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Tobias Langdon writes:

Here’s a quiz about Israeli politics. Are there any strongly identified Muslim or Christian Arabs high in Israel’s ruling conservative party? Do those Arabs write for Arab newspapers setting out the central principle of their lives: “Arabs must come first”? Finally, do those Arabs lavish praise on an opposition leader who opened Israel’s borders to the Third World and duped Israel into a hugely expensive and disastrous foreign war?

You have no guesses. You won’t need any. The answer to every question is the same. No, there are no Arabs like that in Israel. Not one. Furthermore, Israel has never opened its borders to the Third World or poured trillions of shekels into a disastrous foreign war. Israel is a Jewish nation where Jews are firmly in control and intend to remain so. That’s why they don’t allow Arabs to have genuine power or influence in politics, culture and academia. Arabs would have their own agenda and would not make Jewish interests their only concern, even if they weren’t hostile to Jews or determined to undermine Jewish power.

In short, Israel is a sane country that keeps its large Arab minority where it belongs: out of power. Now compare the United Kingdom, a White and historically Christian nation. By comparison with Israel, the UK is insane, because it allows outsiders to exercise enormous power and influence. Worse still, those outsiders are both hostile to the White majority and determined to undermine it by promoting mass immigration and minority worship.


* As I suspected, I could stop reading after the first paragraph because it was already incorrect.

Here’s an Arab member of parliament in Israel’s ruling coalition (ruling party, in fact): Ayoob Kara

And here’s another one in the ruling coalition: Hamad Amar

And bonus fact, just because Israel is that awesome and fascinating, there’s even a Jewish parliamentarian in the anti-Zionist Arab opposition bloc: Dov Khenin

* Let’s start with this sentence from the article: “Now compare the United Kingdom, a White and historically Christian nation.” It is true, but false in the sense that it is incomplete. The UK is a forced political entity based on a very small Elite holding nearly all power, with that Elite leading a large ethno-linguistic group (Protestant Englishmen). That Elite and its English lessers agreed that all Catholics are evil, because they would undermine Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, and they also agreed that Celtic languages must be exterminated, if possible, which should exterminate any viable sense of nationalism in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

So what does all that mean in the real world? It means that the UK was always about a small group of white professed Christians acting to exterminate ‘other’ European languages and cultures. The UK has always been about the UK Elites waging war to exterminate white cultures. The UK Elites have always seen the vast majority of British Isles natives they ruled as ‘white trash’ and ‘rednecks’ far beneath them.

And that problem has nothing to do with monarchy of with lack of demand for more Parliamentary power. Oliver Cromwell hated all Catholics (and what we would call Anglo-Catholic Church of England Englishmen)n and all Celts like Jews hate Arabs, and he also loved Jews and even more so Jewish money. Cromwell welcomed Jews back into England, in fact promoting them, at the same time he would have been thrilled to inflict genocide on the Irish.

Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy that longed to be able to exterminate Celtic languages and white Catholics native to the British Isles. And it had centuries of aging in the larger English culture, so much so that the return of the monarchy did not alter the national pattern even a teeny tiny bit. English culture was centrally about hating and acting to destroy white Christian cultures native to the British Isles that were notseen as in full; service to the desires of the English Elites.

And after Cromwell. Jews became ever more central to that culture war waged by Anglo-Saxon Elites against the vast majority of white Christians they rule.

Jews have the power they do in London and NYC and LA/Hollywood, etc. because WASP Elites have always been thrilled to ally with Jews against the majority of white Christians ruled by WASP Elites.

It is impossible to solve the Jewish problem without getting rid of the WASP Elite problem.

* Just a couple of months ago the BBC appointed a Muslim woman as head of Religious Programming. Reflecting her, presumably fat pay packet, her name is Fatima Salaria.

Is that not amazing? England, after all, is a Christian country — you know, with a state church, the Anglican Church. Appointing a Muslim to head religious programming at Britain’s state broadcaster is like appointing a Jesuit to oversee religious broadcasting in Iran providing equal representation to all religion’s no doubt including the religion of love motivating the Manchester bomber.

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