Russians are Not #Ourguys

Bain Dewitt writes:

With the recent firing of James Comey, the Trump-driven media cycle is complete and the inability of the Alt Right to grasp geopolitical leadership has become apparent.

In this article, I will put forward why I think the Syrian missile strike was A Good Thing, and why the Alt Right reaction was not merely self-defeating, but actually exposed critical flaws within the movement. The extreme negativity in response to the Syria strike was, at its peak, ridiculous, and showed a brittle inability to compromise with reality.

Trump has always been a one-way man-crush for the Alternative Right. Like a beta orbiter fuming in his bedroom that a girl who is only dimly aware of him has “betrayed” him by acting on her own initiative and taking someone else to the prom, the “Honeymoon is definitely over” (Mike Enoch’s phrase) is only of the Alt Right’s volition. The Honeymoon is only over insofar as the Alt Right has read motivations into Trump’s Syria strike that are purely speculative and likely do not exist. The Alt Right can only remain TrumpTrain passengers, able to pile on weight to increase momentum, but not much else. So why bail now, so early into his Presidency?

The one-way, ideologically blinkered rationale that Trump has bent the knee to the “kikes” is an allegation born of circumstance. However, Trump cannot afford ideology. He is the President of the United States, and Richard Spencer is an otherwise unemployed activist. Trump has responsibilities that are formalized by holding office, and the figures of the Alt Right are able to freewheel and dispense speculation and ideology as they please. Trump was elected to MAGA, not to immediately force through an isolationist agenda because it suits the Alt Right’s prejudices and one-track thinking. Trump, according to TRS, Spencer, and Counter-Currents (I don’t keep up with the Stormer) has betrayed his loyal fans and acquiesced to Israeli influence. I don’t believe he has done any such thing, and now that the last debris of the last Hebrew Hammers has been swept away, I think it is clear that the Alt Right’s hysterics have been totally premature and unjustified.

Let us consider some geopolitical realities. The United States is a maritime power whose strength is primarily projected through its allies. The only reason it can rack up trillions of dollars in debt is because of the strength of the petrodollar, which BRICS and those in their spheres of influence have been gradually building the infrastructure and alliances to circumvent. The dollar and the stability of NATO and North America as an economic whole is constantly under direct threat of being knocked off the perch of world leadership by a multipolar alliance. The Alternative Right is also blinkered to the point of idiocy if it believes that the subsequent economic stagnation and eventual collapse would be to its benefit. Should the West’s standing on the world stage diminish to the point of dollar and euro irrelevance – two currencies wedded on a multi-tier cake of military adventurism, arms sales, and technical innovation – the Alt Right would likely succumb to retrograde paramilitary, revolutionary fanatics, and get utterly smashed in a failed stab against “ZOG.” For those that read the Saker, who rail against “AngloZionists,” the good news is that we are the AngloZionists. The only reason a few of us are able to support ourselves through Web readership and Alt Right pursuits is because military dominance keeps the lights on.

I subscribe strongly to the narrative that Syrian intervention is “another pipeline war” based on securing Middle Eastern real estate to allow for a Qatari-Turkish natural gas pipeline to be built through western Syria that would in turn feed central Europe and the UK. The UK produces roughly half its own natural gas, with about forty percent coming from Europe. Russia, in turn, supplies Europe with between thirty to forty percent of its natural gas. It’s a big chunk. From 2010 until 2015, we (Brits) had a string of very hard winters that pushed us almost to the point of the gas running out entirely. Only about a fifth of our gas comes through liquefied natural gas tankers due to the prohibitive cost, likely chiefly from Qatar, the world’s top LNG exporter. This is a measure of necessity to stop our pensioners freezing to death in the winter months. The cost and supply of energy is critical to geopolitical independence and quality of life for anyone in the world, and especially Brits and Scots. Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners appears as a pledge in every UK political party manifesto.

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