Questions For Catholic Intellectual E. Michael Jones

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He is the author of many books including The Jews and Moral Subversion, The Catholic Church and the Jews, and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.

The ADL is not a big fan of E. Michael Jones nor is the SPLC.

E. Michael Jones, a former hippie who says he spent his honeymoon stuck in traffic while trying to reach the 1969 Woodstock Festival, started down the road of radical traditionalism in 1981, when he founded Fidelity magazine after being fired as a professor at South Bend’s Catholic women’s college, St. Mary’s. According to religion scholar Michael Cuneo, Fidelity was devoted to exposing wrongdoing in the church with a special emphasis on sex, a topic Jones seems obsessed with. Jones developed a reputation for his frequent clashes with other radical traditionalists, notably Father Nicholas Gruner. (For his part, Gruner told Cuneo that Jones was “secretly a Jew.”) In 1996, Jones changed the name of his magazine to Culture Wars, and he has increasingly focused on the alleged evils of the Jews as he adds to his “continuing series on the Jews.” The magazine’s cover stories over the last year or so are instructive: “Judaizing: Then and Now,” “John Huss and the Jews,” “The Converso Problem: Then and Now,” “The Judaism of Hitler,” “Shylock Comes to Notre Dame” and so on. Jones runs through all the usual anti-Semitic canards — the ideas that “Jewish media elites” run the country, that Jews are “major players” in pornography, and that Jews are behind Masonry and the French Revolution — but that’s only the start. He also accuses Jews of poisoning society with thinkers such as Karl Marx (a devotee of Satan, says Jones) and Sigmund Freud (who set off an epidemic of sexual sin, he says). And he describes the World War II Nazi genocide of the Jews as “a reaction to Jewish Messianism (in the form of Bolshevism).” Last April, in an article raging about a new president of Notre Dame University, Jones charged that anyone who went to a mainstream university would emerge “with a Jewish world view … and maybe a Jewish spouse.” Jones, who has written nine books and hundreds of articles, regularly cites extremist sources, especially the American Free Press run by veteran anti-Semite Willis Carto. He also has taken up race, most obviously in his “Rooted Culture” conferences that include a trip to Germany. The 2005 trip theme would be familiar to any neo-Nazi — “the continuing deracination in Germany.” Jones has one other line of business that would be familiar to the racist right: the “neo-ethnic songs” he sells as part of a bid to create what he calls a true “Volk” music.

* Were you shocked that so many predators in Hollywood and the media would turn out to be Jewish?

* What’s the correlation between feminism, obesity and lesbianism?

* It’s funny that today you are regarded as a wacky hater by the ADL, but most everything you say would have been normal Catholicism 70 years ago.

* Which public intellectuals do you most respect?

* Was Father Coughlin a good guy or did he cuck on the JQ?

* What do you think of the Alt Right? Are you Alt Right? How long have you been interacting with white nationalists?

* Have Jewish organizations taken steps to shut you down?

* Are Jews subverting the west and oppressing christians?

* Are you Catholic first or American first? Are you more loyal to America or to Rome?

* Have you noticed that the news media are much more enthusiastic about investigating roman catholic child molestation than rabbinic child molestation?

* Why do you think Christians for millenia were appalled by the lending of money at interest? Yet Christians today have no problem with it.

* If lending money at interest, lending use of your property for monthly rent must be similarly immoral in your way of thinking?

* How did that narration of his work by Alex Linder happen?

* When and where does he believe Jewish ritual sacrifice of gentile children originates from and when did it stop if it stopped and why? Who commits these murders and why?

* If Judaism is so debased and evil, why do even unreconstructed Catholics accept the Old Testament as holy?

* Jones wrote: “The overwhelming majority of Jews didn’t just ignore Christ, they actively sought his death.” He also called Jews who do not accept Christ the “synagogue of Satan.”

* Are Jews to blame for the Holocaust?

* Were you degenerate in the 1960s?

* I see you are a favorite of the Iranian Tasnim News Agency.

* The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing

* I’ve noticed that at the start of the West are these two different traditions — really I’m think of Mill on Hellenism & Hebraism — the Greek tradition is philosophical & prosaic, contrasted with the Hebraic tradition, which is narrative & poetic. Well… are they both true? Especially this: we need narrative to explain “change,” but if narrative is all we have, we can’t have metaphysics (?). Or something. Have you read Julian Jaynes?—on the origin of consciousness? Did you do psychedelics in the 60s? What about the perennial philosophy?—emphasizing Oneness? What happens when a baptized Catholic converts to Judaism?

* Dr. E. Michael Jones argued in “Monsters from the Id,” the more we try to suppress the supernatural the more it pops up elsewhere.

* Explain Vatican 2

* Thoughts about the Bonfire of the Vanities & the burning of Savonarola?

From the live Youtube chat:

James Edward​Hail our people. Hail Victory 1488

Untethered Tube​Let’s Torah, Dudes

James Edward​Luke after watching so many of your shows. I am starting to like jews 😡. Not good.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​sup folks, is EMJ coming on today?

Untethered Tube​we’re working on it

professor farnsworth​sup jews

professor farnsworth​how is the world domination plot going today?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Shabbatai Zevi did nothing wrong

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey there is settling it, that’s why we need to live separately

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​*no settling

lolas185​ask E Michael to be a guest on your show

Luke Ford​tring to get him in here

professor farnsworth​i think they’re getting him on soon

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Casey understands that V II was a break with Tradition

2cents​What’s E. Michael Jones view of Vatican II? Ask this if y’all could.

professor farnsworth​emj defends vatican 2

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@2cents He says V II was hijacked and misinterpreted

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Casey gets it

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Viv gets it more than most Catholics

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​pretty much you will go to Hell, honestly

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​the Pope is a Marxist and heretic

Greg Girardin​If a religion doesn’t think it’s the truth, it’s just a life philosophy.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​the modern attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable is the root of our problems

Thomas Bergman​It’s one of my life goals to investigate early Hindu tradition to find a powerful non-cucked basis for our civilization

Thomas Bergman​If I could find some parallels between their metaphysics and Wodan’s teachings, that would be wonderful

mummylambs​@Luke Ford – Among all the Christian denominations, is Catholicism the most separate from Judaism, or is there a popular form of Protestantism that would take that mantle?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@mummy no, this is why Christian Zionism exists. There’s no such thing in Catholicism. Although right now the CC is very cucked.

Thomas Bergman​Ashkenazis seem as nonwhite as Mediterraneans only with a more significant difference in ancestral memory

lolas185​this Jew thinks E michael jones has the right idea. Why can’t you be a Catholic and a Jew? We’re not the 12 apostles and all the early Church Jewish ?

mummylambs​Okay Pepe. Thank you. I was just wondering which of all the denominations has made the most effort to separate itself

Daniel Sturridge​Irish and English DNA is actually very similar

lolas185​A Catholic that converted to Judism is an apostate .

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Greetings. I had no idea this particular live stream was on so early.

fx2py​Jones would say that Jewishness is a theological construct

James Edward​23 in chat. Smash the like button

Thomas Bergman​Europeans are not well-suited to Semitic stricture

Thomas Bergman​It takes the life out of us

resurrectionjose​@Thomas Bergman — Greetings. I remember you from yesterday.

Thomas Bergman​They are part European

Untethered Tube​We’re all fake, half-ass Jews and we don’t know

Daniel Sturridge​I love how Vivian is so proud of her baby

professor farnsworth​dem fake jews is khazarz

Thomas Bergman​They were heavily inflected by intramarriage

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​baby is whiter than white

James Edward​Her baby is cute because he has white genes in him.

