Where Do White Nationalists Draw Their Moral Lines?

Harold Covington writes:

Let me give you an example of the way I handle these things. Probably the best published review ever done of my Northwest novel series was written about nine years ago by a man who later turned out to be a screaming, open faggot, and yet who still insists on acting as if he is one of us. Before this was conclusively proven to me, I heard the rumors but I refused to believe it or to act without some kind of proof, or at least evidence. In the meantime I used the book review far and wide; I even distributed printed copies with Northwest Front introductory packets which a few of you may recall receiving.

Eventually things reached the point when I had to ask this man point blank if he was light in the loafers. Since he had not yet come out of the closet (which he has done since) I did not get an immediate and categorical denial, I got waffle, which made my spidey sense tingle. But in the absence of outright proof I continued to distribute the review on the usual excuse that regardless of possible pooftery, this person was “doing good for the Movement.”

Inevitably, the time came when I was confronted with this man’s written confession that he was a pervert, and I couldn’t pretend not to notice any longer. Once I could no longer extend any benefit of the doubt, and only then, I stopped using his book review. I will not condemn anyone without proof or evidence amounting at least to a moral certainty, which realistically is as far as you can get in a lot of these cases where the legal system is in the hands of the criminals. But once that moral certainty is arrived at, there is a duty to act. I do, and I expect everyone else to as well. One one occasion I supplied the evidence and testimonry that sent a notorious Movement pervert to prison for seven years, for all the so-called “good” he did the Movement, which was in fact substantial. But contrary to one of my snappy little tweets, some ends really don’t justify the means.

The question I am constantly asked is “Hurrold, Hurrold, what is unforgivable, what is the line that can’t be crossed, just how nasty and groady do you have to be before you are cast into the Outer Darkness beyond the 14 Words?”

Realistically, what we’re talking about is certain sexual, racial, or criminal situations, and like I said, everybody’s going to have their own ideas as to how much ignorance excuses misbehavior in one’s youth. I really hesitate to get into details because this would just be my personal view, and I understand that not only am I not some moral giant philosopher king who has the right to impose my standards on others, but no one would pay any attention anyway. But here goes:

I’m actually a lot more tolerant of past foibles than most people give me credit for. Criminal records, for one thing, because I simply don’t consider the legal authorities and the courts in this country to be morally competent to decide who has done wrong and how they should be punished. Not when there are abominations like the Edgar Steele and Johnny Logan Spencer and Bill White cases. So the mere fact of having done time in jail is not at all a bar to participation, although of course it depends on what for.

I have several personal points of no return, so to speak. Anything to do with homosexuality, that’s just a no. Anything to do with harming a child, either sexually or through child abuse, or kiddie porn, no, beyond the pale.

Race-mixing is something I probably shouldn’t comment on because on the one hand, I feel a deep and sickening loathing for it in women, while my attitude toward it in men is highly disapproving but nothing near as visceral, which I recognize is indeed quite sexist and hypocritical. I suspect this is pretty much typical of most White men, having to do with the remnants of our actual biological instincts. This is why I have such difficulty getting any traction on Andrew Anglin’s residence in the Philippines where, to use his own words, when he’s not working on the Daily Stormer he is “sport-banging brown pussy.” So that’s the first problem with me shouting the odds on miscegenation.

With very great reluctance I have been compelled to accept that this is the old view of things which I got from growing up in the last of the Old South, and that younger White people simply don’t seem capable of feeling as strongly about it as I do. Not surprising, since the ultimate goal of the entire Jewish and liberal agenda for the past 70 years is to get young White people, especially girls, to do that very thing. They have been socially engineered into that form of bestiality from birth.
I frankly don’t know what’s going to happen there with people that far gone; I can only point out that my references to the problem in the post-victory Northwest Republic in my novels had a distinctly ropey motif.

Informing to the enemy, testifying against our own people in court, that should obviously be a line-crosser, although that one kind of went by the board when at least parts of our wee little world welcomed back the loathsome Frazier Glenn Miller from his stint in the Witness Protection Program. That whole Miller thing set a bad, bad precedent, not to mention in my view completely disqualifying Alex Linder from any further Movement participation, but again that’s just me and my ageing, Puritanical standards. Miller testified against his own people in not one but two, count ‘em two! capital cases, as in possible death penalty, and then he gets welcomed back? Jesus Christ on a raft!

The thing is that ever since the resurrection of Glenn Miller back in the early Oughts, our moral standards in White nationalism have become so notoriously slack that anybody can pretty much do any damned thing he pleases, then just wait a while for the sound and fury to die down and the short American attention span to kick in, and subsequently be welcomed back with open arms, all being forgiven.

Then there is the matter of financial chicanery, where our standards of what’s acceptable are apparently also abysmal. I personally would have booted David Duke out of the fold when he pleaded guilty to embezzling $235,000 dollars in White people’s contributions and gambling it all away on riverboat casinos and gambling junkets to the Bahamas. I said so at the time and was completely ignored, as always.

Duke did his prison time, hit the ground running when they opened the gates and never looked back, The entire White nationalist movement didn’t so much as forgive, it just forgot. I can’t even remember the last time I saw any reference to Duke’s peccadillos on any of our websites or in any of our publications; the man stole $235,000 from us all and it’s like the whole incident just never happened. Dear God, what I could do with that 235 grand!

None of which gets us any closer to developing a protocol on dealing with these things. Here are my suggestions, based on our wee little world as it is, not as I would like it to be.

First off, for what may be loosely described as our leadership, insofar as we have any, I would suggest we start with a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Yes, I know, that can come unglued, but in some of these cases the old saying of least said, sooner mended applies. Don’t you be the one to kick off all the endless, obsessive round-and-round of cackling on the internet. So don’t ask, unless something pops up that you just can’t pretend you didn’t see.

More importantly, for all you dubious Induhviduals out there who might have a problem with your resumé: let’s do you the courtesy of presuming you are sincere and you really do have the good of your race and the 14 Words at heart. Just as the leadership should not ask, you shouldn’t tell. Don’t come running to me or anyone else gabbling out your confession, and forcing us to deal with this aforementioned steaming bowl of shit yet again for the umpteenth time. Keep your teeth together and say nothing at all, for the rest of your life. Unless:

Unless, like so many young Amurrican dumb-asses, you left a digital or paper trail behind you, especially on social media, which never dies. (As Chris Cantwell and Lauren Southern found out.)

The internet is forever. A criminal record is forever, so if you have one, don’t lie about it or how you got it. Don’t tell people you did time for something honorable like a gun charge when it was for selling dope or breaking and entering. Most mainstream media is there forever; MSM stuff can occasionally be explained away or buried, given their decay in credibility, but it’s still damned hard.

If you know for a fact that there is a ticking time bomb in your past, and the proof is just lying out there on the internet for anybody to find, you must accept that you have fucked up, for life, and you can never be a leader or a public spokesman. You can participate on the internet under a pseudonym, and you can send money. Depending on how bad your dirty little secret is, that’s probably about it.

If it’s something really bad, something so groady it would cause massive sound and fury if it were found out, then you voluntarily leave the Movement completely and never be anywhere sufficiently near us to embarrass us. (Are you listening, Dan Burros? Are you listening, Kevin Alfred Strom? Are you listening, Tom Metzger?)

There are so many problem people in the past who could have spared us so much heartache and tribulation down through the years, if they has just had the genuine humility and true devotion to the cause to recognize that however it happened, their own fate was sealed, and the best thing they could do for the 14 Words was to go away.

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