What Will Happen To Jews If The Alt Right Takes Power?

Mo* posts: I don’t think you clearly understand what will happen to the Jews if the Alt Right manages to gain political power.

Luke: “Radical love and inclusion?”

Luke Ford – to be honest with you, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see that there is indeed something so ridiculous as “red-pilled” and “Alt-right” Jews (I’m not talking about you, you’re not a Jew and you know that).

I’ve just read this grotesque text you recently posted on your site (http://lukeford.net/blog/?p=119119) in which this incredibly delusional jew fantasises about some form of “alliance” between redpilled jews and whites. As it is par for the course in any political discussion coming from the mouth of a Jew, his whole reasoning revolves exclusively around one single concern: what’s best for the Jews. The author is of the view that Jews fare better when infiltrated among whites (as opposed to when infiltrated among blacks and Asians) and he accordingly makes the case for “woke” Jews and whites joining forces in the future.

I must admit that up to very recently such a chutzpah would make me fume. You don’t slander me, destroy my business, have me beaten up, poison my water well, rape my wife, pimp my daughters and burglarise my house and then, thinking of what’s best for yourself, come knocking on my door to offer me an “alliance”, dude. But now I realize that if you’re foolish and delusional enough to do that, so much the better, I’ll be waiting for you and I’ll give you what you deserve as soon as I can lay my hands on you.

Good luck with the view that whites redpilled enough to create all white nations will be paradoxically bluepilled enough to allow for the presence of Jewish communities among themselves. Good luck with that. Specially because you seem to be comically oblivious to the sheer level of raw violence that such an undertaking will entail. You don’t seem to understand that once the energies necessary for the achievement of such a task have been set afoot it will be impossible to control them in a way that suits the interests of a minority of individuals who, to begin with, have been front and center of the problems that made the white revolution necessary in the first place. If there are people in the Jewish community foolish enough to hang around once the white revolution starts at some point in the future, well, by all means, be my guest. Let’s see them trying to explain to the crowds of white goyim with pitchforks and torches that they’re actually “based Alt right jews.”

And if you think that the leaders of a supposed “Jewish Alt right” faction of the Jewish community might proceed just like Jews have always acted throughout time and simply cut a deal with the highest levels of the the white leaders of the white revolution if and when it comes, to assure them the right to stay and be safe, regardless of what the rank and file white revolutionary thinks, good luck with that too. Like I pointed out above, once the genii is out of the bottle and these energies are liberated you won’t be able to control them. Actually, that’s apparently what happened during the Second World War. There’s a video with David Irvin in which he makes the case that the holocaust did happen but by different means than what people think (this is a short, condensed version of it).

Basically he’s of the view that once the war was on well on its way, people under Hitler simply took the Jewish problem in their own hands and did what they could to settle old scores with the Jews and to solve them once and for all. In other words, Hitler kickstarted a process he himself ended up losing control of. That’s exactly what I think will happen next time around once the dam breaks. But like I said, it will be definitely fun to watch the Jews trying to sell their newfangled “Alt right” schtick to the white masses when it happens

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