Are The Alt Right A Bunch Of Nazis?

Robert Griffin writes:

Hitler had a biocentric worldview. His perspective on life was first of all referenced in Nature. Hitler contended that before anything else we must attend to Nature, the world of living things and their environments. Man is not separate from or above Nature but rather a part of Nature. We need to come to grips with how Nature actually operates. We must align our lives with Nature. We must obey Nature’s laws. That is how we will best prosper and fulfill our destiny as human beings. We should not be so presumptuous as to imagine that we can ignore or overcome Nature’s realities and Nature’s imperatives. We need to learn to live Nature’s way. Hitler’s basic message was: Get out of your head. Get out of the realm of fanciful intellectualization. Get out of what you think is true or ought to be true. Instead, literally come down to earth.

Hitler held to a biocultural concept of race. While race has to do with biology, physiology, blood, it is about more than genetics. It is also about culture: values and morals, philosophies, traditions, modes of artistic expression, religious orientations, ways of working, forms of government, national and ethnic identifications, family arrangements, conceptions of masculinity and femininity, approaches to raising children, and connections to the earth. Hitler used the term “folk” (volk in German) to get at the idea that he was referring to a people who share a biological inheritance and a way of being. They have an approach to life in common as well as a gene pool.

Hitler’s emphasized the interplay of biology and culture. Each affects the other: biological realities or impulses shape the culture of a people and, conversely, the culture of a people has an impact on their biological or physical nature. He focused particularly on culture’s impact on breeding patterns. Ideas, values, and associational arrangements influence who has children with whom. Racial interbreeding profoundly affects the biological composition of a race.

Hitler focused on what he considered the fundamental human reality: the life-and-death struggle for survival and a higher quality of existence among the races of man. Aggression and violence are inherent in this struggle; they are an integral part of Nature’s way. What is responsible and right in human affairs is that which contributes to the continued existence and upward development of the race.

Hitler affirmed the aristocratic principle. The aristocratic principle contrasts with the egalitarian principle. Rather than races and individuals being equal, Hitler posited, they are hierarchically ordered. “The basic aristocratic idea of Nature . . . sees not only the different value of races but also the different value of individuals.” While some may be attracted to the idea that individuals and races are, or could be, equal to one another, the fact of the matter is they are not equal now and won’t be equal in the future unless the superior ones are hobbled in some way so as to bring them back to the level of their inferiors.

Vox Day blogs: First Things gets the Alt-Right wrong by concentrating solely on the anti-Christian, media-dancing minority:

Almost everything written about the “alternative right” in mainstream outlets is wrong in one respect. The alt-right is not stupid. It is deep. Its ideas are not ridiculous. They are serious. To appreciate this fact, one needs to inquire beyond its presence on social media, where its obnoxious use of insult, obscenity, and racism has earned it a reputation for moral idiocy. The reputation is deserved, but do not be deceived. Behind its online tantrums and personal attacks are arguments of genuine power and expanding appeal. As political scientist George Hawley conceded in a recent study, “Everything we have seen over the past year suggests that the alt-right will be around for the foreseeable future.”

To what is the movement committed? The alt-right purports to defend the identity and interests of white people, who it believes are the compliant victims of a century-long swindle by liberal morality. Its goals are not conventionally conservative. It does not so much question as mock standard conservative positions on free trade, abortion, and foreign policy, regarding them as principles that currently abet white dispossession. Its own principles are not so abstract, and do not pretend to neutrality. Its creed, in the words of Richard Spencer, is “Race is real. Race matters. Race is the foundation of identity.” The media take such statements as proof of the alt-right’s commitment to white supremacy. But this is misleading. For the alt-right represents something more nefarious, and frankly more interesting, than white identity politics.

