The Religious Tranny

Reader writes me: “Dude, with all due respect: I like your posts, I like your blog, I follow your stuff and all that but… honestly: your obsession with referring publicly to yourself as a Jew reminds me of the obsession every transvestite has with referring to themselves as women. And deep down it’s the same phenomenon. They’re not women, you’re not a Jew. Of course: you certainly have a little piece of paper “certifying” you as a Jew and most real Jews in theory would recognize you as such. But so what? Fareed Zakaria also has a little piece of paper certifying that he’s an “American” and most Americans would recognize him as such. SO. WHAT. You know better than that. If you were some leftoid idiot out there I wouldn’t bother to be saying these things to you in a million years, as I just don’t waste my time arguing with morons, but you’re not. You know better than this and I’m 100% sure that at the back of your mind you’re aware that this is a charade. The question is how long you’ll keep it. The Jews are not your people and I wonder when exactly the penny will drop for you. Mind you: I say these things in absolute good faith, with no ill will towards you.”

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