Solzhenitsyn’s Call

From Alt Right Jew Anathematic:

“If not now, when?”- Hillel the Elder

I am an Ashkenazi Jew, a group much larger and long-lived than I. We are one of the most tenacious groups in human history, borne of resilience, triumph and proud solidarity. But it is not only that. It is also a history of blood-soaked subversion, deceit, and genocide at our hands. It is one of stark ethnic separatism and murder, of rape and subterfuge, the destruction and enslavement of entire races and the shackling of their spirit. I am now convinced that the entirety of modern European history is steeped in a great denial, a tremendous and terrifying falsehood which can only be understood fully with knowledge in multiple domains, which is why the lie has been so successfully hidden. It cannot remain hidden for long, and the scale of this issue is such that it will soon threaten the stability of the entire world. Jewish power has arisen on the backs of criminals that have not been held to account, and so I am answering Solzhenitsyn’s call: To acknowledge one’s historical responsibility.

I’ve read a dozen or so volumes on the topic of Jewish history in my quest for understanding my ancestry. The literature is morally thin. Perhaps the best account I’ve come across is the sprawling epic 200 Years Together, in which Alexander Solzhenitsyn gives a sweeping account of Jewish history in Russia, beginning with the Jewish migration from Poland in the late 18th century to the Pale of Settlement, an area designated for the new Jewish emigre population. At the time Russia was still a deeply Tsarist feudalistic society. Solzhenitsyn proceeds to detail the following 200 years of ethnic escalation and development of Jewish issues in Russia. Economic disparities and emancipation, social roles, the great pogroms, and ultimately the socialist activism and revolutions in 1905 and 1917, ushering in of a massively disproportionate Jewish-led totalitarian state.

His testimony has been corroborated time and again, as archives began to open following the Cold War, along with the dispersal of information on the internet. These facts are absolutely incendiary. There can be no doubt that ethnic Jews have played a major part in subversive anti-Gentile political movements in the 20th century, including a massive disproportionate contingent amongst the Bolshevik leadership, the Hungarian and Polish Communists, and the murderous Jewish German Spartacists in 1918 (pleasantly ommitted from my $50,000 history B.A.) The sheer enormity of the propaganda is what is so difficult to digest, carried through the cooperation of the US/Soviet war effort, and kept more or less alive through the entirety of the Cold War and the height of Jewish power. The current geopolitical order has made such knowledge unfit for consumption by the Western public. This is a suicidal mistake, as such a problem that can be dealt with honestly, and in the present day. We should realize this is a political spiral that we have inherited from the mists of a violent and crazed history, the century which saw the the Fascist/Marxist wars and can easily be called the peak of historical murderous hysteria. What’s worse, following the defeat of the Nazi Reich, the European peoples were set upon by genocidal Soviets and a US led anti-nationalist brainwashing campaign, a campaign engineered by the Marxist progressive victors. The cruelty of postwar Europe, is frankly beyond the scope of human emotion. It is truly, and absolutely unforgivable.

In 2017 this long existent political agenda has brought Europe and the US to a postmodern crescendo, with a polarized, censored and puritanized conversation boiling over ethnicity and race. This agenda has not only eroded national character, it has also led to the massive Third world “immigration”into the West. Europe has been targeted at its seams, and the damage has been done. Ethnic realities and race are certainly real, and the West is finding out the hard way. Our ethnic factionalism can to some small extent be ameliorated, and slaughter avoided, but only with a constant open dialogue, and the proper “good fences” in place. However, the exact opposite has occurred, and so the Jewish question remains a dangerously open one.

