Twitter Suspends Paul Nehlen For Linking To My Video

Nehlen’s Semitic representative tweets:

From the live Youtube chat:

TexasorBusted​WOW…Maybe I should think about donating some money to his campaign…He got shoahed…

brokennarcissist​Your tribe at it again…

Untethered Tube​No

brokennarcissist​What is a pedophile? in 2018 anyone that disagrees with MIke Cernovich

M Graves​Paul Nehlen did nothing wrong

Untethered Tube​Nehlen demonstrated how far you can go

Joshua Freedomfists​

TexasorBusted​Glad Nehlen has F-U money…He is a real hero speaking up on (((Them)))….

Gaius Genovese​Twitter’s original TOS promised freedom of speech… lol

Untethered Tube​coming over

Joshua Freedomfists​burn the Cern

Joshua Freedomfists​Dinjew nuttin

Gaius Genovese​Cernovich claims Nehlen is a psyop designed to discredit Trump. Even though the alt right now has very little to do with Trump. This is the stupidity of civic nationalists/The_Donald types

Joshua Freedomfists​cocain’s a heluva drug

M Graves​Cern is horrible, can’t stand him, never could

TexasorBusted​Cernovich is scum…And a merchant…Screw him…

Joshua Freedomfists​Cern is just earning his sheckles

DTresonate​Cern should just not speak on it. disgusting. he lacks discipline.

Greg Girardin​For a while I thought Cern was an interesting alt-lite voice.. like Milo. He’s actually the one who woke me on the SA situation. No idea what his agenda is to be honest.

Joshua Freedomfists​Is he anti-semetic or just woke

TexasorBusted​Nehlen is woke

brokennarcissist​Cernovich hasn’t been interesting since he’s talked about his steroid use

Greg Girardin​If Nehlen getting banned can become a story it could wake up lots of people to the problem of SV censorship.

Joshua Freedomfists​(((cheddarman)))

Sachsen/welsh Girl​Cernovich is only interested in his own self enrichment

TexasorBusted​I bet it was some Pajeet with the ADL’s blessing…

Sachsen/welsh Girl​Why was Nehlen banned?

Joshua Freedomfists​It’s okay to be white

Sachsen/welsh Girl​Twitter is speeding on it’s own demise

Bernard Brightson​It’s okay to be cheddarman

Untethered Tube​Cheddarman did nothing wrong

Joshua Freedomfists​our guy

Joshua Freedomfists​do you even cheddarman?

4trahasis​I eat cheese in honor of Nehlen

Sachsen/welsh Girl​Surely something can be done to control these co-operations that censor a certain political opinion

Maximilian​Nehlen was also on the David Duke show.

Sachsen/welsh Girl​F

Bernard Brightson​we wuz cheddarman

Joshua Freedomfists​Nehlen knows whats up

Charles Thompson​if you aren’t allowed to be critical of jews, it makes it look like they are our de facto masters

Charles Thompson​nobody suspends anyone for hating christians

TexasorBusted​Nehlen is speaking the truth and damn the consequences…I respect that…

Joshua Freedomfists​white people are getting fed up

Charles Thompson​a while ago nehlan tweeted that jews who do not accept jesus will burn in hell…which i thought was rather harsh

Charles Thompson​but its theologically true 😛

Sachsen/welsh Girl​Sorry that this is slighty of topic but i took your advice and watched Lauren Southern’s videos on South Afrika..

Joshua Freedomfists​Jews will not replace cheddarman

Bill Fenner​Has Paul Nehlen got the biggest balls of anyone in the mainstream these days, or, is he just nuts?

Gaius Genovese​Anti white hatred is never removed from Twitter because the staff condones it.

Sachsen/welsh Girl​That’s the point isn’t it, Nehlen speaks the truth and that’s the new hate speach!!

Joshua Freedomfists​YES

TexasorBusted​@Bill Fenner Probably both…You have to be A little crazy

4trahasis​is @jack even white?

Bill Fenner​So is Nehlen’s gambit just shifting the Overton Window — does he have a plan on why he does it?

