Apocalypto (2006)

Greg Johnson: “At the end of that movie, not a single person in the movie theater was not relieved to see the white people show up and provide a little adult supervision.”

Greg: “I want a complete ban of future race-mixing and a complete amnesty on past race-mixing [so long as people identify as white]… We define what is white today.”

“We want to be a strong and resilient people, and not so brittle that we go to pieces when we get our 23andMe results back that show we’re .3% of North African descent… The one drop rule does not exclude me. I exclude the one drop rule!”

Host 1: “We [Latin America] do not do well with democracy. We were founded by a kingdom.”

Host 2: “It’s deeper than that. It’s in our genes. When Latin America has right-wing dictators, they prosper.”

Host 1: “We’re not as high trust as the Anglos or the Nordics. We do tend to like strong leaders and more authoritarian. That’s what people crave in Latin America.”

Greg: “In France, when you have democracy, there’s a tendency for the parties to be petty and pusillanimous and it is impossible for multi-party democracy to keep a bead on the common good. You have this horrible drift and malaise. For instance, France under the Third Republic. France was in this terrible malaise for several generations. Then when they were finally defeated in WWII and Philippe Petain proclaimed the French state, the French loved it. There was final a patriotic paternal figure running the country and the pusillanimous parties who’d allowed the country to rot had been broomed out of power. The United States has clearly gotten to the point where the political parties, if you allowed business as usual, are running the country into the ground. You need somebody to come into power who represents the common good and he has to knock heads together and make tough decisions to get society back on track. You can’t restore things with multi-party democracy.”

Host: “I don’t think democracy will work with asians or mestizos.”

Greg: “Asians are high IQ but low trust. You can’t have high IQ, low trust and multi-party democracy. You can’t have political pluralism.”

“We’re not going to have a functional democracy much longer. We don’t have one now.”

“There was this Jew writing in the New York Times writing that Hillary has to be two-faced and corrupt, that this is good for America. So corruption is our strength now? Brought to you by the same tribe of swindlers who gave us — diversity is our strength.

Host: “Whatever ideas are tried and discarded in N. America and Europe are used in Latin America. How can you nip this in the bud?”

Greg: “Short of shooting a few dozen marxists, nothing… America’s ruling class lost its sense of mission. It was hollowed out and taken over by Jews and after that it was child’s play to launch the cultural revolution of the 1960s.”

“Europe is where our civilization comes from. The United States is just an ersatz bush-garden knockoff copy of Europe but Europe’s elites are slavishly dependent on American trend-setting. It’s disgusting.”

“America fosters a shallow sense of identity.”

“Eastern Europe needs to put aside its humility, its inferiority complex, and lead. Why not in Venezuela? Why not in Argentina? Why not among the white population of Mexico?”

Host 2: “Spanish people have this huge inferiority complex. I’m below the Anglos, the Germans, they’re the master race.”

Greg: “Franco and Salazar made fascism acceptable. They survived WWII. Salazar was utterly incorruptible. He led his country.”

“The Anglo world is totally pozzed.”

“The Christianity of the Anglo world is Judaized. It’s Protestantism.”

“There are two forms of the Jewish Question. One is the Inquisition. Once you make them Catholic, you have to question if they are sincere. Post Napoleon, once they’ve been made citizens, are they citizens or do they have dual loyalty? Our universal impulse makes Jews more problematic than they were when they were an unwelcome and unloved group in our society because princes found them useful. If only we had patriotic princes like Edward I in England.”

Host 1: “In Mexico, Jews are hated.”

Greg: “In Hungary, ‘Jew’ is just an all-purpose insult.”

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