Questions For Kevin MacDonald

The author of The Culture of Critique joins us at 9 am.

Here are my notes:

* I’ve been thinking about the rise of china and how the US could stop that by crashing Cina’s economy by kicking all of its money laundering banks out of the international banking system. And that got me to think that maybe different groups in the same country who are competing for scarce resources may have an incentive to weaken out groups? Have you ever thought about this? Do Jews engage in a “group evolutionary strategy” to weaken their “host societies”?

* How can Jews convince the Alt Right they are on their side?

* For Jews in the diaspora who understand what is happening what is the best they can hope for?

* What are the white group evolutionary strategies and how might they be improved?

* Alt Right posts tend to be 10-1 negative rather than painting an uplifting vision the way the French New Right does?

* Who has done the most important scholarly work on jews since 1998?

* Before you became controversial, you had an exemplary record as an academic. If you were a chronic cheater or exhibited evil behavior, we would know about it, but nobody can lay a glove on the way you have led your life, but that means nothing for people who want to dismiss you.

* What do you make of the fact that the number one immigration restrictionist right now is a Jew – Steve Miller?

* Could the opoid crisis in particular and drug addiction in general be eugenic in that these are problems of the low-IQ crowd?
* How much support have you received from jews? Have they mainly been marginal jews or establishment jews?
* When did you start reaching out to white advocates or did they start reaching out to you first?
* How many friends have you lost from your Jewish writings?

* You wrote in 2000: “Shulevitz correctly points out that my work has been enthusiastically embraced by white nationalist organizations. I have no control over who reads my books or who is attracted to them, and I certainly have no control over misinterpretations of my work. In fact, what little I have read of the favorable accounts of my work by white nationalists suggests that they tend to ignore the positive things that I say about Jews, particularly the idea that Jews have a high IQ, that they are high on the personality trait of conscientiousness, and that they invest a great deal in their children.”

I wonder if a different Jewish response to your work might have led to you not getting so actively involved in white nationalism?

* Did you have some interesting discussions with your Jewish editor while writing your Culture of Critique series?

* Do the goyim need to ban circumcision to regain their confidence?
* Do the goyim need to bad kosher slaughter to regain their sovereignty?

* Richard Spencer’s interview of KMAC.

* R/K Selection Theory.

* Did you ever worry about your sanity while you were researching and writing your Culture of Critique series or afterward when you got blowback? The process of being marginalized is a significant threat to one’s mental health and feeling of well-being. I’ve noticed many people struggling with their sanity while they get red-pilled and many make decisions injurious to their self-interest because they are so discombobulated. Being placed on the margins of society is dangerous for your well-being. I wish Dylan Roof had never been red-pilled because he did something horrible in shooting up a black church. I wish Anders Brevik had never been red-pilled.

I have a friend who got completely discombobulated by your book, Culture of Critique, and proceeded to say and do all sorts of things publicly that were against his self-interest and I have remind him periodically that he’s a Christian, he loves everyone, and that he’s a philo-semite because in his confused mental state these days, he wants the West completely free of Jews.

* I have a Jewish professional friend who’s Orthodox, has always strongly identified as Jewish, but in graduate school, her class were all assigned very anti-Semitic writings, and within a few hours of reading this stuff, she found herself becoming anti-Semitic, and she was so relieved when that assignment was over.

* For Jews who understand what is happening what is the best they can hope for?

Does the tribal core of Jewry have a death wish?

Full Ashkenazi Jews who marry Europeans are 3/4 genetically white according to many studies. Does that mean 1/2 Jews should have an identity that is 3/4 European?

If dissident Jews mobilized and found an oligarch backer, would they have a chance of changing Jewish communal policy?

* Is it for our good that the ADL determines what can be said on social media?

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