‘Australian Jewish News Controls Australia’s Rabbis’

A Jewish friend from Australia tells me: “All the frumies buy the Australian Jewish News and read it on Shabbos. The paper is run by secular lefties and is filled with all sorts of filth about homosexuality and multiculturalism. And the frum rabbis are afraid to show up in the paper. If they give an interview, the paper will make them look bad. Will make them look extreme. And then the rabbi will lose his job. There’s no tenure for rabbis. Rabbis serve at the discretion of the board and the board reads the Australian Jewish News and the Australian Jewish News makes sure that all leading Australian Jews toe the multicultural line.”

Brenton Sanderson writes: “The former national editor of the Australian Jewish News, Dan Goldberg, proudly acknowledged that “Jews were instrumental in leading the crusade against the White Australia policy, a series of laws from 1901 to 1973 that restricted non-White immigration to Australia.””

Brenton Sanderson wrote in 2016:

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO, Vic Alhadeff, said his organization wholeheartedly supported the decision to increase the Syrian refugee intake on the basis that: “As a nation we have a responsibility to be a sanctuary for those in need and play our part in the spirit of humanity and kindness. Now is the time for compassion and to ensure those who are most in need can establish a life in our country.” In March, Robin Margo, the former president of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, addressed a pro-refugee rally which, the Australian Jewish News reported, included “dozens who came together under a banner that read ‘Jews for Refugees.’ Among them were members of the progressive Zionist Youth movement Netzer.” In his speech Margo “made reference to the Australia-wide rabbinical support ‘from all streams of Judaism’ for refugees that has been formally expressed through statements from 16 rabbis and from the Rabbinical Council of Victoria,” who have unanimously called “on the government to observe Australia’s obligations under international law and to show compassion to these most vulnerable people.” Neither Alhadeff nor Margo have ever uttered a single word of criticism of Israel’s refugee policies.

In what can only be described as poetic justice, members of Melbourne’s Jewish community have also fallen victim to predatory gangs of African youths because of their comparative wealth. Despite comprising a population of just 120,000 out of 24 million (0.5%), it was recently revealed that four of the five wealthiest people in the country are Jewish. African gangs have carjacked luxury vehicles in suburbs of Melbourne heavily populated by Jews, and in response, The Age reported that: “A group of Jewish residents fed up with a spate of violent crimes in Melbourne’s south-east hope that banding together will help create safer streets for the community,” creating a Facebook page called J-Safe to enable Jews “to share their experiences and warn others of crime in real time.”

The hypocrisy of Australia’s Jewish-controlled media on refugees

An important part of the Jewish matrix of power in Australia is the leftwing media infrastructure created by the multimillionaire property developer and publisher Morris (Morrie) Schwartz. This Jewish media mogul, who migrated to Australia from Hungary via Israel, is the proprietor behind Black Inc. publishing, the leftwing journals The Monthly and Quarterly Essay (which have been called “the most powerful leftwing voices in Australia”), and The Saturday Paper. Schwartz’s various media organs churn out a never-ending stream of articles indignantly demanding that Australia dramatically increase its refugee intake and end the off-shore processing of asylum-seekers.

Brenton Sanderson wrote in 2012:

The rampant hypocrisy of this is particularly striking given that Australian Jews have “been at the forefront of support for the right of the state of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, to determine its own security agenda, and to do what is needed to ensure its own survival.”[xv] Indeed, the academic and Australian Jewish activist Danny Ben Moshe points out that Australian Jewry is fiercely Zionist and “outdoes all other Diasporas in their commitment to Israel.” A 1993 survey of Melbourne Jewry found that 63 per cent had visited Israel with over 40 per cent having done so two or more times. This is compared with 36 per cent of American Jews. Australia also has the highest rate of aliyah in the world.[xvi] While strongly in favor of non-White immigration and racial-mixing among the non-Jews in Australia, a publication like the Australian Jewish News can openly express the view that for Jews, “Intermarriage has always been and will always be an individual, spiritual and communal tragedy. No amount of petty rationalising will ever change that.”[xvii]

Noting the incredible hypocrisy involved in simultaneously condemning white racialism while defending the Jewish ethno-nationalist state of Israel (and traditional Jewish prohibitions against intermarriage), Kevin MacDonald observes in The Culture of Critique that:

“Ironically, many intellectuals who absolutely reject evolutionary thinking and any imputation that genetic self-interest might be important in human affairs also favor policies that are rather self-interestedly ethnocentric, and they often condemn the self-interested ethnocentric behavior of other groups, particularly any indication that the European-derived majority… is developing a cohesive group strategy and high levels of ethnocentrism in reaction to the groups strategies of others. … A Jew maintaining this argument should, to retain intellectual consistency, agree that the traditional Jewish concern with endogamy and consanguinity has been irrational. Moreover, such a person would also believe that Jews ought not attempt to retain political power in Israel because there is no rational reason to suppose that any particular group should have power anywhere. Nor should Jews attempt to influence the political process … in such a manner as to disadvantage another group or benefit their own. And to be logically consistent, one should also apply this argument to all those who promote immigration of their own ethnic groups, the mirror image of group-based opposition to such immigration.”[xviii]

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