The alt-right is anti-Christian. Not by implication or insinuation, but by confession. Its leading thinkers flaunt their rejection of Christianity and their desire to convert believers away from it. Greg Johnson, an influential theorist with a doctorate in philosophy from Catholic University of America, argues that “Christianity is one of the main causes of white decline” and a “necessary condition of white racial suicide.” Johnson edits a website that publishes footnoted essays on topics that range from H. P. Lovecraft to Martin Heidegger, where a common feature is its subject’s criticisms of Christian doctrine. “Like acid, Christianity burns through ties of kinship and blood,” writes Gregory Hood, one of the website’s most talented essayists. It is “the essential religious step in paving the way for decadent modernity and its toxic creeds.”

Alt-right thinkers are overwhelmingly atheists, but their worldview is not rooted in the secular Enlightenment, nor is it irreligious. Far from it. Read deeply in their sources—and make no mistake, the alt-right has an intellectual tradition—and you will discover a movement that takes Christian thought and culture seriously. It is a conflicted tribute paid to their chief adversary. Against Christianity it makes two related charges. Beginning with the claim that Europe effectively created Christianity—not the other way around—it argues that Christian teachings have become socially and morally poisonous to the West. A major work of alt-right history opens with a widely echoed claim: “The introduction of Christianity has to count as the single greatest ideological catastrophe to ever strike Europe.”

This is little more than Churchian virtue-signaling. The author should be embarrassed by making a mistake very similar to the one that he criticizes the mainstream media for making. Nor is his attempt to marginalize the Alt-Right as an intrinsically anti-Christian philosophy even remotely coherent, as one cannot both a) characterize its Spencerian aspects as defining its limits while simultaneously b) claiming that it is 100 years old and traces its intellectual roots back to Oswald Spengler.

What most people don’t realize is that the mainstream media still regularly contacts me for “the Alt-Right perspective” on current events. However, I no longer talk to them because they never, ever, quoted me in the pieces on the Alt-Right they subsequently ran, even when I provided The New York Times, or The Atlantic, or CBS with direct, substantive, and unevasive answers to their questions. The reason they never ran any quotes, of course, is that my words did not fit their preconceived narrative, while the media-dancing performance art of Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin did, just as Greg Johnson’s anti-Christianity and homosexuality fits the narrative that Matthew Rose and First Things are pushing in order to discredit and demonize the Alt-Right in the eyes of its readership.

But their efforts will fail and they will only discredit themselves, because they are observably not rooted in the easily verifiable truth. The Alt-Right doesn’t just stand for the European races, but for the West. And Christianity is as integral and irreplaceable an element of Western civilization as the European races; it is one of the three pillars of the West. The Alt-Right supports genuine Bible-based traditional Christianity, not the evil globalist Churchianity that presently wears so many nominally Christian organizations like a demon-possessed skinsuit.

To be clear, I’m not blaming Greg, Richard, or Andrew for the fact that both the mainstream media and the Christian media happen to find their particular perspectives to be useful. I am simply pointing out that, once again, the media simply cannot be trusted to report on philosophical matters such as these in an accurate, honest, or intelligent manner.

The Alt-Right is not an anti-Christian philosophy. It is pro-Christian and anti-Churchian. And as Instapundit noted, “with most churches being temples of social justice”, the open enmity between the globalist Judeo Christ-worshiping Churchians and both the Christian and non-Christian factions of the Alt-Right is hardly a surprise.

From the live Youtube chat:

PEPE​We are approaching Anglo-Singularity.

Peter Peterson​it’s crazy when you listen to them

MrIHave Tourettes​cmon luke, you can’t make a stream when JF is tearing Kraut a new asshole… You’re tearing me apart between two great streams

Cory Burton​Yeah, I was torn between this and Warski

Thomas Bergman​They are tactically and ideologically ambiguous for the purpose of guerrilla warfare strategy

Luke Ford​

Pilleater​warski is new Springer show

Privada Machina​Here’s the thing Luke, the holocaust is a major weapon to wake Whites up. Some think it’s a difficult redpill for ppl, but I really do disagree.

The Forgotten Nationalist​Hi Pilleater.

Pilleater​hey forgot. sick in bed watching

The Forgotten Nationalist​Aw…

Privada Machina​Jew aware

Privada Machina​and race conscious, are the two major tentants I’d say

Thomas Bergman​That seems to include pretty much every country in its definition

Pesh Head​damn right, heil Hitty myne ubermenschen

PEPE​A white political movement will be messy at first,.