Daniel Sturridge​khazar ratz son

mummylambs​wat it do my hotep brotha

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — That female in the panel looks a bit familiar. I was watching a video, “Jews, Christians, and the West” (I think that’s the title) yesterday after the live stream, and it looks like her.

James Edward​Yes

professor farnsworth​@luke ford stop messing around and get EMJ on

James Edward​Back in the day you could’ve been a plumber and supported your family. Not anymore

Thomas Bergman​Is there a crisis in Ashkenazi masculinity as well?

resurrectionjose​@James Edward — True. I (kind of) remember those days. HINT: I’m Gen X. 😃

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian the economic dynamic is very different now, I wouldn’t put all the blame on the Millenials

James Edward​Resur how old are you?

beatific2c​Ashkenazi DNA is particularly potent

James Edward​Beat hahah

resurrectionjose​@James Edward — Take a wild guess. (FYI: That is indeed me in that profile pic. despite it being several years old.)


James Edward​You are 42

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​get ready to bash Casey…

resurrectionjose​@James Edward – Not bad! Add 10 to that number. 😃

James Edward​Ok nice 👍🏻

Daniel Sturridge​”Sarginn, there is a Faustian spirit that animates the white man.”

James Edward​Do you have kids?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​women are way more susceptible to marketing, it’s mainly geared toward them

Thomas Bergman​Both Slavs and Germanics can trace DNA and culture to “Aryans” (Indo-Europeans) around the Caspian Sea

Untethered Tube​Women are conformist

resurrectionjose​@James Edward — No. I’m going against the ‘Alt-Right’ grain, but that and never having been married are responsible for still looking “young-ish.”

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​anyone beside me a CW subscriber?

Luke Ford​Dennis, please mute

Luke Ford​Dennis, please mute

Luke Ford​thanks

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​the sound is surprisingly good, good job, Luke

James Edward​Resur we need all. I don’t have kids yet.

Luke Ford​Guys type your questions in

James Edward​This works good on speaker phone

resurrectionjose​@James Edward — And then’s there two other secret weapons: 1) I’m practically a vampire and avoid the sun like the plague! 2) Eat well and exercise. I’ve not been following #2 for a few years now.

gjjd​@Casey, don’t forget all the questions you had come up with!

Daniel Sturridge​Wait what year did he give?

Dan Simmons​The Pawnbroker


Casey R. Pratt​[message retracted]

resurrectionjose​@gijjd — Greetings. I remember you too from yesterday.

Thomas Bergman​What drives many Jews in particular to promote degeneracy?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian make sure to ask your questions

gjjd​Hi Jose, welcome to Luke Ford’s channel

James Edward​Jews Jews Jews.

James Edward​Casey are you going hiking with the kids today?

Thomas Bergman​This is a wonderful Sunday

Casey R. Pratt​[message retracted]

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Thomas snowing in Chicago, beautiful outside

resurrectionjose​@Thomas Bergman — Have you ever seen the video made by Mark Collett on Jews and porn?

Thomas Bergman​Nope, but I will look into it

Pilleater​hi guys

Western Man​@Luke Does Jones think that the tactic of converting Jews to Catholicism as a long term solution carries too much risk? This was the cause of the corruption of the Jesuit order and Vatican II

Casey R. Pratt​[message retracted]

gjjd​Hi Pilleater

James Edward​Casey. You are the man. I am Jealous of your life. I just need to start doing what you are doing.


Daniel Sturridge​”Jewish-messianic politics?”

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Western sup brah

resurrectionjose​@Thomas Bergman — I disagreed with one or several aspects of his video (I stated one of them within the comment’s section) but overall it looks pretty good.

Casey R. Pratt​[message retracted]

Western Man​@pepe, not much. Trying to fight the poz in Ireland. It’s a deep rot

James Edward​Nice. Casey how did you find your wife?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Daniel read about Shabbatai Zevi

Casey R. Pratt​[message retracted]

Luke Ford​casey, do not reveal too much

Casey R. Pratt​[message retracted]

Luke Ford​stay mysterious

Casey R. Pratt​okay.

James Edward​Casey is she red pilled?

Luke Ford​tell us how you love everyone

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​stay dark brah

Western Man​Stay mysterious, lol

mummylambs​(((James Edward)))

Casey R. Pratt​[message retracted]


James Edward​(((Mysterious)))

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — This is a tangent and side issue, but normally it’s important to me. The audio level’s for this particular live stream are right on the money.

James Edward​Casey. Hahah

mummylambs​Casey what’s you home address?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​hahahaha

gjjd​EMJ’s talk with Claire Khaw was one of the funniest things I have ever listened to. I would ask him about that experience

James Edward​Casey is a cool guy. We can learn a lot from him. He has his shit together

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​the book is great, very enlightening

resurrectionjose​To the folks in the ‘Live Chat’: The person speaking, is that E. Michael Jones?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​yes

