Critiquing Kevin MacDonald

Pete* emails: On MacDonald, in addition to the Wiki summary, I listened to the entirety of your interview with him on YouTube.

You may be surprised if it is pointed out that, despite the title of the interview mentioning a critique of “Judaism,” the atheist MacDonald does not criticize Judaism per se (the spiritual element) but, rather, only its physical (ethnic) element. This pleases the both of you but it wrongly redirects the actual thrust of the difficulty.

According to the German nationalists (Mahler, etc.), Chancellor Hitler himself (who never ordered or condoned mass murder) at the end of his life in certain discussions realized, with the impending defeat of the Reich, that he had made the same mistake. He started (as a Catholic nationalist zealot) with the belief that the “Jews” were a racial enemy and then, through the course of a long struggle, realized, at the end, that the problem all along had been that the enemy was actually SPIRITUAL, i.e., RELIGIOUS. And as such, much more dangerous to the German nation.

But of course the essence of Judaism is the ethnic service of a certain people upholding the DEMANDS OF YAHWEH TO SUBJUGATE the goyim and bring them to the feet of Yahweh through any means necessary. The specific enemies are the followers of Lord Jesus, whose Kingdom, as He pointed out, IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. Those who seek the worldly kingdom (we know who they are) will receive nothing but ashes and eternal damnation. Believe it.

The true geopolitical picture is fairly simple, really, well seen and announced (as the atheist anti-monarchist Mahler specifically notes) in the Torah, and the problem for the larger community of nations has never changed. MacDonald’s atheist Darwinism prevents him from seeing this. He is blind to the ANTICHRIST, who has been the enemy all along. (Please note that I myself am NOT a National Socialist and entirely oppose them politically.)

The upshot (the over-arching Zionist racial-political goal of constructing the THIRD TEMPLE for the religious purpose of subjugating the goyim and ensconcing the ANTICHRIST in the Christian Holy Land) is the most interesting part, since it has involved secret machinations throughout the 20th century, especially within the American Zionist Empire, though perhaps we should leave this to another day, as it is late in my time zone. It may not interest you in any case.

It seems clear that MacDonald’s judgment on the politics of the dangerous, embodied sophistry that Mankind faces is quite accurate, though I fear he cannot be aware of its true and ultimate grounding or its eschatology. Still, it would seem he is a brave man.

The phrase “embodied sophistry” indicates the necessity, and therefore reasonableness, of linking the genuine and severe problem of racial differences (the embodiment) with the spiritual problem of the ultimate argument and denouement summarized by the charged but accurate term, “Antichrist” (the sophistry), often made with reference to the “Last Times.”

The phrase “ultimate grounding” refers to a certain deep theory of idealism that the three races (identified by Moses as “Shem, Japheth, and Ham”) represent, at least in part, mutually contradictory uses of the human body and especially of the brain, distorting their sensuous judgment of the world at root. This constitutes a falsifiable prediction that will, eventually, be confirmed by neuroscience. Preliminary evidence is already well in hand (references available upon request).

As history progresses, so the theory holds, the accumulation of irrational contradictions carried forward by the three races weighs with greater and greater gravity toward the negative, for the negative in the world of space and time is predominant, unlike the infinite harmony from which it was projected–this being the essence of the story of Adam and Eve in the inimitably keen eye of Moses. This is why most dreams are unpleasant; this is why illness and death are inevitable.

Past is prologue, then, and the only possible resolution historically is the long-anticipated Last Judgement, in which the followers of THE ANTICHRIST, worldly power and cash in hand, will face the all-reconciling determination of the World according to its undistorted, founding Three Principles. End of deep theory.

Thus does the terminology of historical religion gradually become reified and determinative of History itself, a judgment reached already by the great Hegel in his brilliant ‘Lectures on the Philosophy of World History,’ who elsewhere in his oeuvre states forcefully somewhere that SOPHISTRY HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE ENEMY.

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