed KM and others. There is nothing for me to teach him about jews, certainly, that he doesn’t know first-hand from the inside, as well as intellectually.

* >>He has never been accepted by them. He makes them uneasy, as he should. Whites can no more convert to jews than an Oak to an Apple.

>>Someone with a deep familiarity with hollywood Jews would be useful to us. He knows some of their specific flaws and fault lines.

>>Robert Stark did two whiny faggoty interviews with him.

>>He strikes me as having a canary in the coal mine quality where he sensed jew ascendancy then, senses the collapse now.

* Most of these people are looking to make a splash, a name, get publicity, make money somehow. Why help them? People already know about me, what I think, and VNN.

Look at the proliferation of white media now. We got that started. VNN did it first. I would say best, but the ones doing it now are doing a good job.

The cutting edge, the vanguard, is somewhere else (than just news/analysis, which is now daily business as usual), and for VNN’s part — and we are the VANGUARD, must live up to our name, that’s doing something cumulative, to create an Aryan School. That’s not the ONLY valuable work, but it’s the front I’m working on at the moment. Endlessly whining about hush crimes or jew perfidy is fun and entertaining and even necessary, but…it doesn’t solve the problem. Only direct politics a la Golden Dawn or some other party can do that. I’ve outlined the way I would go, if I worked that vein, but for now I’m not. Others have their ideas, let them try them, see what happens.

It’s basically wasted time unless you can do it live. Print reporters won’t use anything you say. Fame, even modest WN fame, without money, is useless to dangerous.

Anglin is doing a great job, altho he lets christ-cranks mar his comments with their puerile bickering. But the VNN original recipe works great: news/evergreen themes + epithets + humor – and he has added very nice graphics work. All around DS has done a great job. When I read there, I see a lot of names I recognize from a decade ago, so I’m not sure he’s reaching many people not aware of VNN. Maybe he is, but I don’t see any huge new group of people anywhere. To the extent there is a new generation out there, I see from Twitter they are more into anime and cartoon stuff, and there’s a fair amount of activity among the so-called NRx neoreactionaries. They are smart, but not straight on the jew stuff, many of them. And they beat a scared retreat if laughed at. So…useless. But some of them are jew aware. It’s clear the reddit and chan folks are probably the single biggest newish WN market out there. And market is probably the wrong term.

What I see is a groundswell in jew- and race-aware WHITE media.

That is a GOOD THING.

Even the NRx, most of whom are simply conservative pussies with airs, feel it necessary to expound thousands of words why they aren’t taking a WN position on jews. that shows the real truth.

From Wikipedia:

Milton Alexander “Alex” Linder[1] (born June 30, 1966) is the owner and operator of Vanguard News Network (VNN), an anti-Semitic, white separatist, white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, Holocaust denial, and white nationalist website[2][3] which he launched in 2000. VNN is one of the most active white supremacist sites on the Internet, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Its motto is “No Jews. Just Right.”

Linder is an ex-member of the National Alliance, a Holocaust Denial, White Separatist, neo-Nazi, and White nationalist group.[7][8][9][10] He left after deciding to allow criticism of the National Alliance to appear on the VNN forums.[2]

The ADL claims that in January 2005, Linder announced his intention to set up the White Freedom Party, stating it was “America’s first political party advocating Aryan interests and specifically naming the Jew as the agent of white genocide and greatest obstacle to our people’s self-preservation as a distinct and protected people.” It threatened to “WAGE NONSTOP WAR on the Jews, coloreds, and mainstream sellouts …”.[2] Lacking financial backing, the “White Freedom Party” is currently dormant.

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