Pilleater​if the alt right are a bunch of natsocs, therefor, are they all socialist?

Pesh Head​Hitlerism is irrelevant. He was an empire builder — not AltRight

Pilleater​alt right is an umbrella term for many ideologies as an alternative to the mainstream right.

Maximilian​Understanding the german language and reading Nietzsche are obligatory to even try to understand Nazism.

Pesh Head​Hey Pilleater Forney isn’t happy with u not shitting on the AltRight for him. He was hoping you’d dish some dirt

resurrectionjose​Good. I’m not the first! 😃 Greetings y’all.

PEPE​We will not lay down and die, war is the natural rebirth for the Anglos empire.

resurrectionjose​TANGENT: Got into a NASTY argument earlier with my older sister — while celebrating my mother’s birthday(!) — on Mike Pence not standing, “Injuns” being here first, and “whitey” being supreme.

Bill z​Sheeiiit we waz Nazis, still are hard right libertarian in my book whose kind of racist

resurrectionjose​”HAIL TRUMP! … HAIL OUR PEOPLE! … HAIL VICTORY! … HAIL YAHWEH!!!!!” :::raises mug with German beer:::

Pesh Head​political talk & women doesn’t mix Jose

resurrectionjose​@Pesh Head — Correction: Political talk & CUBAN women don’t mix! Just sayin’ 😉

Bill z​Democracy is fine till women get the vote and try and save wounded puppies

Pesh Head​ouch, I feel for u

Pesh Head​But mein kampf was a PR piece. what did Hitler actually do

iippo​@Luke Ford I’m Alt-Right & my family fought for the Axis. Does that count?

resurrectionjose​Sister: “Don’t tell me, you’re a white supremacist?!?!?” Me: :::sticks right arm with Roman salute::: 😉

resurrectionjose​”…sticks right arm *out*…”

Pilleater​you took that from Greg Johnson’s piece

Bjorn O​When Nasheed debated Taylor he claimed that white Supremacists controlled just about anything. I don’t want the alt-right to sound like a bunch of “white negoes”… Blaming jews for every bad thing.

Bjorn O​It is more complexed

Bill z​National Socialism wasn’t the worst thing ever the sperg had to go around invading everyone else, should have kept it German

iippo​Anglos are behind in nationalism. They have the most amount of immigrants, they ban nationalist parties & they babble about individualism.

Aggro Skinhead​we Wuz reichs n shiet.

Doug Huntington​Hey Pilleater

Cory Burton​If they’re not violent are they still Nazis?

Pilleater​GJ argues all this alt right umbrella thing will lead to white nationalism. what do you make of anti SJWs, Proud boys, and rainbow ethnonationalist?

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I’m willing to admit I should have kept my mouth shut, but putting that aside she looked straight at me and said something like, “I don’t want to hear you” and the gloves came off.

Cory Burton​When people hear Nazi they hear violence.

The Forgotten Nationalist​Tariq was just there to say “white supremacist” over and over to please his audience.

Natasha Battalion​Tariq Said Vlad the Impaler was African.

Pilleater​is the alt right socialist?

The Forgotten Nationalist​I hope not

Pesh Head​The AltRight is economically neutral

The Bastard​/our jew/

MrIHave Tourettes​I identify as alt-right, I don’t believe the holocaust didn’t happen, I don’t want to mass genocide Jews. Calling me a Nazi triggers me.

Bill z​I think the alt right is mostly just republicans reacting to anti white communists

Pesh Head​whatever works — not libertarian, not socialist. Economics is a means to an end, not the end

The Forgotten Nationalist​I am half Asian, half white.

MrIHave Tourettes​All I can say is the alt-right absolutely can be violent, if things keep going the way they are they have no other choice.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — During the time that the brood were over to celebrate my mother’s birthday and after things died down, I sent her a BUNCH of You Tube videos on DACA kids, illegal immigration, etc. 😛

Mike Ferrin​Diversity could lead to crises that culminate in genocide — like in Rwanda

Bjorn O​What is your position regarding Alexander Dugin? I heard hin talking about religious identity in Russia. The Orthodox Jewish community are having a place in his multipolar Russia.