Rafael​No he got banned because he was talking about the holocaust

Charles Thompson​he posted something on gab suggesting that he is speaking the truth to influence the future

Rafael​the o suspended him for a bit

Rafael​the porn only suspended him for a bit

Charles Thompson​”First they came for the truth tellers… But the truth lived on in the hearts and minds of those who had heard the truth… And so, they became the new truth tellers.”

Charles Thompson​his gab post

Gaius Genovese​Twitter and youtube are great places to convert normies to our ideology, that’s why they’re shutting us down. Gab is great but our messages don’t get out to as many people.

TexasorBusted​Sargon is a failure at his love of developing video games…With Gamer Gate he accidentally struck gold…I think he is just milking that SJW crap…

Joshua Freedomfists​grab her by the cheddarman

Charles Thompson​he posted ‘lists’ as a retaliation of the ADL

Thomas Bergman​Angry feminists are righteous, and angry gamers are bigots

Charles Thompson​the things he were doing was REALLY bad optics

Joshua Freedomfists​so he doesn’t like Jews. is that illegal?

Charles Thompson​was*

Bill Fenner​GamerGate was a Pyrrhic victory for the Left, in the sense they controlled the narrative in the media, but ultimately that was a sign they’re losing the war.

Josephine Booth Coffin​I wish Trump would dump Twitter and move to Gab. It would be epic.

Charles Thompson​he didn’t even really seem to express hatred for jews…i didn’t think so

Charles Thompson​he was critical of jewish influence

PEPE​Luke marathon!

Thomas Bergman​Nehlen doesn’t understand the broader context

PEPE​Nehlen is “too soon”.

Bernard Brightson​Rising tide of cheddarman.

Charles Thompson​its kinda like when people complain that Christianity preaches hatred of homosexuals…people just kinda accept that as reasonable…nobody gets suspended for it

J. Smith​Nehlen is not too soon, he is who we need now to push these ideas into the mainstream.

Charles Thompson​but if you say something about jewish influence, totally different story. Then you must hate jews and will kill them or something

Wild Graf​Yes, Trump should move to Gab. Absolutely.

Wild Graf​Nehlen is a Normie, who accidentally arrived on The Scene 12 months too soon!

Bill Fenner​Yeah one of the biggest FUs to the mainstream media would be for Trump to move to Gab because millions of corp media will be forced to follow

J. Smith​Weimar Republic is upon us already, the sexualization of children into the mainstream is a hint for the necessity of naming the jew loud and clear.

Fiji Water​whens the last time you heard of a candidate like Nehlen? i never have

TexasorBusted​Maybe Nehlen is Ron Paul…Eventually we will find the next Rand Paul….

Man By_Fire​Generation Zyklon is the most red pilled generation since pre-civil war America. You guys are old, and slow. The white kids with above ~110 IQ grew up plugged in to the net and will come of age soon.

Wild Graf​Nehlen is pretty average. Too soon though.

Charles Thompson​Ron paul, rand paul, ru paul. I get so confused

Frank Miller​lol

Thomas Bergman​He has to choose between raising consciousness and winning. Otherwise he won’t do either.

Man By_Fire​The 12-17 year olds know who Nehlen is.

Bill Fenner​I’m with guys like Jim Goad who love that a Nehlen type exists and finds them so entertaining just because they anger the Left so much.

Utahstrong​This censorship is getting over-bearing and scary.

Ezra Ch:9​Is it a timed or short suspencion?

Wild Graf​There are 100 Paul Nehlens waiting in “the wings”

Man By_Fire​The more they censor people who talk about Jews, the more the kids notice.

Greg Girardin​Nehlen is the vanguard. He’ll normalize the topics in the normie mind.

Thomas Bergman​The Ku Klux Klan gets a bad rap, but they do have many scummy iterations

Ezra Ch:9​Duke joined the KK over 40 years ago and left his branch when they started talking about violence.