Casey R. Pratt​mummy lol

resurrectionjose​SPLC <--------- F*&^ them!!!!!!!!!!! Western Man​Casey what's your favourite colour and bank account details? James Edward​Yes they do. James Edward​I knew the Jews controlled America. Sad resurrectionjose​The SPLC can kiss my lily-white ass!!!!!!!!! James Edward​(((Gay Marriage))) James Edward​SPLC is a Jewish supremacy group. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​E Michael Jones did nothing wrong beatific2c​The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism Western Man​Like when the Jew shlazkin or something like that wrote 'Jewish century' which was essentially a shitty culture of critique. The bloody chutzpah James Edward​See my photo for my profile is a Jewish star inside the shell which is America. The goyim knows. resurrectionjose​I don't want to get up and look through one of my bookshelves here at home just yet, but Mr. Jones' name rings a bell. The name, Michael Cuneo, was thrown around earlier and I have a small feeling... fx2py​The Whigs were Protestant resurrectionjose​ of two books I have by Mr. Cuneo *might* have mentioned Mr. Jones' name. James Edward​Luke ask him in America what p Western Man​So Burke was aiding the Jews aiding the masons? THE ETERNAL IRISHMAN STRIKES AGAIN James Edward​Luke ask him what Percentage of Jews in America are considered dangerous to white Europeans? James Edward​White people fx2py​written by the Jesuits resurrectionjose​:::slaps head::: I should have read the 'Description' first. Yup. This Jones' fella definitely rings a bell now. Western Man​@Luke Ford can Jones explain why the Catholic Church is in dissolution in Ireland yet in a Renaissance in Poland? Wild Graf​Dr Jones: Can the Jews be "allies" of Christians in the same civilization? Or must they go to their own ethnostate? Thomas Bergman​Poland is getting over foreign occupation Thomas Bergman​Irish are getting over internal corruption Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​^ This James Edward​I am 43% polish resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- Ask Mr. Jones if he's familiar with a monograph entitled, "Raymond Brown, 'The Jews,' and the Gospel of John: From Apologia to Apology" by Sonya Shetty Cronin. resurrectionjose​:::LOL::: resurrectionjose​@James Edward -- POLISH POWER!!!!!! 😉 Pilleater​lol James Edward​Jews use there whitish skin to camouflage themselves as whites. This is one of the reasons they have take over Pilleater​jew gfs want the white guys gjjd​I want a Jewess gf Trivium​Nazis gave Israel to the Jews. Look up the Haavara Agreement. Edwin Black wrote a book about it call the (The Transfer Agreement) I love Jewish writers. gjjd​lol resurrectionjose​@James Edward -- I grew up in the early/mid 70's watching wrestling, and remembered the Polish wrestler, Ivan Putski, yell out that out at the end of winning a bout. Aeschylus Jones​Soon the jews will mix with asians to infiltrate those countries Western Man​This is where Jones is weakest I'm afraid James Edward​Resur hahah Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Western agree James Edward​Western I agree. Untethered Tube​@Western Man absolutely professor farnsworth​you guys are heretics James Edward​Race does matter. professor farnsworth​go burn yourselves at the stake Pilleater​lol e micheal jones was at a counter currents event lmfao resurrectionjose​@Western Man -- Where is Mr. Jones "weak?" Elaborate a bit, please. professor farnsworth​christianity is universalist James Edward​Race is real buddy Pilleater​lol James Edward​That is not bi racial Pilleater​ok Pilleater​makes sense Daniel Sturridge​E Michael Jones is officially blacklisted from the ethnostate Trivium​The ADL thinks only white people are in gangs...They are the most raciest of them all. White Tony​weak b/c the RCC is universalist, heretical, encouraging browns and blacks into White nations to convert them b/c most Whites have rejected these Jew controlled vampires Wild Graf​"biracial" == "Irish" & "German?" since when is that biracial? Western Man​@resurrectionjose he denies race realism. He says that Africans are so far behind because they didn't benefit from a Christian work ethic that arrived in Europe 1500 years ago. James Edward​Jones can’t come to our ethnostate resurrectionjose​:::rolls eyes::: Okay, now I believe Mr. Jones is jumping the shark a bit -- BUT -- at the same time saying something of substance. fx2py​Being white didn't help Catholics when they were being killed for practicing their faith in Elizabethan England gjjd​boomers just can't get the importance of the interplay of race&identity Pilleater​ok, jones is right. i do the same things with others in the alt-right Thomas Bergman​There was no such thing as Christmas until Christians had to market something in competition with European holidays James Edward​Luke ask him if he has studied race realism??? rollo clevich​Jones is a literary type, rejects Darwinism, science and HBD Ruth Преображенский​he's an old school catholic White Tony​I can't stomach to listen to EMJ, too triggering, goodbye for now, best wishes one and all ..check out William Finck Immigration, here on JewTube, he;s Christian Identity, also EURO FOLK RADIO channel gjjd​@Bergaman don't you think that all holidays have a genesis? Thomas Bergman​Christian Identity movements are just weird James Edward​I masturbait 4 times a week. Daniel Sturridge​dat focus tho resurrectionjose​I saw that 7 hour plus 'Red Ice TV' live stream back in December and feel Mr. Jones is being a bit disingenuous towards Henrik. At the same time I comprehend his point of view. Western Man​Jones is an eternal boomer. I still love him though, interesting bloke on many topics Trivium​The blow back is going to be so bad...I do not think the Jews will make it. That is why I never tell people that I am half Ashkenazi Jew. James Edward​Western right Wild Graf​@resurrectionjose That RI Xmas Roundtable was a gud 1! resurrectionjose​@James Edward -- I don't know how to articulate it in psychological terminology, but these folks (i.e., males) who think they could without some sort of sexual release are playing with fire!!! Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​Jones is referring to the principle of subsidiarity Western Man​@trivium lol, good tactic. What about ethno state enforced 23andme tests? resurrectionjose​@Wild Graf -- Indeed. The one panelist who I wasn't too crazy about because she was talking out of her ass when touching upon Christianity was some female folklorist. I forget her name now. fx2py​Separation of church and state was a WASP/Jewish collaboration against Catholics. Being white didn't not help Catholics against White Protestants who allied with the Jews Trivium​Western I think I can find a place to live....maybe South America. Wild Graf​@resurrectionjose I don't remember that 1, sorry! 😃 Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@fx true but now things are totally different, the avg white person understands that race is real. We are now hated by non-whites iippo​I hope ISIS beheads The Pope. Western Man​One of Spencer's right hand men is a traditionalist Catholic. Can't remember his name, might be Greg conte or something resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- Some of the so-called intellectuals of the 'Alt-Right' -- David Duke for example -- consider themselves "Cultural Christians." Chris L​Pepe the Pope Thomas Bergman​Europeans had no values or traditions before Christianity? resurrectionjose​(((Marcion))) Edwin Boyette​There are 150 some reference to Christ in the old testament, Christ refers back to constantly. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​I'd argue that Europeans are starting to realize that they are related, now that Arabs and Africans are swamping the continent Trivium​Will not be as good as the West. But I Stay away from Jews...History repeats its self. Thomas Bergman​Christianity didn’t steal or borrow anything from Europe? Wild Graf​@resurrectionjose This one? -->. youtube com watch?v=21zDpig1UmI

Western Man​@pepe exactly. You need the other to get a true sense of your self.

James Edward​Tri is right.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​look at the Generation Identity movement in Europe. This generation gets it

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I hate to sound like a broken record but here goes….

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Ask Mr. Jones if he’s familiar with a monograph entitled, “Raymond Brown, ‘The Jews,’ and the Gospel of John: From Apologia to Apology” by Sonya Shetty Cronin.

James Edward​42 in chat

Edwin Boyette​With regards to White Nationalism, Altright I would invite people to look at the strong correlation between regular church attendance and total fertility rate.

Wild Graf​”human shields”, yes.

Western Man​Jewish concerts are a disaster

Edwin Boyette​Atheists and cultural Christians re reproducing at less than replacement levels.

rollo clevich​most young educated Hungarian workers work outside Hungary (especially England )

Western Man​*converts

fx2py​Pepe even if White Catholics and White Protestants stave off Jewish subversion they will still not be united because of religion. Protestants are judaizers as Jones asserts which means they

lolas185​E Michael Jones is a legend and I love him

fx2py​will go back to allying with Jews against Catholics

James Edward​Hahah 579 that sounds like a sexy women. 🤢🤮

resurrectionjose​@Wild Graf — Hold on. I’m *trying* to bring up that link you cited earlier, and I’m having a little trouble doing so. I’ll look up the name of that folklorist on my own.

Trivium​Thomas Bergman Pagans gave Western Civilization to Christianity and the Jews. Most of the wonders of the world where built buy Pagans.

Edwin Boyette​I belong to a small non-mainline Baptist church here in Hawaii our young couples have large families

James Edward​Make me a sandwich bitch 👍🏻

fx2py​Jewishness is a theological construct so as long as Protestants remain judaizers they will always be at war against Catholics

Dan Simmons​Not to mention stupidity

Edwin Boyette​The radical leftists, atheists, and cultural Christians are removing themselves from the gene pool

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@fx what I’m saying is that I don’t care, we can have infighting, but I don’t want to live with non-whites. I’d rather live surrounded by white Protestants than black Catholics.

Western Man​Fat chicks can’t get dick so they find fellow fatties to console themselves

resurrectionjose​It’s understandable that Mr. Jones holds the views he does because of his Roman Catholic devotion or persuasion, but ultimately it strikes me as hollow at best and triumphalist at worst.

James Edward​Western hahah.

Daniel Sturridge​In the coming Mel Gibson movie, Jesus will be in hell from death to resurrection. Is this blasphemous?

fx2py​live with White Protestants who act like Jews instead of with Black Catholics who don’t act like Jews

resurrectionjose​@Daniel Sturridge — It depends but I would argue it isn’t. Look up 1 Peter 3:18-20 and the body of scholarly literature on it.

fx2py​there you go SDA is a judaizing Protestant sect

gjjd​Intra-racial struggle does not conflict with my ideology or worldview. I am and identitarian first, not someone who treats race as all-important.

