Questions For Catholic Intellectual E. Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones operates Watch the show.

He is the author of many books including The Jews and Moral Subversion, The Catholic Church and the Jews, and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.

The ADL is not a big fan of E. Michael Jones nor is the SPLC.

E. Michael Jones, a former hippie who says he spent his honeymoon stuck in traffic while trying to reach the 1969 Woodstock Festival, started down the road of radical traditionalism in 1981, when he founded Fidelity magazine after being fired as a professor at South Bend’s Catholic women’s college, St. Mary’s. According to religion scholar Michael Cuneo, Fidelity was devoted to exposing wrongdoing in the church with a special emphasis on sex, a topic Jones seems obsessed with. Jones developed a reputation for his frequent clashes with other radical traditionalists, notably Father Nicholas Gruner. (For his part, Gruner told Cuneo that Jones was “secretly a Jew.”) In 1996, Jones changed the name of his magazine to Culture Wars, and he has increasingly focused on the alleged evils of the Jews as he adds to his “continuing series on the Jews.” The magazine’s cover stories over the last year or so are instructive: “Judaizing: Then and Now,” “John Huss and the Jews,” “The Converso Problem: Then and Now,” “The Judaism of Hitler,” “Shylock Comes to Notre Dame” and so on. Jones runs through all the usual anti-Semitic canards — the ideas that “Jewish media elites” run the country, that Jews are “major players” in pornography, and that Jews are behind Masonry and the French Revolution — but that’s only the start. He also accuses Jews of poisoning society with thinkers such as Karl Marx (a devotee of Satan, says Jones) and Sigmund Freud (who set off an epidemic of sexual sin, he says). And he describes the World War II Nazi genocide of the Jews as “a reaction to Jewish Messianism (in the form of Bolshevism).” Last April, in an article raging about a new president of Notre Dame University, Jones charged that anyone who went to a mainstream university would emerge “with a Jewish world view … and maybe a Jewish spouse.” Jones, who has written nine books and hundreds of articles, regularly cites extremist sources, especially the American Free Press run by veteran anti-Semite Willis Carto. He also has taken up race, most obviously in his “Rooted Culture” conferences that include a trip to Germany. The 2005 trip theme would be familiar to any neo-Nazi — “the continuing deracination in Germany.” Jones has one other line of business that would be familiar to the racist right: the “neo-ethnic songs” he sells as part of a bid to create what he calls a true “Volk” music.

* Were you shocked that so many predators in Hollywood and the media would turn out to be Jewish?

* What’s the correlation between feminism, obesity and lesbianism?

* It’s funny that today you are regarded as a wacky hater by the ADL, but most everything you say would have been normal Catholicism 70 years ago.

* Which public intellectuals do you most respect?

* Was Father Coughlin a good guy or did he cuck on the JQ?

* What do you think of the Alt Right? Are you Alt Right? How long have you been interacting with white nationalists?

* Have Jewish organizations taken steps to shut you down?

* Are Jews subverting the west and oppressing christians?

* Are you Catholic first or American first? Are you more loyal to America or to Rome?

* Have you noticed that the news media are much more enthusiastic about investigating roman catholic child molestation than rabbinic child molestation?

* Why do you think Christians for millenia were appalled by the lending of money at interest? Yet Christians today have no problem with it.

* If lending money at interest, lending use of your property for monthly rent must be similarly immoral in your way of thinking?

* How did that narration of his work by Alex Linder happen?

* When and where does he believe Jewish ritual sacrifice of gentile children originates from and when did it stop if it stopped and why? Who commits these murders and why?

* If Judaism is so debased and evil, why do even unreconstructed Catholics accept the Old Testament as holy?

* Jones wrote: “The overwhelming majority of Jews didn’t just ignore Christ, they actively sought his death.” He also called Jews who do not accept Christ the “synagogue of Satan.”

* Are Jews to blame for the Holocaust?

* Were you degenerate in the 1960s?

* I see you are a favorite of the Iranian Tasnim News Agency.

* The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing

* I’ve noticed that at the start of the West are these two different traditions — really I’m think of Mill on Hellenism & Hebraism — the Greek tradition is philosophical & prosaic, contrasted with the Hebraic tradition, which is narrative & poetic. Well… are they both true? Especially this: we need narrative to explain “change,” but if narrative is all we have, we can’t have metaphysics (?). Or something. Have you read Julian Jaynes?—on the origin of consciousness? Did you do psychedelics in the 60s? What about the perennial philosophy?—emphasizing Oneness? What happens when a baptized Catholic converts to Judaism?

* Dr. E. Michael Jones argued in “Monsters from the Id,” the more we try to suppress the supernatural the more it pops up elsewhere.

* Explain Vatican 2

* Thoughts about the Bonfire of the Vanities & the burning of Savonarola?

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