Charles Thompson​guys…do you remember when trump said he had the support of ’88 retired generals’? was that a dog whistle about 88?

Bernard Brightson​Luke are you still a subject of Elizabeth II?

Fiji Water​LOL

Wild Graf​David Duke is too old for the Inter-Tubes.

PEPE​The KKK is clarity for low IQ people who can’t grasp the threat.

TexasorBusted​Are the KKK just a bunch of FBI agents?

Man By_Fire​White will create pro-white groups with palatable names, and we will start winning elections under the pro-white pro-tradition banner. White Wakanada.

Joshua Freedomfists​Its called Kekistan now

Thomas Bergman​The worst Klans were in Mississippi and Alabama

Tail of Spence​The 1930’s clan had Harvard intellectuals like Lothrop Stoddard. But all of the other clan eras were a joke.

Man By_Fire​@Wild Graf pre-internet cultural figures are becoming less relevant by the day.

Wild Graf​The JQ is, like, 4D chess for HuWhites.

Thomas Bergman​And the original one during Reconstruction were undisciplined

Fiji Water​lol

Charles Thompson​I’m actually related to Bedford forest

Fiji Water​luke is a channel 4 troll confirmed

Bill Fenner​Luke, I’m from Australia (like you) – are you aware of a nationalist guy named Blair Cottrell from Victoria who has become prominent? He’d be a good guy to talk to if you can someday.

Joshua Freedomfists​peace love and cheddarman

Greg Girardin​Klanophobes are the real racists.

Wild Graf​Everyone over the age of 40 will get gassed along w/ the Jevvs.

Josephine Booth Coffin​@charles, that’s cool.

Thomas Bergman​I live close to the largest Klan organization in the country, and their community is kind of creepy and scummy

PEPE​The KKK did nothing wrong!

Man By_Fire​Boomer sarcasm while being pro KKK Jews, is cringe.

Charles Thompson​my uncle likes to talk about how black people loved him and ‘thousands’ of black people went to his funeral lol

Western Man​That fascist Roosevelt gassed 6 million Klan members. Disgusting!

Charles Thompson​i don’t believe it…i think its funny that he wants to tellt hat story though

Greg Girardin​@Luke Ford is auditioning for TDS right now. Thumbs up.

Joshua Freedomfists​I like where this is going.

Charles Thompson​kkk are dreamers too

Bernard Brightson​Dreams of my cheddarman.

Joshua Freedomfists​I just saved 15% with the KKK


Bill Fenner​There’s a new film called Three Billboards… and in it a racist white guy is actually portrayed in a sympathetic light by the end. I was shocked when that happened.

Ezra Ch:9​The KKK is demonized because they dared to stand up for the right of whites to exist

Thomas Bergman​One of them even got a PhD in Ukraine!

Greg Girardin​Holy shit this is gold.

Western Man​Unironic klanism masquerading as ironic klanism

Fiji Water​lolol

Redytoosnap​what if you wanna just be K K ?

Joshua Freedomfists​George Lincoln Cheddarman

Wild Graf​Luke, talk about “CheddarMan”.

TexasorBusted​The KKK don’t want to start wars…

Patrick Chapman​Newcomer here. Really enjoyed listening to a different perspective here.

Western Man​I’m trans klan grand dragon

Thomas Bergman​One of the biggest red pills for me was realizing that the Klan was responsible for more oppression around the world than ISIS!

J. Smith​I’m rolling on the floor laughing now

Man By_Fire​So desperate to prove horseshoe theory, that they will embody it’s very definition to manifest it into the physical world.

Bernard Brightson​What if you were born with KKK.

Charles Thompson​We should all work to make the KKK feel more welcome in our society

Wild Graf​Luke, were Blacks there in England before everyone else??

Greg Girardin​Wakkkanda was the most advanced country in Europe.

Joshua Freedomfists​dr suees hears a hsig heil

Ezra Ch:9​Years ago I went to the KKK website and read about where the cross burning came from, I was shocked, they honestly don’t say much the average person would agree with.

