Why Race Matters

Pete* emails: I got a look today at [Michael] Levin’s intrepid, audacious study (‘Why Race Matters,’ 1997), a major book published worldwide by Praeger. It constitutes the utmost, credible effort by a powerful scholar.

It is clear (1) that no such book could appear today, and (2) its failure to provoke any appreciable or even the slightest scientific-political reform in the world on this important subject shows that there is no hope for reasonable thinking on the matter despite the palpable danger of inaction.

In fact, political terrorism (the same brought into the world by the French Revolution) has greatly increased. There is now blatant censorship. There are actual threats of death against individuals. The larger society is openly threatened by murderous riots and arson. Professors who resist are dismissed.

Levin’s somewhat fanciful but electrifying drafting of a definitive, suggested Presidential Address laying out the problem and its solution to the Congress and the American people clearly illustrates how far we are from a rational consideration of race in the world. It reads like science fiction.

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