James Edward​Yep. Poor Luke was raised Jewish. He had not chance

James Edward​No chance

Western Man​@fx2py would you rather have a white Protestant or a black Catholic babysit your little sister?

Daniel Sturridge​Ask if he’s familiar with Pastor Steven Anderson. What does he think of him?

resurrectionjose​:::shakes head::: Mr. Jones is now talking quite a bit of horse shit.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Western he doesn’t get it

fx2py​I’d have to vet the person

gjjd​^that doesn’t mean that racial divisions are equal to other divisions, or that the best path for humans is to just not care about group cohesion, identity, and culture. No, race is the biggest divider

Daniel Sturridge​Are other non-Catholic Christian denominations Judeaizing?

Untethered Tube​@Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? Yes

James Edward​Gjjd is right.

Edwin Boyette​@Daniel Sturridge Episcopalians seem to be preaching a Gospel of Social Justice, and not of Christ

James Edward​(((Friendship)))

Trivium​If people wont peace they should look into natural law.

resurrectionjose​@Daniel Sturridge — The simple answer is ‘NO!’ Not all Christians who are Protestant are “Zionists”, and Mr. Jones is on shaky ground here.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I agree that Protestants have a tendency to Judaize, but to say race has no bearing is ridiculous

James Edward​Pepe is right.

Daniel Sturridge​Edwin Boyette The Episcopal Church is trash

Trivium​True Pepe Sells

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke ask him why there is a black caucus in the U.S. Congress if there’s no such thing as race?

James Edward​Jones is color blind. 😂

Edwin Boyette​Most of the weird theology seems to be coming from these Megachurches and Televangelists, I’d argue a Megachurch is not a Scriptural Church at all

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Joel Osteen did nothing wrong

fx2py​American blacks are a product of the WASP-Jewish alliance against Catholics ala Slaughter of Cities. They are the ISIS of america

resurrectionjose​@Daniel Sturridge — My own denomination, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, despite their pathetic SJW, “white guilt” ways, speak out against Israel quite strongly here and there.

Daniel Sturridge​It doesn’t proclaim the gospel in any area

James Edward​Joel is a great speaker.

James Edward​White nationalist 👍🏻

iippo​So.. Haitians are French.

James Edward​Omg. Stop this guy.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​ask blacks who white people are

gjjd​don’t freak out, errrrybody. He’s a boomer. Of course he says this

Untethered Tube​I guess if you have the balls to go anti-Se,mitic you can cuck everywhere else


resurrectionjose​@James Edward — Why? I’m “enjoying” hearing this character. In short, give ’em enough rope….

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​There are so many things wrong with Christianity, according to CHRISTIANS… Satan cucks all of them, as they themselves will tell you!

Ruth Преображенский​i agree with michael that the white race alone isn’t necessarily good. culture / morals / religion also has to be there. even spencer says this

Untethered Tube​struck nerve with the homo question

Daniel Sturridge​Because they have to commit to a life of celibacy

Ruth Преображенский​otherwise you get walmart whites

James Edward​Resur he is good. I just don’t like that he is color blind.

rollo clevich​gerg cochran would blow a gasket listening to this

rollo clevich​gred cochran

rollo clevich​greg cochran

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Ruth yes, it’s the foundation but not the complete identity

Untethered Tube​I’m going to see about getting Greg on the show

Casey R. Pratt​Ruth is right.

Ruth Преображенский​like whites are generally smarter and more likely to be moral than other races IF the morals are tuaght

resurrectionjose​:::rolls eyes::: Oy ve(GAN)!!!!! Why can’t Mr. Jones just come and say they are 1) homosexuals 2) stunt their psychological growth by joining the priesthood so young 3) horny bastards like others!

fx2py​white nationalists also adopting the Anti-Jesuit canard pushed by the Protestant-Masonic-Jewish alliance

Casey R. Pratt​i bet adherence to an orthodoxy could lift white IQ by 5-10 points

resurrectionjose​”…just come *out* and say…”

Ruth Преображенский​probably

Trivium​All the Christian sects a been subverted by the Jews.

Ruth Преображенский​like victorian american whites were just higher quality

fx2py​Even the whites are working against white Catholics by supporting bullshit Jesuit conspiracies

Ruth Преображенский​because they had a classical education and religion

Daniel Sturridge​Trivium True. you need to find an independent church

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@fx are you aware that the Jesuits are the spearhead of globalism right now? not to mention they’ve been banned already previously in history

gjjd​@Casey agree about IQ-raising. IQ can be raised, and having a life that involves discipline, solemnity, and telos definitely will get people performing on the next level

Trivium​I watched this happen to the Mormons.

resurrectionjose​Mr. Jones supposedly wants to pin everything (i.e., societal ills, sexual deviants in the RC church, etc.) on the 60’s and that’s just utter horse shit!!!

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​It seems Christianity can’t strengthen anyone.

Daniel Sturridge​Mormons used to be the master race

Ruth Преображенский​reminds me of Camille Paglia still saying we need to get back to the TRUE spirit of the 1960s

James Edward​Hahah

fx2py​Pepe the Jesuits of today are a defeated order, different from the Jesuits of the 18th century who were fighting Jews and Masons. Whites are saying that Jesuits were Jews since the beginning. Who

fx2py​needs allies like that

Casey R. Pratt​How is the average Greek IQ 92? — that doesn’t make sense to me. The Greeks are supposed to be geniuses.

resurrectionjose​As if the sexual peccadillos of the RC clergy wasn’t going on centuries and centuries before.

Ruth Преображенский​Because they’re not the ancient greeks

Daniel Sturridge​Casey Mixing with Arabs ?

Ruth Преображенский​exactly

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey Arab admixture

Untethered Tube​These aren’t your grandfather’s Greeks

Ruth Преображенский​Greece has been invaded so many times

James Edward​True

Untethered Tube​Greeks were swamped like the Persians

Ruth Преображенский​The modern day Italians are also not the Italians of the Renaissance

Trivium​The Mormons had a good thing going …to bad they can not fight this off.

Daniel Sturridge​This guy just lost all credibility

Ruth Преображенский​Go to Italy and look at all the paintings and all the Italians are blonde haired and blue eyed

James Edward​No homos

resurrectionjose​:::raised eyebrows::: Damn, I actually agree with him in this regard!

Casey R. Pratt​i agree, daniel — this is hilarious

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​JFK was an apostate

Casey R. Pratt​The Greeks were Nordic! (but yeah — birth of Venus, etc.)

fx2py​White Protestants did alot to destroy Catholicism. Don’t expect Catholics to forget that

resurrectionjose​@James Edward — Isn’t he a hoot?!?!? And to think you wanted him off earlier on. 😃

James Edward​This guy lost creditably when he says race doesn’t matter.

iippo​There’s still enough time to steal from the Goyim.

Western Man​Kennedy was taken out by the Jews for refusing Isreal nukes and going after the federal reserve

fx2py​JFK was opposed by the Protestant-Masonic alliance. Look up Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State which was ran by Protestants and Freemasons

James Edward​I like hearing him though

Trivium​End the Fed, and privet central banks world wide. The Jews will be wiped off the earth over night.