Pesh Head​pacifism is for cucks

Natasha Battalion​Diversity plus proximity equals war.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I still have one or two e-mails filled to the brim with other You Tube videos ready to fire away later on, but whether she will view any of it is beyond me.

The Forgotten Nationalist​I reject Dugin. Bolshevik.

Maceo Flux​The painter of the Obamas’ portrait paints pictures of Black people decapitating White people. And the Alt Right is considered violent?

Bill z​It’s hard to argue with his points they are common sense, except the state in economics bit

Cory Burton​The Kipling poem turned into the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon speaks to something in people in the alt-right, I feel. “It was not part of his blood. It came to him very late.” It’s like a push back.

Natasha Battalion​trash


Pesh Head​Jews4Jesus


Thomas Bergman​It’s kind of weird to think that Richard Spencer is trying to turn Republicans into Bernie Sanders with pro-white attitudes

MrIHave Tourettes​I agree with your point about the nazi term connotatively being correct, but obviously not denotatively.

Pesh Head​Nat Socs had good policies

Bill z​It’s become increasingly obvious that blacks really just hate us

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Even though I’m in the Christian camp (DUH!) I can comprehend *and* relate to what you did. Btw, did I see the last name “Poythress” on that book you were sent?

Natasha Battalion​accurate… Spencer’s barely right wing

The Forgotten Nationalist​Good, then you don’t believe in “Judeo-Christianity”.

Luke Ford​

Bill z​Hitlers points are common sense it’s hard to argue them, take his name off the points and most would agree

iippo​Vox punches right from another continent.

Pesh Head​Spencer is American aristocracy. Not exactly revolutionary material

Mike Ferrin​Nazi is a term that’s fatally stigmatized, so it’s fatal to thought or reason

Chris Donnellan​Obviously not.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I *might* have that book; though for now I will say I don’t. I have roughly one or two — maybe three — from that gentleman.

Thomas Bergman​Part of what enticed me into enjoying the Alt Right was their non-Christianity

Bill z​Vox Day is a douche what he did to Gab was unforgivable

iippo​Judeo-Bolshevism is considered Anti-Semitic, but you’re allowed to say Judeo-Christianity.

The Forgotten Nationalist​Oh yeah, that was an interesting article about how the alt right is anti-Christian.

Pesh Head​Spencer is a good motivational speaker to young goys tho, an effective spokesman at the time

The Forgotten Nationalist​I think alt-right is indeed anti-Christian.

Natasha Battalion​#DeepRight

Bill z​Tucker Carlson dips his toes in

Pesh Head​AltRight is anti Cuckservative-Christian but there is a traditionalist Orthodox/Catholic wing

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Thanks for the heads up on that ‘First Things’ article. I’m not only familiar with that site and their journal, but cite some of their articles to others on occasion.

James Edward​Hail Victory 1488

Cory Burton​there is a ferocity in trolling that can help uncuck you.

Chris Donnellan​The best thing about the Alt-Right is that it is moving away from things like Libertarianism and what passes as ‘American conservatism’ which is based in extreme individualism and Classical liberalism

Chris Donnellan​Americanism and its ethos is the worst enemy of white people in the U.S.

Natasha Battalion​huh

The Forgotten Nationalist​I’m neither Orthodox or Catholic.

Chris Donnellan​Rootless individualism, economic determinism, capitalism.

Pesh Head​I used to hate Daily Stormer but Sargon of Cuckaad made Anglin look credible, decent, in recent ‘debate’

Alexis Geutrege​Trendlines for alt right are down in terms of inroads.

Chris Donnellan​Worship of the almighty market.

Bjorn O​Greg Johnson and Jonas De Geer debated the relationship of Christianity and European Identity. De Geer a catholic and Johnson a secularist. Good debate on Youtube.

Thomas Bergman​Has there ever been such a thing as a white supremacist?

