Why Do So Many Jews In The West Promote Diversity?

Andrew Joyce examines one case:

I am often amused by those figures in the so-called Alt-Lite or New Right, who profess to acknowledge every racial reality but that touching on disproportionate Jewish influence in the advance of multiculturalism. I don’t know whether they recoil from it out of fear or ignorance, but I wonder nevertheless how they would confront the coincidence upon coincidence at every turn in Westport’s busy ‘diversity’ industry. Any clear-thinking observer should agree that there is at least a ‘question’ as to why Jews have congregated so heavily in this field of ‘social’ activity, and with such vigor. And this is all publications like The Occidental Observer seek to achieve — to promote honesty about the question. By their own admission, Jews are predominant among the “Diversity Trailblazers.” Why, then, do so many Whites reject that very boast?

I’ve often heard the formulation “Murder or suicide?” when discussing the decline of the White man in his own nations. In this regard, the only evidence of White pathological altruism in Westport (to the extent it might involve ‘White guilt’ etc.) appears to have been induced, rather than to have spontaneously arisen within the European breast. The case of Westport confirmed to me, if such confirmation were needed, that multiculturalism is a program and a system, as well as an ideology. Multiculturalism requires effort and calculation to be brought into being. Populations are being intentionally mixed, and then told what to think about each other – often in opposition to the overwhelmingly negative reality of their interactions. This is the essence of our current predicament, and a prescription for future disaster.

TEAM Westport ultimately knows that a homogeneous society would work best. In June 2011 it even remarked that “racial bullying is not particularly an issue in Westport because it is so homogeneous here.”[34] But multiculturalism is not about making societies better. It is about bringing the story of the White man to a close. In one form or another, this realization will be the defining idea of this century. Goethe once wrote “What you inherit from your father must first be earned before it is yours.” We have mostly lost our past, and our present is crumbling. We will have to earn our future.

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