Untethered Tube​No one can be all things to all of us

Casey R. Pratt​Ask him about WASP identity — and about the “Know Nothing” movement… this was WASP-USA and some WASPs didn’t want the Irish & Italians to come here. Dual loyalties.

fx2py​but JFK commited apostasy when he caved to them during his Houston speech pledged his support for separation of Church and State

James Edward​End the FEDs

Western Man​JFK also was amiable towards hitler and his father Joe was notoriously anti Jewish

resurrectionjose​@James Edward — There’s no doubt he’s going to jump the shark at certain points (i.e., not agreeing with him) but he’s a hoot. I never would have thought this is the same guy I read about in one….

fx2py​Casey, yes, don’t expect White Catholics and White Protestants to live in peace

James Edward​Resur 👍🏻

resurrectionjose​@James Edwards — …of Michael Cuneo’s books that I have in my personal library here at home.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@fx agree @Casey the truth is Catholics should never have been let into this country

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey you gotta read the book Why Europe Leaves Home

fx2py​Pepe Catholics discovered the New World by the ones who kicked out the Jews from their country

resurrectionjose​As for Mr. Jones’ lengthy marriage … Praise God Almighty1


BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​Getting married is the ONLY true religion of the West.

Casey R. Pratt​Why Europe Leaves Home — added to book list on amaz0n

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​the U.S. was founded by Protestants, should have remained as such. Catholics were the original Muslims of the U.S.

resurrectionjose​Good to see Mr. Jones is on the money here.

Trivium​Pagans seem to be growing very fast now days…If they get large numbers I wonder what will happen…

Daniel Sturridge​Don’t SDAs believe that their ‘prophetess’ or whatever held a 10 pound bible is the air with her left hand for 10 mins? lol I remember hearing that. apparently that makes her valid

fx2py​US was founded by anti-Christ freemasons and protestants who act like Jews

Untethered Tube​Anyone capable of understanding the Gospel is compelled to follow it, or he’s an apostate. No exceptions.

resurrectionjose​To say Jesus’ death is to be heaped on *ALL* Jews is going way overboard.

Western Man​This should be good

James Edward​Yes. No blacks.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis preach it

James Edward​It’s race


iippo​Thx Sargon

fx2py​South America was Catholic but was destroyed by the Protestant Yankee Masonic Leviathan from the North

Untethered Tube​”content of character”

Untethered Tube​hoo boy

resurrectionjose​@fx2py — What???

gjjd​Boomer-splaining his bad feelings about interracial marraige lol

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​PhD or not, no miscegenation

fx2py​resurrection it is true

Untethered Tube​Luo are Obama’s people

James Edward​Nigerian Have highest IQ in Africa

Western Man​Admit it Jones you don’t want a nigger in your daughters womb

Daniel Sturridge​Liberians are going to be the master race in 20 years at least

iippo​@James Edward That isn’t saying much.

fx2py​what was the Monroe Doctrine all about?

Untethered Tube​Liberia is Wakanda

mummylambs​Racist BTFO

James Edward​Western hahah

resurrectionjose​@fx2py — Normally I ask the individual to elaborate, but not this time. I don’t think I’m going to like the replies. ::🤷::

Untethered Tube​A black Phd doesn’t equal a white Phd

Daniel Sturridge​Wakandan master race

mummylambs​He’s quite the gymnast

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey I can feel the lulz

Untethered Tube​No, I give him a six

Western Man​A black PhD is worth less than toilet paper considering affirmative action

Redytoosnap​you must let your daughter sleep with anyone or your a raycist now shut it down goy

iippo​Everyone in the world is America & anyone who comes to America is American, but illegal immigrants are the problem. I don’t get it.

fx2py​White Protestant/Freemasons from the North supported Masonic revolutionaries like San Martin and Bolivar and overthrew Spanish Catholic countries in South America and set up Masonic Republics


Trivium​Why is all of Africa so denigrate? Except for the white South Africans. They have the best farm land in the world…But go hungry Why?

resurrectionjose​BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. Just sayin’ 😉

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@fx that’s all true, but we’re not talking about that

fx2py​then set up the Monroe Doctrine to keep the Holy Alliance that defeated Napoleon from supporting the Catholics in S. America

Casey R. Pratt​Hungarians aren’t white?

gjjd​keep a straight face through this bullcrap Dennis, Vivain, and Casey hahaha


Daniel Sturridge​White is a super category

iippo​That’s because you’re a kike.

James Edward​I love being white

rollo clevich​jones is german-irish

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke ask him why non-whites refer to whites as whites

Casey R. Pratt​Budapest is like 45 minutes away from Vienna.

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@James Edward … #metoo

Untethered Tube​@gjjd–good thing I’m muted

James Edward​Yes. More power too us 👍🏻

resurrectionjose​:::rolls eyes::: 1) Try instead ‘Caucasian’ Mr. Jones 2) I wonder what he would say about Black Theology or Liberation Theology in general.

mummylambs​Ask him if Laurence Fishburne is black?

Western Man​Boomers are so socially conditioned that it gives them immense psychological pain to admit racial identity is important

Western Man​Lol Vivian

Daniel Sturridge​He’s being disingenuous. He knows what a white person is

iippo​@Western Man North American Boomers.

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@James Edward … #Ustoo

resurrectionjose​@Daniel Sturridge — Exactly!

gjjd​Us whites do have a love of all things white. We love to travel through Europe, we love to get into different forms of European dance and music, and even architecture.

gjjd​^but us whites don’t care much for traditional Chinese music, or traditional African ooga-booga-dancing

iippo​Jewish victim card doesn’t work anymore. Whites have a right to exist.

James Edward​I want to preserve not what I believe but who I am. Hail Victory

beatific2c​White people don’t exist; well what is a black person then?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ Exactly

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​”Biology is not the way I do it”… that is so IGNORANT

resurrectionjose​@Daniel Sturridge — I’m going out on a limb here but judging from everything I have heard from him in this live stream, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in favor of the “browning” of America!

James Edward​Bradley true.

Western Man​So what your saying is give your daughters over to black PhDs who were baptised Catholic. Got it. Great plan👍🏻


James Edward​He is a cuck

Trivium​U.S Whites seem to only like other White countries…Humm wounder why.

Ruth Преображенский​ESPECIALLY white liberals

Daniel Sturridge​@resurrectionjose True. Especially since brown people are more susceptible to muh RCC

Untethered Tube​It’s the “any population will do” globalist proposition nation bullshit, except for religion.

RONPAULROADWARRIORS​There is no white identity . The Enoch autists are ignorant because they were raised by degenerates who know nothing of American culture

Trivium​How many Jews are in Africa…Come on man.

fx2py​that’ what I was alluding to earlier

fx2py​about american blacks

Ruth Преображенский​They’re always saying we’re deficient compared to European countries.

resurrectionjose​@Western Man — :::LOL::: I said it earlier. It’s understandable he’s coming from a Roman Catholic perspective. But he seems to think that if you become RC then ‘Presto!’, everything….

TB​US Blacks = Bad, African Blacks = good, boomer memes are true

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@James Edward … It’s Satan’s Fault !

iippo​We have Somalis & they don’t have ghetto culture, but they are still low IQ retards.

resurrectionjose​@Western Man — …will turn okay.

Ruth Преображенский​the younger somalis have ghetto culture

gjjd​Why did EMJ not have to deal with interracial relationships for his daughters? Did he intentionally live in and raise his kids in a white area? What happens when whites are 20% of America?