The Forgotten Nationalist​I know non-denoom is considered dreck across the board.

Alexis Geutrege​When Spencer is debating third tier nobodies on Youtube, he isn’t running in first line media anymore.

Bjorn O​No

Chris Donnellan​No, it isn’t widely known.

Alexis Geutrege​Does that PhD even count?

Bill z​Christianity doesn’t work in a foxhole

Pilleater​Yes I heard all the splc stuff cone out about GJ

Cory Burton​It does count

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I don’t want to split hairs — BUT — I don’t think Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor (to name two right off my head) are atheists but merely agnostic.

Gerard Perry​Taylor’s parents were Christian missionaries.

The Forgotten Nationalist​I disagree with anti-Christians

resurrectionjose​But hey, if anyone here on the ‘Live Chat’ wants to correct me on my last comment go for it.

Natasha Battalion​no way Jose

Chris Donnellan​Europe and the West is at least culturally Christian. We aren’t going back to Odin or Zeus worship.

The Forgotten Nationalist​When i talk about Christianity, I’m talking about simple Bible-believing Christians.

Natasha Battalion​kek

Alexis Geutrege​@resurrectionjose I’m not sure its a diagnostic distinction. ie who cares if they were either?

Melissa​Most people need religion because they need to be told how to act. Also atheists are usually insufferable and smug.

MrIHave Tourettes​Saw a post on facebook a couple years ago of a couple in a church in Ohio introducing their children to trannies dressed up in drag. Wew lad.

resurrectionjose​@Gerard Perry — Exactly. If I read between the lines of a number of his comments when God, Christianity, etc. comes up, he’s merely nominal but indifferent all the same.

Bill z​Christianity is fine when you don’t share space with Muslims, then again there is based Poland where Jesus Christ is King.

Bill z​Christianity is fine when you don’t share space with Muslims, then again there is based Poland where Jesus Christ is King.

The Forgotten Nationalist​No.

Thomas Bergman​I gain inspiration from knowing about Wodan and Thor

Alexis Geutrege​the new atheist movement was mainly a white male movement on college campuses. Its a direct precursor to alt right prominence.

The Forgotten Nationalist​I can think who is working to undercut everyone in the world.

Ezra Ch:9​He went after Andrew Anglin

resurrectionjose​@Alexis Geutrege — From one angle it’s merely semantics; however, it sure as heck isn’t to dyed-in-the-wool agnostics *and* atheists who go at each other here and there from what I’ve seen.

Chris Donnellan​Judaism is inherently hostile to Christianity. Its hostility is pervasive within Judiac texts like the Talmud.

Pilleater​young boys lol

Ezra Ch:9​Did you watch the conversation between Jared Taylor and Sargon?

Alexis Geutrege​@resurrectionjose well, that’s certainly true

Bill z​He threatened to sue Torba over a troll

Pesh Head​Freudian slip eh Pill?

Yehoishophot Oliver​shalom!

Alexis Geutrege​I believe the alt right treatment of Sargon types is a tactical error. He is entrenched and can’t be pulled out quickly. His type can be won more slowly.

Thomas Bergman​Hinduism is also closely related to Germanic tradition, so understanding the parallels elaborated by Hindu tradition is also inspirational

Eckhart Trolle​Will the USA make it through the next century intact?

Melissa​Jesus, the ultimate Jew troll??

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — As I stated in a previous live stream I am sticking with 50-65% percent of ‘Alt-Right’ folks who are Christian. But some others place it MUCH higher. ::🤷::

Jay Mazella​@Alexis Geutrege Spencer doesn’t have to be on CNN every other week to be doing important work; the fact he doesn’t consider himself above lesser known names on livestreams shows humility, if anything

VisionaryCompanion​The blogger Cambria Will Not Yield would agree that Christendom could only have been born in Europe. He rejects universalism as a heresy.

Jay Mazella​*above debating

Ezra Ch:9​The Alt-Right should embrace Christian identity, probably known better by the more or less slang term, British Israelism.

Natasha Battalion​Jesus is never mentioned in the Talmud.

