Physiognomy Is Destiny

I don’t recall seeing a hot Dreamer (and symmetry correlates with IQ). Physiognomy is destiny. We don’t need any more short fat ugly people. We’re full up. Just go to Santa Monica beach or ride a bus. Sad!

Larry posts: Luke Ford: you hit the nail on the head there, man. Physiognomy is real and physiognomy is indeed destiny. The great Arthur Schopenhauer (to me the greatest writer in the German language) has a fascinating essay on the topic :

I know it sounds pathetic but not only Physiognomy is real but Astrology is also real. I used to scoff at Astrology myself because the premisses of Astrology do sound ridiculous and preposterous but after I started reading about the topic and I started comparing the supposed characteristics of each star sign with the people I knew from each sign I realised it was always a match. There seems to be indeed a correlation between an individual’s behavioural tendencies and the position of the celestial bodies at the time of the individual’s birth, preposterous and ridiculous as it may sound. What causes this correlation? Nobody knows but it is a verifiable fact. However, such a phenomenon arguably speaks in favor of the view that there is indeed a metaphysical order in the structure of reality and of the universe.

They’re all Jews. “Left wing” Jews, “Torah” Jews, this is all bullshit designed for the consumption of retarded Goyim. There are just JEWS. And they belong all together in the same place, which I can’t name here due to the policies of this site.

Chaim Amalek: I don’t mean to accuse anyone of anything, but you, Luke, are beginning to sound racist.

Israel next! Open immigration into Israel and the diversity that it would bring would be the final solution to all the problems caused by the Zionist project.

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