Ruth Преображенский​the old men dress impeccably

Ruth Преображенский​for some reason

TB​If you wan’t to see African black culture there is plenty on Liveleak, I believe it is called necklacing…not for the weak of stomach

Daniel Sturridge​Why is Netanyahu the only Chad jewish guy I’ve ever seen

resurrectionjose​@Western Man — I’m reading way between the lines here, but if I understand Mr. Jones correctly he’s of the mindset — “Outside the [RC] Church there is no salvation — instead of…

RONPAULROADWARRIORS​I grew up in 1980’s Irish Catholic Chicago. Is it ok to resurrect a explicitly Irish Catholic neighborhood?

James Edward​Good question LUke.

Untethered Tube​My Ethiopian friend in Seattle told me his law-abiding, hardworking Christian Ethiopian community is in crisis because all the kids are assimilating to gangsta culture.

resurrectionjose​@Western Man — ….’Outside of Christ there is no salvation.”

Western Man​Daily reminder that Somali IQ is on a par with the upper echelons of Down syndrome IQ

Daniel Sturridge​This guy only likes brown people cause they’re susceptible to muh RCC

James Edward​So race matters than.

iippo​@Ruth Преображенский They interviewed one on a radio station & he can barely speak my language, but knows enough of it to blame his lack of succeess on institutional racism.

Western Man​@resurrectionjose essentially yes, to him and other trad Catholics Protestantism is just Judaism by another means that happens to have lots of European members

beatific2c​So black people exist but not whites!

resurrectionjose​@Western Man — Despite my Roman Catholic upbringing and saying on occasion that I still have a Catholic bone or two in my body, that whole “Outside the [RC] Church..” rigmarole is problematic to me.

James Edward​Hahah. Those days are over. Not. 1488

Trivium​Yep Block busting By whites is call Gentrification.

RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Is Protestantism a degenrate hersy? If so why?

TB​[message retracted]

iippo​Bozeman is 93% white & not Catholic. Why doesn’t it look like Detroit? Fucking Boomer jackass.

Dan Simmons​Ask EMJ about the Pawnbroker

fx2py​Mission was good, about the good work the Jesuits were doing which brought the ire of the Protestant-Masonic alliance to destroy them