Alexis Geutrege​@Jay Mazella that may be true of his personal needs, but the point is those media aren’t curious, they are probing what “alt right’ is. they can still be made to do that

Chris Donnellan​Modern neopaganism is play-acting. We are no longer Vikings or primitive Germanic tribesmen.

Gerard Perry​I don’t think you know what the term “universalism” means in this context.

resurrectionjose​@Ezra Ch: 9 — Wait, *that* ‘Christian Identity???” The day that happens I’m out!

Alexis Geutrege​my point is just that the knee jerk “to hell with mainstream media” is short sighted. MSM is dying, but lets at least use the corpse while it breathes. 😃

Gerard Perry​For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God to salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.


resurrectionjose​ Against ‘Christian Identity’, ‘Positive Christianity’, and some day “Kinism” will join that list too.

Eckhart Trolle​Are we living in Weimarica?

Pesh Head​In Bush presidency Fox News was the joke, now they’re the most honest ones


Jay Mazella​@Alexis Geutrege Would you say that he’s a somewhat effective spokesperson for us when it comes to dealing with the MSM? For normie presentation of our views, maybe?

Pesh Head​Yes Guru Eckhart

Gerard Perry​That’s not “universalism.” Universalism in the context of Christianity means the doctrine of universal reconciliation. Which isn’t a heresy, but isn’t orthodox Christianity.

Thomas Bergman​Christian Identity is like the ultimate conspiracy

Cory Burton​as long as christianity emphasizes mercy at the expense of justice it will be vulnerable to cucking.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Vox Day, from what little I know of the man, is supposedly a Christian bet yet denies and/or has problems with the doctrine of the Trinity. :::sticks finger down throat:::


Bill z​You Tube has almost as much reach as MSM

Natasha Battalion​it’s actually not the name Jesus in Talmud at all

Cory Burton​Sargon has a video called Weimerica that might interest you.

Natasha Battalion​latter day scholars believed it was REFERRING to jesus

Thomas Bergman​An Aryan Arian lol

Natasha Battalion​but they weren’t even observant jews

resurrectionjose​@Cory Burton – Great point and observation. For quite sometime I have tried a short and pithy way of expressing it, and I think I have a workable expression now. Royalty check in the mail! 😉

Chris Donnellan​Sargon is not Alt-Right.

allslaves dollarbanks​Is their Jesus boiling in feces for eternity in Talmud, never read, too long

resurrectionjose​”…I have tried *to find* a…”

Pesh Head​Sargon is New Labour — Tony Blair

Cory Burton​lol. thanks.

Bjorn O​Arianism and Jehovas Whitnes does not belive in the trinity.

Maceo Flux​Fascinating take on the Bible

Pesh Head​Islam got one thing right — Trinity is incomprehensible gibberish

Cory Burton​got it

Pesh Head​I’d be Unitarian if they weren’t Christianity’s worst Cucks

Chris Donnellan​The Trinity is actually quite close to traditional Indo-European Tripartite concepts of the Godhood and society.

Arieh ben avraham​The Kabbalah has a form of trinity. Kether, Chockmah, Binah.

Cory Burton​they are king cucks

Gerard Perry​JWs believe Jesus was the Archangel Michael. Not sure I’d look to them for exegesis.

Pesh Head​but Indo-Euro didn’t claim to be monotheists that we know of

Arieh ben avraham​The problem with Christianity is => Love your enemy.

allslaves dollarbanks​Richard Spencer will talk to them for anyone=so is he a fraud sponsored by whom?

Chris Donnellan​Vedism and Zoroastrian is monotheist.

Cory Burton​@Chris Donnellan yeah, i heard recently there was a trinity with Odin. one reason Christianity was understood by pagens.

Arieh ben avraham​That does not work.

iippo​@Luke Ford Paleo is the Alt-Right way.

