Time To Host My Own Internet Blood Sports?

Paul writes: Hi Mr. Ford,
I’m a newer subscriber to your YouTube channel. I was drawn there by your interview with Andrew Joyce and have been interested because you are Jewish and are sympathetic to the alt right. I greatly enjoyed your interview with Kevin Macdonald as well and am currently listening to your discussion with Dr. E Michael Jones. I know you are a fan, as am I, of the internet “blood sports” and debates that occur on Warski’s channel as well as Baked Alaska’s. Though these are fun, I’m sure I’m not the only viewer who desires a higher level debate that really gets into the more nuanced and difficult topics that drive us towards these interests in the first place. Have you considered trying to host debates on your own channel, perhaps between some of these far right influencers and intellects that you’ve hosted like those previously mentioned and well spoken, intellectual Jews that you may know who disagree with them? Or gentiles who do? I think that would be a big hit and increase your audience. I think there is a massive desire for higher level conversations and debates on these topics, as evidenced by the success of the “bloodsports.” Thanks for your consideration and time and I look forward to following your videos!

Seeing two PhDs on opposite sides get into a passionate, live debate about the JQ with you moderating would make Warski live look like the kid’s table. Just saying. It would be fantastic and edifying.

>>The problem is that the normie intellectuals won’t debate the Alt Right… The normies are not sending their best, and they’re getting slaughtered…

These seem to be normies from the internet though who are otherwise nobodies. Maybe with the exception of Sargon who I had never heard of before watching him lose to Spencer. Are you friendly with any normie academics who are brave enough to debate?

>> Not that I know of. None of them would come within a mile of such a debate, knowing that they would lose…

Damn… well, eventually as the movement grows they will be forced to confront it.
Keep up the good, high level discourse. It’s needed. Hopefully something like what we discussed can manifest on your channel sometime. That would be a lot of fun.

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