James Edward​Boomers. Hahah

resurrectionjose​<-------- 'Rollerball' from 1975 is my all-time favorite movie. Ruth Преображенский​TB what about german catholics? Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@TB never should have been let in, honestly Ruth Преображенский​mozart? Casey R. Pratt​Ask him if he likes Flannery O'Connor Aeschylus Jones​Rollerball was ahead of its time TB​[message retracted] resurrectionjose​:::rolls eyes::: Oy ve(GAN)!!!! Granted, to each his own and all that jive. But 'The Last Temptation of Christ' was pretty good in my book. I still remember all those protesters outside the theaters. fx2py​Irish Catholics were genocided by their Protestant-masonic Whig english oppressors forcing them to flee to america Casey R. Pratt​or writers in american history? Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Casey the author of the book I recommended is Kenneth Roberts, was written in the early 1920s Casey R. Pratt​Cormac McCarthy TB​I suppose I mean civilizational progress as opposed to culture Chris L​Kmac? Trivium​Good Question. fx2py​Charles Coulombe is a good Catholic writer of history Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​I like Charles gjjd​fx2py your anti-protestant crap is getting tedious James Edward​Richard Spencer fx2py​Puritans Empire iippo​I can't do it Western Man​@TB it's hard to argue with that. In Ireland I would say 2/3 of our major inventors/philosophers were Protestant Irish rather than Catholic. Though a lot of this was due to discriminatory education James Edward​(((Jordan))) fx2py​gjjd it's relevant to the topic Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​dudes on this chat, Jones' other book Libido Dominandi is great fx2py​just likes Jones discussion about Hews fx2py​Jews Untethered Tube​He's JP without the philo-Semitism Daniel Sturridge​Jordan "I can't do it" Peterson Trivium​I like Stefan Molynux. Danny Rose​that was such a funny moment w peterson RONPAULROADWARRIORS $5.00 PLease ask MR JOnes how Catholic identity can save European Americans and why it is superior to the Protestant heresy ? resurrectionjose​@Aeschylus Jones -- Indeed. The movie is not everyone's cup of tea because of its slow pace and patchy dialogue in places, but the underlying themes are on the money. Danny Rose​...he hadn't read it? James Edward​Hahsh Danny Rose​jews is far more taboo than g. identity James Edward​Danny is right Daniel Sturridge​I can't do it Daniel Sturridge​Peak intellectualism resurrectionjose​Like numerous others Mr. Jordan Peterson is solid in a number of respects, but I am flabbergasted he couldn't answer with a simple 'Yes' when a certain You Tuber asked him if he believed in God. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Ronpaul would you consider S American countries high-trust? c'mon man Chris L​Northern Andrew Taylor​Because Anglos are low-key autistic spectrum. it was adaptive and spread with them during colonization. Probably an adaptation to gloomy weather. James Edward​The world has changed and the solution is identity politics Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​^ This iippo​oh cmon Daniel Sturridge​HAHAHAHA catholicism in a nutshell resurrectionjose​@Caey R. Pratt -- Here you go ... "Hey Jordan Peterson, Do You Believe in God?" ~ iippo​chink in the armour Trivium​When whites do identity politics...It is game over. Danny Rose​@resurrectionjose thanks Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​his attitude towards the Pope is why the Church is in this mess Ruth Преображенский​if anglos are low key autistic spectrum, jews are high key autistic spectrum resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Here you go too ... "Is Jordan Peterson a Christian?" ~ Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​Italians can't stand this Pope, nothing to do with Protestantism Western Man​Christian autism is not going to save the day. I want the best for European people all over the world, whether agnostic Catholic or Protestant. Identity politics it is TB​[message retracted] Thomas Bergman​No influence of Latin American Marxist Liberation Theology? Andrew Taylor​Tribalism is right. Anglos simply lack the empathy to practice nepotism. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​he's right about economics but wrong about race gjjd​I think one thing that Ryan Faulk did prove is that biological explanations of Jewish tribalism are probably not correct Daniel Sturridge​fuck catholicism TB​[message retracted] resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt - It's worth reiterating that I alongside thousands and thousands of other folks think Mr. Peterson is pretty solid -- BUT -- he's being a fool by fudging on such simple questions. iippo​Sweden's average IQ was around 101 & is now 95. Is that about culture? Untethered Tube​The Church will not be our salvation, alas. Thomas Bergman​Iranians dindunuffin RONPAULROADWARRIORS​What about Cromwell cutting off Charles head? England today is a nation that puts whites in jail for saying mean things on facebook while Muslims murder people. Danny Rose​"I act as if god exists," so he struggles with faith but strongly believes in the value of religion..what's wrong w that? Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Dennis for the soul, yes, but not temporally Untethered Tube​We must save the Church so it may then save us. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@iippo like your Mr. Sparkle pic fx2py​Shiite/Sunni Muslim divide RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Protestant nations are and have been corrupt. assumptions about Catholic corruption is a baseless protestant yarn Daniel Sturridge​Catholicism 101 Trivium​Yes Iran. Land of Aryans... That is definition of Iran...Land of Aryans. resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Perhaps the same could be said when he drew back on either the 'JQ' or giving his $0.02 on Jews disproportionate power in many sectors of society, but I'll give him a pass for now. Thomas Bergman​Jews did everything. Muslims did nothing TB​[message retracted] Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Dennis great retort Daniel Sturridge​It's because Iranians are white... somewhar Thomas Bergman​The Quran is incoherent trash Trivium​Well, Iran was all white at one time. rollo clevich​sunni (the problem) are about 90% of muslims , shia only 10% Phoenix 10-93​the end is near 😃 Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​No, they're not Daniel Sturridge​This is why Catholicism is trash RONPAULROADWARRIORS $5.00 Ireland and Spain were occupied for 800 years by alien cultures. They stayed alive and were not destroyed because of Catholic identity. Am I wrong? Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​52 watching, yeah baby Phoenix 10-93​aliens are fake Daniel Sturridge​The Antichrist will be the Islamic Mahdi and the Jewish Messiah James Edward​He is red pilled on jews. resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Last but not least because I don't want to get caught up on the man, but Mr. Peterson knows where his bread is being buttered. Simply put, he could be given his "walking papers." TB​[message retracted] fx2py​Shiites are considered the "Catholics" of Islam whereas the Sunnis are the Protestants of Islam Ruth Преображенский​the corruption is a racial thing Ruth Преображенский​was england corrupt when it was catholic? resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- Excellent! What the hell, hold Mr. Jones' feet to the fire!!! 😃 Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Ruth This iippo​Yahweh is a shekel hoarding desert demon. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​this is actually true, Islam is a heresy that became its own religion RONPAULROADWARRIORS​I deisagree, Catholic cultures are high trust and safe. I grew up in one. BLacks were not welcome in my old neighborhood. People were safe. Daniel Sturridge​Jews don't believe in the Old Testament. If they did they'd believe in Jesus Rune Skyttsing​I am a protestant as of right now. If I would convert to the Catholic faith, then what would the "right" branch of the Catholic faith be? Mainstream, SSPX or Sedevacante Catholicism? Trivium​Luke is a very good interviewer. This show should be a lot bigger. Even my dumb ass can see that. 😀 Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Ron Paul were you from Bridgeport? RONPAULROADWARRIORS​What Protestants call corruption is like when the Irish came to America and had to organize to feed thier families Ruth Преображенский​catholic vs protestant barely matters Ruth Преображенский​at least in terms of ethics RONPAULROADWARRIORS​England is corrupt as hell. Always has been , What about the Battle of Culloden? Women, children , wounded men. Butchered. The Highland clans were hunted like animals iippo​@Luke Ford What about Samaritanism? Untethered Tube​Right Ruth. It's a fool's errand to engage in this conflict lolas185 A$2.00 RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Protestant monopoly on just governance is a lie Ruth Преображенский​never heard of the battle of culloden fx2py​Protestants are still shifting blame to Catholics for what they themselves were guilty of Casey R. Pratt​Resurrection I like Peterson’s answer on the god question. Sorry. resurrectionjose​@James Edward -- What did I tell you! Is this man a hoot or what!?!?!? 😃 fx2py​like allying with Jews and Freemasons in destroying Christian civilization Casey R. Pratt​And I usually don’t love him. blogbalderorg​oy vey RONPAULROADWARRIORS​oooh Good Question Luke. Very intelligent question Rune Skyttsing​The state churh here in Sweden is totally left-wing. The 68-radicals is in control of it. Marxism and other secular teachings are incorporated within it's teology. Casey R. Pratt​Could there be four persons in one god, or would that be illogical? TB​[message retracted] Ruth Преображенский​isn't the whole point of the trinity that it's mystical and doesn't really make sense? resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- I reckon to each his own. But even a 7 year old can say affirmatively with a simple 'Yes' if askedif he/she believe in God (=the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Rune check out the video about the Swedish pastor who converted to Catholicism and joined the SSPX Casey R. Pratt​Yeah but I’m an Arianist. 😎 fx2py​Revelatino fx2py​Revelation TB​[message retracted] resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Good for you. Why am I not surprised? James Edward​Yes iippo​Probably Casey R. Pratt​Oh I was replying to Ruth’s point about the trinity. I don’t love that doctrine. Trivium​Yes they did and do. Rune Skyttsing​Arianist??? We have them in the Swedish church resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- Are you familiar with this book by Alan F. Segal? ''Two Powers in Heaven. Early Rabbinic Reports about Christianity & Gnosticism'' [SJLA] (1977) Casey R. Pratt​Parmenides and Plotinus are my guys. Daniel Sturridge​They sacrifice foreskins. they have a mountain made of them RONPAULROADWARRIORS​But your assumption is wrong. Anglo Saxon nations are not lesss corrupt they are more corrupt Ruth Преображенский​okay which countries are the least corrupt then? RONPAULROADWARRIORS​How about Evangelical empowerment of the Jewish neo cons/ iippo​@Ruth Преображенский Nordics gjjd​RONPAUL you are biased as heck resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Whether you, others, or even Mr. Ford might not "like" the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, it's not too far off the mark if one considers the book I just cited a moment ago. TB​[message retracted] Ruth Преображенский​right. and they're protestant Trivium​Blood libel if you look into it is one of the documented subjects in the why not libel if it is true. James Edward​The Jews are really so dangerous Casey R. Pratt​It’s weird how Jesus never mentioned or explicitly taught the doctrine of the trinity. