Debating The JQ On Warski Live

Halsey English Calls Out Nick Fuentes (Bloodsports Starts 1 Hour 20 In)

I think the goyim won this debate.

From the Youtube comments:

If Chamberlain couldn’t beat Nick, there was no hope for the boomer. But the Boomer said some dumb stuff beyond all that…

Ethnostates are defined by preserving ethnocultural continuity. Israel qualifies. It has arabs by circumstance, not desire.

He makes a big deal about partisan cleavages among Jews. Well, so what? Right Wing Jews become Israel-firsters and also oppose white identity. Left Wing jews become third worldists and oppose white identity. Why? Well, pew says 70% of Jews think the most important aspect of Jewishness is ‘remembering the holocaust’… so therefore the eurocentric Allies must suffer for the Aryanist Nazi Germany. Which is rather sick.

Arguing over the quirks of the differences between and amongst the religions at play here doesn’t hold that much for this I think. One could make similar arguments about any group’s interactions with another. This one is just enduring in Western Civ, most verboten, and perhaps the most interesting

Halsey reminds me of Moviebob. Who also does videos sitting down in front of the camera with shades indoors and with a similar set-up.

* The best way to see jews is as a nation without borders. They have jewish interests that they pursue in much the same way that any country has national interests that they pursue. And just like countries there are different “parties” and opinions on how to achieve those interests.

Ethnostates are nation states where the nation is explicitly defined and protected. When nation states were first conceptualized people took the ethnic aspect of nationhood for granted. They couldn’t have foreseen a world as stupid as the one in which we currently dwell.

Jews are a nation without borders but that’s fine, nations are people. Nation states have borders. Nations can migrate.

* The boomer’s argument is literally “Not all jews are united, therefore there is no plan to exterminate Huwhites through demographic replacement.” I mean, just…
“I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.”

* And fertility rates would not even matter if you didn’t import people with higher rates. Its easy to have a lot of kids as a poor person with a government check. It is far harder to raise more than a few children in the middle class and stay middle class. Have too many kids as a middle class american and you will rapidly loose the ability to adequately educate your children.

But is demographic replacement good for the nation?
What are the risks to our culture and values structures?

Also, I would be interested in your thoughts on one of the counter arguments I see alot: “The negative impacts of Demographic replacement will result in high IQ groups maintaining power by a monopoly on the knowledge required to maintain a functional society, rather than causing it to fracture”… which is the nicest way I have ever heard a leftist argue for segregation and establishing an aristocracy.

* lol when they look at this clean cut guy talking about how Jews run these institutions vs this obese sloppy looking Jew with a fruity voice. It’s clear who most people will respect.

* The Jew guy claims he’s a “free speech absolutist”, but he is for deplatforming anti-vaxxers and whoever he disagrees with from the main stream media. It only makes sense in the Talmudic pilpul world.

* Halsey uses the Cathy Newman tactic – reframing a persons argument into a ridiculous caricature of the persons original argument.

“So you are saying…”

* Nick Fuentes is the Vee of the Alt-Right, if you can’t even argue him down, good fucking luck getting into the ring with Enoch.

* Nick Fuentes is just Ben Shapiro’s Counter-semitic little brother.

* This Halsey guy is very much like Ezra Levant from Rebel Media. I’ve had discussions with jews from various parts of the world: Montreal, Toronto, Moscow, San Francisco, New York and they all very much like to use personal attacks rather than relevant facts to deal with the issue at hand. They wind up by sprinkling some objective facts of little consequence then they focus on discrediting the individual. They do not seek truth, they are dishonest at heart, they are a cancer to Western Civilization.

* This old man has no idea what the alt-right really is at all. The way he described an ethnostate like it was supposed to be a land where every White person was rich LOL. It’s about preserving our people and keeping our land that our ancestors worked and fought for.

* I believe Jews are the furthest along in human evolution than any other ethnic group. Think about it, evolution is basically overcoming adversity. The Jews have survived all sorts of persecution and people trying to kill them for at least 1,500 years. If you’re a race realist, then, let’s get real. Jews have high IQ’s and strive for top positions. If you want to make the same argument BLM makes and say, “Jews/Whites get all the good jobs and leave poor white/black people struggling to live.” Then, you’re an SJW and I promise you, YOU WILL DIE ON THAT SAME SWORD!

* While I am not alt right and I have nothing against Jews and commend them for forming their own state for their race. I find it hypocritical that Israel was formed by a government, but whites aren’t allowed to have the same thing. I’m a conservative and like a lot what Halsey has to say, I don’t like that there are different rules for Israel for some reason. If you think people should have freedom of association, why do you actively fight against those who want the same thing for whites?

* Anti-semites seem oblivious to the fact that there are also Chinese, Arabic, and other globalists owning vast amounts of land, debt, and companies in the West. If you are obsessed with hating Jewish globalists, you’re being distracted, and making white advocates look ugly. The goal is the preservation of the white race, not making the white race look ugly and hateful.

* I recall in an episode of The Daily Shoah, the show that Mike Enoch hosts on TRS, in which Mike and the “death panel” said that they wouldn’t mind installing air conditioners in a White ethno-state because of the social cohesion. Likewise, myself, I wouldn’t mind being a janitor, garbage man, etc. in a White ethno-state, because I would be working on behalf of MY people. We’re also more likely to treat people of lower socioeconomic status more favorably in an ethno-state because we’re socially and ethnically closer together.

* Halsey comes off as a total clown in this stream. His arguments are ridiculous and he is wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap indoors. Are we really supposed to be taking him seriously? Does he really think he’s helping to improve the image of his people?

* All non-imperial states are ethnostates, and the modern idea of nationhood was based on ethnicity, with the exceptions where it’s a race-based federation, such as Canada, USA, Ethiopia or India, or the ones who are not are failing, such as african countries that had whites that are now genocided.
A state is a matter of group proprety rights. The irish people own Ireland, and anyone who wants a place on that land needs permission, and anyone who wants to take their land will deal with their army. The french, until recently(in the last 20 years) where their immigration policy flooded them with strangers hateful of french people, owned France, etc etc etc.
What all these western states are doing, including NA, is inviting other groups, that view the host as strangers(which they are right about), and telling them, you are french, you are canadian, you are german etc, and you have a proprety right to this country, and it is as valid as our own, infact even more valid, with special priviledges. Those groups will believe: well the only thing it takes for us to own this land is to have a passport, and then they work endlessly against the host group to replace them, on the immigrants group new “owned” land.
These immigrants should have never been allowed on their land, like the japanese said ” when we have no unemployment, then we will consider immigration”, let alone be given citizenship. Now they use that citizenship to usurp the proprety rights from the host group.

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