TexasorBusted​I was born a poor KKK child…

Wild Graf​that’s enough about the (((KKK))).

Charles Thompson​the only violence from the KKK stems from white racism. Its not their fault

Ezra Ch:9​wouldn

Ezra Ch:9​wouldn’t agree with*

Redytoosnap​how is it the hijab is ok and not the hood ? they are so closely related

4trahasis​David Duke did nothing wrong

Charles Thompson​when the KKK starts talking, we should all shut up and listen

J. Smith​Macy’s should start selling KKK robes tomorrow!

Patrick Chapman​lmao

4trahasis​lol @Anglin

Bernard Brightson​lol

Malik Obama​if Paul had been kicked off Twitter a couple of years ago, by now he’d be Milo.

4trahasis​”have you even read Siege, Sargon?

Redytoosnap​Luke Ford for KKK out reach and PR

Joshua Freedomfists​can you define cheddarman for me?

TexasorBusted​@4trahasis LMFAO

Western Man​Have you even read JK Rowling?

Man By_Fire​@Malik Obama I don’t think he’s going to start sucking dick dude

Bill Fenner​The smear campaigns by the Left these days has now led to totally banal figures being called “KKK sympathizes” such as Steven Pinker for example.

Josephine Booth Coffin​Oh those robes!

Thomas Bergman​There needs to be no-go zones only for the Klan! We can’t impose our supremacism upon them!

4trahasis​@TexasorBusted – just riffing off of “have you even read Heidegger?”, which Anglin said to Sargon a dayago

Western Man​Wearing kkk robes on Halloween is cultural appropriation

TexasorBusted​@4trahasis I know…Love the Siege meme…

Patrick Chapman​Walmart KK or KKK regalia? lol

Joshua Freedomfists​try zazzle

Bill Fenner​Check Etsy for all your homemade racist apparel, guys!

brokennarcissist​Alt Right bumper sticker, the personal is political

Joshua Freedomfists​alledgedly

TexasorBusted​KKK are the second most oppressed people…Second to Anglin…

Thomas Bergman​Being afraid of Klansmen is a result of deep-seated prejudice that needs addressing in cultural sensitivity training.

4trahasis​The KKK arose due to black oppression of white albinos, and the KKK was the solidarity group that donned extra white skin out of solidarity with their plight.

Patrick Chapman​lmao

Greg Girardin​Before WWII there were 6 Gorillion and 200 KKK members. Now there are only 200.

Bill Fenner​I was in Dachau a few months ago and you can see they have a sign showing the categories of prisoners, which started with just basic “political opponents” who could be literally anyone.

Malik Obama​liberals are klanophobic

4trahasis​”three beers later”

Western Man​Have you even read Thomas the tank engine?

Malik Obama​loool

Charles Thompson​I bet that without the KKK, blacks never would have gotten civil rights

Joshua Freedomfists​can traps join the KKK?

AtmanIdentity​My grandpa was gassed for being in the KKK. When am I getting reparations?

Ezra Ch:9​I never understood the comparison between the KKK and the NAZI’s. The Nazi;s weren’t even white natinalists, they were German nationalists

Thomas Bergman​You know they even have tanning beds to tan the white away!

Charles Thompson​the klan hood is basically a symbol of feminism, like the hijab

Malik Obama​the kkk were burkas before it was cool

Bill Fenner​The KKK’s new motto is “diversity is our strength” too. They’re rebranding, guys.

Joshua Freedomfists​Blaire White-Rockwell

4trahasis​I’m surprised there are still half a million Holocaust survivors 70 years later. And here I thought there were only half a million Jewish survivors of the in Europe

Western Man​’Have you even read tin-tin?’

Patrick Chapman​Well goodnight gentlemen

Josephine Booth Coffin​The boy detective?

Thomas Bergman​Have you even watched Birth of a Nation?

Radical Patriotic Conservative.​lmfao, that a joke right? kkk new motto is diversity is our strength? xd

Joshua Freedomfists​im so stoned

AtmanIdentity​I always get here at the very end

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