Can The West Survive Without Belief In God?

Comments to Kevin MacDonald:

* “This for me is the hardest to understand. Careerism over their obvious genetic/evolutionary interests.”

Both are selfish materialistic interests.

You will never be able to understand why Whites are committing suicide if this is all you can see.

You are doomed to eternal puzzlement and perplexity, like Derbyshire, like Sailer. Eternally scratching your heads, yet unwilling to question your premises, trapped in the sterile circle of materialism.

You yourself admit you cannot understand it – i.e it cannot be explained in terms of your premises. One would think when one has reached the limits of one’s premises explanatory power, its time to think beyond them.

Yet how seldom that happens. People just circle endlessly their central premise, unable to break free.

Yet to anyone who isn’t a materialist, how obvious it is why Whites are committing suicide.

A society that becomes materialist, loses contact with the spiritual and transcendent, loses the will to live.

A society that becomes mechanistic, individualistic, and rationalistic creates a life not worth living. Responding to an obscure inner need, humans rebel against it, seek to destroy it, and yearn for the “other”.

This has been going on since the late 18th century, if not earlier. First a trickle, then a flood. At first a few adventurers rejected the West for exotic climes – Sir Francis Burton, Rimbaud, etc, writing about their disgust with life in the West.

By the 19th century dozens of writers, perhaps the majority, are writing about their disgust with life in the modern West. Flaubert, Baudelaire, Schopenhauer, Dickens, etc. Countless others.

As you probably realize, the West isn’t engaged in altruistic self-sacrifice, but in suicide. There is a big difference. One is good, the other bad.

One is based on love and compassion, the other on self-disgust. If we were capable of love we would defend our way of life, not destroy it – if we could love, our life would have some meaning, and some happiness. Love is a transcendent, non-materialist, value.

What the West is doing is motivated by hate, not compassion.

This isn’t Christian, either. Suicide is forbidden in Christianity, nor can one force others to sacrifice themselves, as in forcing entire unwilling nations to self-destruct.

Also, our policies are obviously increasing misery, hatred, and bloodshed, in the long run, and the short run. If we were motivated by compassion, we could send money, aid, entire teams, to other countries. But that would not serve our true purpose.

But why are people putting career interests above their genetic interests?

Both are selfish, but career interests are short term, and genetic interests are long term.

In fact, genetic interests – nationalism – can only be a transitional stage between religion and nihilism. Necessarily so.

As a society moves away from transcendent values – religion – nationalism is the first stage in the transition towards complete materialism, and complete selfishness.

Nationalism is long term selfish materialism, and it also retains some concern with people other than yourself – i.e it retains the faint echo of a transcendent value, love.

But as materialism advances, short term selfish materialism must come to predominate and become the mainstream attitude. Complete materialism cannot tolerate even the trace of a non-materialistic transcendent value.

Careerism is merely the second to last stage in the transition away from religion. The last stage is self-disgust, weariness of life, and suicide. Nihilism.

Nationalism – long-term genetic interests – cannot replace religion, nor serve as the long term basis for a healthy society on its own. It can only make sense within a religious context, as one element.

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