Natasha Battalion​the Talmud says yeshu, not yeshua.. there are numerous passages pertaining to an individual named ”Yeshu” like Onkelos conjuring the spirit of “Yeshu” – Onkelos lived more than a century after Jesus,

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Sorry man, but almond milk without some type of sugars is not ‘”kosher” in an Alt-Right’ sense. 😉

Pesh Head​turn the other cheek Soyim

Cory Burton​”pagans”

Arieh ben avraham​The Trinity is everywhere in creation.

allslaves dollarbanks​Do they really try to convert Asians and Latin American to get then to move to Israel?

Chris Donnellan​You’re splitting hairs, Natasha.

Bill z​Modern Christianity has abandoned our people and the Bible itself


Chris Donnellan​The original religion of Aryan India before Dravidian influences prevailed.

Pesh Head​Modern Christianity is more interested in all those gullible Africans than Europeans

resurrectionjose​@Bill z — You and every other ‘Pro-White Christian’ says the same.

MrIHave Tourettes​Can’t wait for Enoch vs Halsey who do you think is gonna win Luke?

Eckhart Trolle​SARG’N!

Eckhart Trolle​lol Enoch

resurrectionjose​@Bill z @Pesh Head — Are you two familiar with the ‘Faith & Heritage…’ website?

Ezra Ch:9​Sargon was much more likable in his talk with Taylor. Taylor destroyed his arguments though. At least he had a real conversation.

Natasha Battalion​you need to be FIGHTWING everyday!

Pesh Head​I can’t listen to Sargon past 10 mins, I admit I didn’t watch as much as when our host was debating

Natasha Battalion​on*

Pesh Head​No Jose, u recommend?

Natasha Battalion​yum

Eckhart Trolle​lol alt right torah talks

MrIHave Tourettes​Sponsored by SILK™

Pesh Head​too much like Soy

iippo​@Luke Ford Paleo diet.

Based Deplorable​Plugging it.

Luke Ford​

Eckhart Trolle​@Luke Ford why would a WN convert to Judaism

Bill z​I’m a Christmas Easter Christian I appreciate the moral points and community it just doesn’t add up for me though I’m really just agnostic but side with Christianity

Cory Burton​if you’re not drinking milk straight from the cow you’re a cuck.

Gerard Perry​lol

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I’m not here to convert you or anyone else, but I hope you don’t mind me (and other Christians) calling you on things when need be. With that said…

Pesh Head​I’m agnostic too. atheists are immodest

Chris Donnellan​’Fightwing.’

Cory Burton​Halsey doesn’t look Jewish. He looks like a truck driver from detroit.

Ezra Ch:9​(Repost from earlier) The Alt-Right should embrace Christian identity, probably known better by the more or less slang term, British Israelism.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Mr. Segal is Jewish [R.I.P.] and not a Christian so you won’t have problems. Alan F. Segal ”Two Powers in Heaven. Early Rabbinic Reports about Christianity & Gnosticism” [SJLA] (1977)

Punished Rustles​he’s a convert

allslaves dollarbanks​You can’t milk almonds?

iippo​@Luke Ford Paleo Diet not Paleo Conservatism.

Pesh Head​Taylor violated Sargon. I think that’s when his anti-AltRight crusade started. He felt humiliated. He went into Spencer debate with total different tactic


Eckhart Trolle​@Luke Ford you must disavow kikery to get into the ethnostate

allslaves dollarbanks​What does he think of frame game radio?

Bill z​Halsey is a half Jew and not maternal

Cory Burton​lol

Charles Thompson​I’m a white nationalist who has no problem with jews

Eckhart Trolle​you are destined to live with muds forever

Cory Burton​Alt-Kike

Chris Donnellan​Luke, have you ever read Exiles from History, by David McCalden?

Pesh Head​Messianic Jews — halfway dry house

Natasha Battalion​you play guitar, Luke?

allslaves dollarbanks​Thanks!

resurrectionjose​My last ‘LOLZ’ was in reference to someone’s comment about “cucks” not drinking straight from the cow.

resurrectionjose​”Luke, have you read the TORAH!?!?!?!?” 😛

allslaves dollarbanks​Is alt right decentralized until actual leader emerges or must stay decentralized?

Charles Thompson​recognizing that jewish influence in our culture production was damaging doesn’t mean you need to gas all the kikes…

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