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A goy tells me: Me imagining how an American Jew thinks: “I’m kind of a rebel… a non-conformist Jew. Nobody can accuse me of being a square, Orthodox. Nope. I’m a free thinker. Living abroad, not even thinking about the mitzvah. Just trusting my god, my blood. And you know what, I think everybody should be free to be so rebellious in their own countries–or wherever they are. And so I’m a liberal. I advocate permissiveness at every turn. I’m one of the rebels. I don’t even observe Jewish law. Hell, I eat pork sometimes. I’m awake, and not just an inheritor of a dead tradition. And I think everybody should be as free to choose as I have been. So I work for their right to say and do whatever the hell they want.”

Is that about right? And the thought never occurs to him that he’s simply advocating for anarchy because he knows that if it ever gets *really* bad, he can go to Israel…?

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