Upon grasping the severity of the JQ, most people immediately reach for the nightmare response against Jewry. Another mistake, as this is a fixable problem. Jews must be made to understand their history and their lot, and that European Civilization is their only hope. Historically it is impossible to deny that Jews have fared far better under European societies than under African and Arab ones, throughout our millennia of cohabitation. The Muslim/Eastern despot is not a viable alternative, and this fact alone should call such focused Jewish/Gentile antagonism into question. We need to play a new, and different game. It is extremely likely that an unconscious and hostile Jewish group posture is in a state of “misfire” (what Steven Pinker calls “forward panic”) following the events of the 20th century. The Gentile of today is not our enemy, unless we continue to make him so. In my experience there are simply far too many Jews today who have not been exposed to the truth about the Bolsheviks and the rise of European Fascism in the 1920’s, and we continue to undermine the genetic and cultural basis of the European at our peril. No Jews have been redpilled. Am I the only one? ((((Echooo))) What’s more (and perhaps a light in the dark), I believe this behavior can easily be changed given a developed awareness of Jewish hostility within the mainstream Jewish community itself. The Jewish community, which holds tremendous political and economic influence, is incredibly adaptive and can respond to a changed circumstance, a painfully obvious one: that the Gentile is the ally worth having, his sovereignty and cultural/spiritual base, and his respective telos ought to be respected and preserved.

I asked Anathematic how he got red-pilled and he replied: “Raised reform Jewish (half Ashkenazi, Half Anglo), Bar Mitzvah’d. Grew up and spent about 10 years living/working all over Europe and South America. Returned home to USA a jaded nihilist. Started asking questions, read hundreds of books (I work from, home, plenty of free time). Found Jordan Peterson, read Jung, and the Russian Existentialists. Then I found out that Solzhenitsyn had written a book on Jewish issues that literally and unironically was denied publication. Found it on various NatSoc websites in pieces and read the whole thing. World implodes, the whole thing was a lie. Moral reasoning is: Jewish Communists played an unforgivably disproportionate and highly visible leadership of Comintern revolutions in Russia, Hungary, and even Germany itself. Jewish Financiers (literally “International Judaism”) were essential in organizing the Bolshevik October revolution, a Jewish led Red Army had invaded Poland in 1920, Hitler recognized this obvious, obvious threat (not to mention the Jewish push from the other side, cultural and financial, in the Weimar era.) Read the entire collected works of Kevin Macdonald, Yuri Slezkine, Paul Johnson’s History, Ben-Sasson’s History, 4chan, and as much of the rabbinic literature as I can stomach (not much, although I do see “the Jewish soul” in some of the writings of the Talmud). Utterly blackpilled, and watching the Europe and America that I love being basically ruined for reasons entirely due to confused unconscious ethnic hostility, a hostility that can be overcome by just reading like 3 books. Jews can fix this. So I Start shit-posting. Pretty much the whole story!”

“Do you ever worry about some of the more severe implications of the alt-right vis a vis Jews? Not every Spencer fanboy is Spencer himself, sometimes I worry there’s something much more primeval and scary under the hood. It all depends on the Jewish reaction over the coming decades. If there is an apology and recognition of this conflict, and political/financial support for European interests, I think the Jew-Gentile alliance is clearly preferable.
I do tend to dwell on the nightmare scenario endgame these days. At first I saw the truth of it all, now I honestly see it playing out in slow motion right before our eyes.”

“Starting to think the “Torah Coral” idea is the proper way to look at it. Reminds me of a quote (paraphrased)”Jews went from blessing the Sabbath wine to preaching world revolution in a single generation.” Tradition is likely the answer, as it is for the West.

“My question for any pro-white ethnostatist is how can Jews get along in this new geopolitical order. First of all, realistically Gentiles need our help and influence to pull this off. Second, once a Jew is redpilled, it’s obviously in Jewish interests to defend an ethnically stable Europe. Jews cannot administer territory in the same way the Goyim can, we don’t build sprawling and beautiful cities, and we both certainly are worse off facing a growing Muslim hostile population in Europe. The Jew can either be a “service nomad” (as per Slezkine), or a radical subversive force. How can we realistically ally ourselves with Europeans?”

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