VDARE: Scandalous J20 Verdict: Sabotage by Judge Lynn Leibovitz Upholds Left’s Right To Riot=Another Step On Road To Civil War

Jewish writer Nicholas Stix writes:

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After Inauguration Day, January 20, in “It Will Come To Blood”–Reflections On The Left’s Anti-Trump Inauguration Tantrum, VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow wrote: “If the incoming Trump Administration is behind the federal prosecutor’s apparent intention to charge rioters with “felony rioting” i.e. go for exemplary sentencing, that all by itself justifies the 2016 election.” But in the first major trial of what are now called “J20” defendants, sabotage by Judge Lynn Leibovitz (PDF) has resulted in an acquittal on all charges, in effect reaffirming the Left’s right to riot. [6 Protesters Found Not Guilty in First Inauguration Riot Trial , NBC Washington, Thursday, December 21, 2017] In contrast, most of the Charlottesville Alt Right defendants, arrested after melees now confirmed to be a result of police malpractice, are still being held without bail—unlike their assailants. It is increasingly difficult to avoid the conclusion that America has a Cultural Marxist kritarchy—and that we are on the road to Civil War.

Leibovitz’ J20 malfeasance was a newfangled, stealth version of a directed verdict. Normally, all sides—jury, defense, and prosecution—rely on the judge to be an honest broker who preserves the process of a trial. “The court” must be fair-minded to all, in the interests of justice. But there are many ways in which a malevolent judge can corrupt the process. Thus in the many Knoxville Horror trials, judges variously corrupted the verdicts by shipping in extra black jurors, and by giving convicted perpetrators extra bites at the apple, resulting in reduced sentences.

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