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​yeah but why call Vatican II in the first place? there was no reason for it except to corrupt the Church resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt - Mr. Segal, who passed away a few years ago, is Jewish (Orthodox?) and NOT a Christian. RONPAULROADWARRIORS​look at how Enlgand treated the Irish . Or the Scots. The English created the concentration camp in America and South America RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Great interview!!! James Edward​Great interview iippo​If Nordics had the population figures of Africa iippo​We would be centuries ahead technologically resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- So what if Jesus never mentioned the Trinity! He never said or mentioned a number of other things, and no one makes a big deal out of that. fx2py​Jones lumps Darwinism as an essential part of English Whig ideology Casey R. Pratt​@resurrcetion I just read my Bible & reach my own conclusions. Ignore what institutional churches say. Arch-Protestant resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- "I just read my Bible [and]..." Rigggght! You and every other Christian. :::rolls eyes::: RONPAULROADWARRIORS​England became powerful because it was first Catholic. Later it threw out Christianity and became Protestant and then colluded with the Jews fx2py​prosperity brought about through the misery of the ones they conquered RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Where is your proof of such a claim Luke? Vault Right​France is a catholic country RONPAULROADWARRIORS​England is a very corrupt nation Casey R. Pratt​Lol resurrection I’ll DM you a pic of my underlined & highlighted Bible. I read it almost every day. fx2py​America prospers today through war in the middle east and usury RONPAULROADWARRIORS​America was built by Irish and Germanic Catholics fx2py​fighting wars to prop up the dollar resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Give me a minute or two while I track down two You Tube links in regards to in-depth discussions on the Trinity. For what it's worth you can view them at your own leisure. TB​[message retracted] Trivium​Germany was Catholic...Yes,No? before WWII. Daniel Sturridge​Every country is corrupt rn. Except North Korea Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Vivian it's about race not religion Thomas Bergman​Protestants don’t have regular absolution and indulgence RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Catholicism built England Aeschylus Jones​The English was the product of the most favorable fighting tribes at that time not because of their geographic location;;;Thats the nonsense that Jared Diamond espouses fx2py​it's easy to boast about prospering through making other countries and people miserable fx2py​or killing them Rune Skyttsing​I wish that Luke could build a bridge betwen jews and European christianity. Casey R. Pratt​Resurrection I’ve got a PhD in reading & ive been reading this kind of shit for twenty years. Don’t assume is never thought about the trinity. I just think most have misunderstood Jesus. Rune Skyttsing​Together we would be very strong RONPAULROADWARRIORS​No. Catholicism built Northern Europe as all Europe iippo​@Daniel Sturridge The Jews fear the Juche. Sargon is Irrelevant​Jews use negros as muscle Rune Skyttsing​We should be as one... Against Islam Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​true, RCC is currently cucked Daniel Sturridge​INDEPENDENT FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST MASTER RACE CHECKING IN Thomas Bergman​True English Evangelicals are Methodist resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- I'm not duly concerned about how you much you read your Bible or whether or not you have a Ph.D. on 'Reading Comprehension' (for lack of a better way of putting it). fx2py​England and America are/were empires, both enjoyed prosperity too, but they will fall just like Rome that also enjoyed prosperity TB​[message retracted] Rune Skyttsing​Jews are enemies to Juche teachings for sure RONPAULROADWARRIORS​England creted the concentration camp. It butchered "whites " in South Africa. Protestants murdered each other from the jump. That's why the Puritans fled to New England Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@TB yup Casey R. Pratt​Well :::rolls eyes::: was a stupid comment. Daniel Sturridge​North Korea is Best Korea rollo clevich​maybe northern euros should become eastern orthodox -overall healthier than catholics and prots Thomas Bergman​Cucking for Islam but not for Judaism? Rune Skyttsing​Daniel are you a disciple of Kim Jong-Un? RONPAULROADWARRIORS​all of Europe is a Catholic empire. Since it has rejected Catholicism it has declined and is now dying rollo clevich​but i know it wont happen resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- I have a B.A. in theology (I started out majoring in Philosophy but switched over) and have roughly 4000-6000 books (a good 85-95%) are on biblical and theological studies. So what? Daniel Sturridge​North Korea didn't swamp my country with gay KPOP bands fx2py​Catholic Spain used to be the the empire on top but fell by being victims of usury whereas Protestant Britain and America arose because they were on the winning side of the usury equation Thomas Bergman​Maronite Christian TB​[message retracted] Casey R. Pratt​5000 books? Jesus man. That’s too many. One a day for twenty years. Thomas Bergman​Julius Evola was right to say the Catholic Church was cucked Rune Skyttsing​Jews could contribute to western civilisation if the would get on the band wagon. Ashkanazi jews have an IQ of 120 resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- That whole 'Synagogue of Satan' rigmarole is only in the book of Revelation, and without looking things up it's specific to a certain groups of Jews and not Judaism per se. Daniel Sturridge​Kim Jong Un actually mentions the North Korean people. Trump doesn't mention White Americans RONPAULROADWARRIORS​real Irish Catholic . The only way for salvation is through Catholicism . Catholicism built Europe. 1500 years every modern science. Protestants reject reality Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@fx English colonies like the U.S. and Australia surpassed Catholic S. America because they are homogenous and didn't race-mix TB​[message retracted] Rune Skyttsing​But I sadly see that jewish orhanisations often lobby for third world immigration J. Smith​Rune: that is an often repeated myth that the ashkenazi iq is that much higher than average. RONPAULROADWARRIORS​America was built by Catholics. RONPAULROADWARRIORS​history did not stop in 1775 Aeschylus Jones​America was definitely not built by catholics Rune Skyttsing​Why would it be a myth.?? Even Amren and many alt-right thinkers say it aswell Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Ron Paul no, they came later RONPAULROADWARRIORS​this myth of America as a Protestant nation is absurd iippo​Ashkenazi IQ won't do much when you mix with other Jews, which is why Israel's average IQ is 95. TB​[message retracted] RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Austrailai was also settled by Irish Catholics exiled by corrupt Protestant England fx2py​pepe they were great when they were a little friendlier to Catholic culture but declined when they destroyed it gjjd​Viv is too smart to go nuts from maternity. resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- I'm referring to mostly eBooks which I have on both my external HDD's, and consisting of books, monographs, journals, and loose journal articles. RONPAULROADWARRIORS​white babies are the best thing in life Rune Skyttsing​Yoiu are right iippo... Ashkenazi jews are only a smale minority in Israel iippo​You should be shot. TB​[message retracted] Casey R. Pratt​Okay, Jose. I’ll keep reading up on the trinity. You’re probably right. J. Smith​Rune: repeat a lie often enough... and the uncritical thinkers will believe i Daniel Sturridge​UNCUT RIGHT CHECKING IN J. Smith​t resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- I also good old fashion books (softcover and hardcover) but pale in comparison to my eBook collection. Thomas Bergman​Fuck circumcision to hell Vault Right​LOL resurrectionjose​"...also *own*..." Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​it's the father's fault for letting it happen Thomas Bergman​They spread herpes sometimes Rune Skyttsing​The NORD also concored during king Carl the 12 and the Caroliner impire Danny Rose​If I have a fucking way Rune Skyttsing​We where way down in Ukaine and fought Daniel Sturridge​See Carolus Rise Thomas Bergman​Watch one circumcision operation, and you won’t want that ever again TB​[message retracted] Trivium​Jews where not good scientist until they started the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. ....Hummm wonder why. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​@Rune the original Rus were Nords resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- I'll take a humble approach here. It's not so much that I'm right, but it's a case of not taking into consideration the Jewish antecedents to how a trinitarian perspective is viable Rune Skyttsing​Carlus REX and the Caroline era in Sweden was very non CUCK Rune Skyttsing​Pepe that right! TB​[message retracted] Daniel Sturridge​When I was in elementary I would bully 2 Somalian kids that showed up at the outdoor rink 2cents​No Dr. Jones then? Daniel Sturridge​Captain Butt Naked!!!! Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​Jones was on for over an hour Daniel Sturridge​ALL HAIL GENERAL BUTT NAKED resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Once again, give me a minute or two while I track two pertinent videos discussing the Trinity in an in-depth manner. iippo​@Luke Ford Arab ''refugees'' left Finland because it was too cold & the people were too racist. Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​^ good 2cents​Thx Pepe will view the interview when uploaded later. Casey R. Pratt​Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia is awesome. Casey R. Pratt​On vice. Daniel Sturridge​Vice is now chasing Anglin around Untethered Tube​will check it out Rune Skyttsing​Somalia has an averege IQ of 68!!! TB​[message retracted] Rune Skyttsing​Look it up everyone! How can you expect 68 IQ:ers to assimilate in an high tech society RONPAULROADWARRIORS​test Trivium​Jews only became good scientist in the last 100 years, But Whites have always been goo d at science... I call bullshit Daniel Sturridge​I agreed with him regarding the Trinity gjjd​the trinity is like that one supervillain in transformers. Once you watch the transformers cartoon, you will realize it is logical resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Here you go ... "Jesus Christ and the Old Testament: Holy Trinity" by Michael S. Heiser ~ Rune Skyttsing​We have so much problem with Somalians here in Sweden Rune Skyttsing​I am from Malmö and the Jewish minority have hell on earth in this town fx2py​69 Pepe Sells but Who's Buying?​kick them out of Sverige iippo​@Rune Skyttsing Who lobbied Sweden's government in the 60s to open their borders? Karma is a bitch. RONPAULROADWARRIORS​Catholics have thousands of words if not more on the Trinity and Fatih. Reducing their ideas to "fisherman" is silly read St Augustine heretic resurrectionjose​@Casey R. Pratt -- Here you go -- "The Jewish Trinity" by Michael S. Heiser ~

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